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  • Pornography Laws Dubai: What You Need to Know

    How do pornography laws in Dubai, UAE protects youngsters online?

    As we all know, pornography represents a taboo around the world; especially in the United Arab Emirates, as this culture is very conservative and has very strict rules. Therefore, it is important to know that there are certain pornography laws Dubai processes

    In this article, we will be discussing Pornography Laws Dubai. Here you will find everything you need to know about the pornography laws UAE; so that you can travel with the proper precautions and not get into a legal conflict. As well as we will advise you if you have a conflict and need our support.

    1. Is it legal to use porn in Dubai?
    2. What are the penalties for porn consumers?
    3. What are VPNs?
    4. How can Connect Legal help you?

    1. Is it illegal to use porn in Dubai?

    Pornography Laws Dubai

    Moreover, pornography laws Dubai against adult content have been announced. In this way, if one of your tippers or users is located in one of the seven territories that make up the United Arab Emirates and shares your content through any social network or private message. They could face a fine of 135 thousand dollars or imprisonment.  Prison for those who share adult content

    Said pornography laws UAE will cover the confederation of 7 emirates. Immediately; we leave you the territories in which the new law will be in force and therefore you cannot share your content:

    1. Dubai
    2. Abu Dhabi
    3. Fujairah
    4. Ras al Khaimah
    5. Saria
    6. Um the Kaiwain
    7. Ahman

    As we describe above, one of the territories that must adhere to this new legal tool is Dubai, a destination; for many sex workers and people looking to connect precisely with adult content creators. Well, they will be forced to change their destination due to pornography laws Dubai.

    2. What are the penalties for porn consumers?

    When these clips contain pornography or descend from public morality, they would trigger involuntary liability; imprisonment, and a fine of up to half a million AED or USD 135,000.  All of these penalties are products of the pornography laws UAE. In this way, the law punishes all types of exchange of adult content; regardless of whether it is between friends and acquaintances or people of legal age.

    Among the materials that violate the pornography laws Dubai, we will find; audio clips, magazines, books, blogs, social networking sites, and information networks, according to authorities. As well as establishing that the exchange of adult content through WhatsApp; they consider this app punishable according to the new legal instrument

    In this new legal context, pornography laws UAE impose prison sentences; as well as fines of between AED 250,000 and AED 500,000, which is equal to USD 68,000 to USD 136,000. They impose the penalty on the creator; administrator or supervisor of a website that transmits, publishes, republishes, or displays information about online pornography, describes XBIZ.

    According to its creators, they base this law on the defense of “public morality”. Therefore, any person who manufactures sends, or stores pornography and anything that goes against public morals; with the intention of exploiting or distributing it will be subject to the same penalty, they warn. There was no mention of the technological mechanism; that they will implement to detect the exchange of pornography or adult content in general.

    3. What are VPNs?

    Pornography Laws Dubai

    These restrictions against pornography in Dubai, cause many inhabitants to resort to methods such as the use of VPNs. If you live in the United Arab Emirates; you probably know how popular VPNs are, allowing you to access blocked websites and apps; including Skype and WhatsApp, or to connect to US Netflix and other streaming services.

    Here we will take a look at the best VPNs for Dubai or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates. We will look at some of the main concerns about the use of VPNs in the United Arab Emirates, and try to clear up some of the misunderstandings about the legal situation of the use of VPNs. And the pornography laws UAE.

    Traveling to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai is becoming more and more common. Whether you go for business or pleasure; you may experience a bit of frustration when trying to access a considerable number of websites. VoIP services like Skype and WhatsApp are blocked, as are gambling sites like Betfair and multiple Wikipedia pages. The country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) enforces strict Internet censorship across the board. Surprisingly, the TRA is quite transparent about which sites are blocked and why.

    Many users use a VPN to bypass this content blocking; an action that currently resides in an uncertain legal area in the country. Because of this, VPNs are highly popular.

    3.1 How do we rate the best VPNs for Dubai?

    We identify specific criteria to choose our recommendations on the best VPNs for Dubai; and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. In particular; those currently in the Emirates should use VPNs that allow them to safely access the vast number of blocked websites. And VoIP services without worrying about data leakage revealing which websites or services they are accessing.

    The VPN services; that we determined to be the best for VPN users in Dubai and the Emirates meet the following criteria:

    1. Good encryption.
    2. No traffic logs.
    3. Lots of servers.
    4. DNS leak protection.

    As a bonus, we also highlight any services that use obfuscation to hide the fact that you are using a VPN.

    3.2 Are VPNs illegal?

    A cybercrime law passed in 2012 only prohibits the use of VPNs for activities that they consider illegal in the country. The list is mainly made up of pornography, hate speech against religion, and gambling. However, the law each day increases and expands; causing confusion among VPN users about the new law and whether or not there is a VPN ban in the UAE.

    Still, between 2012 and 2016, the TRA blocked virtually no VPN websites that allow users to access blocked content; indicating that the country is not actively blocking these sites, or at least not directly reporting them. Still, many local stores sell cards that allow the use of VoIP services despite the ban on services like Skype. It would seem that they are ignoring; what we could consider minor infractions and letting a huge number of people use Skype; and other prohibited services with the help of a VPN.

    4. How can Connect Legal help you?

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