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Immigration and Residence Regulations

The Federal Law No. 6 of 1973 outlines the legal provisions for the entry, residence, and deportation of foreigners in the United Arab Emirates. It provides clear guidelines on the requirements for entry, the responsibilities of transport operators, and the issuance of visas and permits.

Foreigners are individuals who are not nationals of the United Arab Emirates. To enter the country, foreigners must meet specific requirements.
  • Entry through approved ports: Foreigners must enter the UAE through designated ports as specified by the executive regulations of the law.
  • Possession of valid travel documents: A valid passport or equivalent documents are necessary to enter and exit the UAE. These documents must allow the holder to return to their country of origin.
  • Valid visa or entry permit: Foreigners must have a valid visa or entry permit. As decreed by the Cabinet, some exemptions exist for certain nationalities.

Transporters and employers have obligations when it comes to the entry and residence of foreigners in the UAE.
  • Transporter obligations: Captains of vessels, aircraft, and drivers of other transport means must submit a manifest with the names and particulars of passengers and crew. They are responsible for ensuring passengers have valid documents and must report any suspicions to the authorities.
  • Employer obligations: Employers must notify the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship or the police when employing a foreigner within 48 hours of the foreigner joining the service and at the end of the service.

Foreigners can obtain entry visas and residence permits according to specific criteria.
  • Issuance by authorized entities: The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, embassies, and consular bodies can issue permits and visas according to the executive regulations of the law.
  • Visit visas: Visit visas allow foreigners to stay for a specified period, typically 96 hours, and are subject to conditions such as valid travel documents and onward tickets.
  • Residence permits: Foreigners may obtain residence permits, which are issued, renewed, or canceled according to the executive regulations of the law.

Enforcement and Penal Measures


Authorities hold the power to enforce immigration and residence laws.
  • Stopping and searching vessels: Local and federal security authorities can stop and search vessels suspected of carrying individuals who have violated immigration laws.
  • Authority of the Minister of Interior: The Minister of Interior can cancel visas, entry permissions, or residence licenses if it serves the public interest.

Foreigners may face deportation under specific circumstances.
  • Public interest and safety: The Federal Public Prosecutor, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, or other authorized entities can order the deportation of foreigners if it serves public interest, security, or morals.
  • Family members' deportation: A deportation order for a foreigner can extend to their dependents.
  • Detainment and grace period: Foreigners facing deportation may be detained or given a grace period to settle their affairs.

Violations of the law carry penalties:
  • Entry and residency violations: Foreigners illegally entering or residing in the country face penalties such as fines or imprisonment.
  • Crimes related to visa fraud and employment: Those found using forged documents, false statements, or hiring foreigners without proper sponsorship face significant fines and imprisonment.
  • Deportation orders: The courts may order the deportation of foreigners found guilty of serious offenses under the law.

Certain individuals are exempt from the law:
  • Diplomatic personnel: Heads of state, diplomatic missions, and consulate members have immunity according to international treaties.
  • Holders of diplomatic passports: Individuals with diplomatic passports receive certain privileges and exemptions.
  • Crew members: Crews of vessels and aircraft have specific exemptions based on their travel documents and profession.

The law provides guidance on enforcement:
  • Implementation by authorities: The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and the Ministry of Interior must implement the law's provisions.
  • Data sharing: Authorities share data and collaborate to enforce immigration and residence laws effectively.

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How lawyers can assist in Immigration-related legal matters?

Navigating Visa Applications and Renewals

An immigration lawyer can assist clients with the complex process of applying for visas and renewing them. They ensure that all required documentation is completed accurately and submitted on time, minimizing the risk of delays or denials.
Immigration lawyers can help clients understand the requirements for various visa types and guide them through the application process. This includes student visas, work visas, family-based visas, and more. With their expertise, immigration lawyers increase the chances of a successful application and smooth visa approval.

Handling Work Permits and Employment Visas

Immigration lawyers provide vital support to individuals seeking work permits and employment visas. They help clients understand the specific requirements for working in a foreign country, such as meeting job qualifications and obtaining the necessary permits.
Immigration attorneys can also assist employers in ensuring compliance with immigration laws when hiring foreign workers. By collaborating with an immigration lawyer, both employees and employers can confidently navigate the legal complexities of the employment visa process.

Managing Citizenship and Naturalization Applications

An immigration lawyer can be instrumental in guiding clients through the process of applying for citizenship and naturalization. These processes can be lengthy and require meticulous attention to detail. Immigration lawyers help clients understand the eligibility criteria, gather the necessary documentation, and prepare for interviews and examinations.
By working with an immigration lawyer, clients can ensure that their application is complete and accurately represents their qualifications, increasing their chances of successfully becoming citizens.

Providing Legal Support for Appeals and Reconsiderations

When facing denials or complications in immigration cases, an immigration lawyer can provide crucial support. They guide clients through the appeals and reconsideration process, helping them understand their rights and options. Immigration lawyers can review the reasons for denial and identify potential solutions to address any issues.
By representing clients in appeals or reconsiderations, immigration lawyers strive to secure positive outcomes, such as reversals of denial or approval of previously denied applications. Their expertise ensures that clients have the best chance of achieving their desired immigration status.


Got Questions?
We have answers.

The requirements vary depending on the type of visa but typically include a valid passport, a completed application form, passport-sized photos, and supporting documents such as proof of employment, health insurance, and accommodation. Consulting an immigration lawyer can help guarantee that you have the necessary documents.

Processing times vary depending on the visa type and individual circumstances. It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. An immigration lawyer can provide guidance on expected timelines and help speed up the process where possible.

If your visa application is denied, you may be able to appeal the decision or reapply after addressing the reasons for denial. An immigration lawyer can assist you in understanding the reason for the denial and advise you on the best course of action.

Residency visa requirements include having a sponsor such as an employer or family member, passing a medical examination, and meeting financial or employment criteria. An immigration lawyer can help you understand the specific requirements of your situation.

No, you cannot legally work in the UAE on a visit visa. You must obtain a work visa if you want to work in the UAE. An immigration lawyer can guide you through the application process and ensure you meet all legal requirements.

An immigration lawyer can provide expert advice on the visa and residency application process, help prepare and review documentation, assist with appeals, and ensure compliance with UAE immigration laws. This can increase your chances of a successful application.

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