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Rental and Property Statistics in UAE

The rental market in Dubai is experiencing a two-tiered system, with notable differences between new contracts and lease renewals. This gap is primarily due to regulated rental increases during renewals, controlled by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency’s rental calculator. Many tenants choose to stay put as rent increases during renewals are lower compared to signing new leases.
  • Rising villa and apartment rents: Villa rents have risen significantly, with apartment rents experiencing sharper increases.
  • Increased rental notices: Most tenants have received rental escalation notices, leading to market upheaval.
  • Strong property sales and growth: Dubai and Abu Dhabi recorded a great deal of property sales, with expectations for continued growth in 2024.

The rental market in Dubai is experiencing a widening gap between new contracts and renewals, primarily driven by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency's rental calculator. This regulatory tool ensures that rental increases during lease renewals remain moderate compared to signing new leases. Many tenants opt to stay in their current rental properties, benefiting from controlled and lower rental rates. This trend contributes to a two-tiered rental market, where those entering into new contracts may face higher rates while existing tenants enjoy more stability in their rent prices.

As a consequence of the widening gap between new contracts and renewals, tenants in Dubai are faced with decisions regarding whether to stay in their current rental properties or seek new leases. Given the moderate increases during renewals, many tenants choose to remain in place rather than risk higher rental rates with new leases. This choice can lead to less mobility in the rental market, with tenants opting for stability and predictability over the uncertainty of entering into new rental agreements.

The rental market upheaval in Dubai is largely a result of significant increases in villa and apartment rents. This trend, combined with most tenants receiving rental escalation notices, has led to increased regulatory oversight. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency's rental calculator helps control and moderate rental increases during renewals, providing tenants with a measure of protection against excessive rent hikes. This regulatory approach aims to balance the interests of tenants and landlords while maintaining a stable rental market.

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Common Rental Disputes in Dubai's Real Estate Market


One common reason for rental disputes in Dubai is disagreements over rental increases. While the Real Estate Regulatory Agency’s (RERA) rental calculator helps regulate rent hikes, tenants may still find proposed increases excessive. Some landlords may attempt to bypass regulations, resulting in tenants disputing rent hikes. These disputes can lead to legal challenges if both parties cannot come to an agreement, causing stress and potential financial hardship for tenants.

Another frequent source of rental disputes is related to security deposits. Tenants may find that landlords withhold deposits unfairly at the end of a lease, citing damages or other deductions that the tenant may not agree with. Proper documentation and adherence to the rental agreement are essential in these cases, as disagreements can escalate to legal disputes.

Maintenance and repair issues often cause rental disputes, particularly when there are disagreements over who is responsible for certain repairs. Tenants may feel that landlords are not upholding their obligation to maintain the property, while landlords may argue that tenants are responsible for specific repairs. These disputes can lead to strained relationships and legal challenges if not resolved promptly.

Disputes can arise when tenants seek to terminate a lease early due to changing circumstances, such as job relocation or family issues. Landlords may enforce penalties or resist early termination, citing the terms of the rental agreement. Both parties need to understand their rights and obligations to avoid legal conflicts in such situations.

Misunderstandings and disagreements over lease terms, such as allowed occupancy, subleasing, or property usage, can lead to rental disputes. Clear and comprehensive lease agreements are crucial to avoid ambiguities that can cause conflicts between landlords and tenants. When disputes arise, both parties may seek legal advice to interpret the lease terms and find a resolution.

Eviction disputes can occur when landlords seek to terminate a lease due to non-payment or other lease violations, and tenants contest the decision. These disputes can become contentious, as both parties have rights and obligations under the law. Proper documentation and adherence to legal processes are essential in resolving these disputes fairly.

Why Should I Hire a
Rental Dispute Lawyer
from Connect Legal?

Connect Legal’s rental dispute lawyers have a deep understanding of the rental laws and regulations in the UAE. This expertise allows them to effectively handle rental disputes and advocate for their clients' interests. Their comprehensive knowledge of the legal framework ensures they can achieve favorable outcomes in rental dispute cases, even in complex situations. By staying up-to-date with the latest changes in the law, they can provide the best legal advice and representation for you, helping you resolve disputes efficiently and with confidence.

The rental dispute lawyers in our network have a track record of successfully resolving disputes between landlords and tenants. They handle each case with professionalism and tact, ensuring that both parties' concerns are addressed. Their experience with mediation and negotiation often leads to favorable settlements, avoiding the need for lengthy court battles. This proven success demonstrates their ability to achieve efficient and satisfactory resolutions for their clients, helping them save time and money while minimizing the stress associated with rental disputes.

At Connect Legal, our rental dispute lawyers develop personalized legal strategies tailored to each client's unique situation. By carefully assessing the specifics of each case, they create targeted approaches to achieve the most favorable outcomes. This customized strategy ensures that clients receive advice and representation that is specific to their needs and goals. By focusing on individualized solutions, rental dispute lawyers can address the particular concerns and objectives of each client, resulting in more successful resolutions.

The rental dispute lawyers at Connect Legal possess strong negotiation and mediation skills, which are crucial for resolving disputes efficiently. By facilitating constructive dialogue between parties, they strive to reach amicable solutions that satisfy both landlords and tenants. This approach can save clients time and money compared to lengthy legal battles. Their ability to mediate and negotiate effectively can lead to quick and peaceful settlements, minimizing the impact of disputes on clients' lives and allowing them to move forward with ease.

Connect Legal’s network of rental dispute lawyers can handle legal procedures efficiently, from filing necessary paperwork to representing clients in hearings. Their familiarity with the legal system ensures clients' cases progress smoothly without unnecessary delays. This efficiency is essential in achieving timely resolutions to rental disputes. By managing cases with precision and attention to detail, our attorneys provide clients with a seamless legal experience that minimizes stress and maximizes positive outcomes.

Rental dispute lawyers prioritize clients' needs and concerns throughout the legal process. They maintain clear communication and offer ongoing support to guide clients through each step of their case. This client-centered approach helps ease the stress of navigating rental disputes, providing clients with reassurance and confidence. By focusing on building strong relationships with clients and understanding their unique situations, our rental dispute attorneys make sure you receive the highest level of care and representation during your legal journey.
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Discover the Top Rental Dispute Lawyers in Dubai

At Connect Legal, you can find the best rental dispute lawyer Dubai has to offer. 
The rental dispute lawyers in our network are among the top talents in the UAE legal industry. Their extensive knowledge of local rental laws and regulations allows them to handle even the most complex disputes with ease. 
With strong negotiation and mediation skills, they can resolve conflicts efficiently, saving clients time and stress. By prioritizing clients' needs and employing innovative strategies, our rental dispute lawyers consistently deliver successful outcomes and maintain a reputation for excellence.


How Lawyers Can Assist in rental dispute -related legal matters?

Expert Negotiation and Mediation

Rental dispute lawyers excel in negotiation and mediation, helping clients resolve disputes amicably and efficiently. They can represent tenants or landlords in discussions to reach a fair and mutually beneficial resolution, be it about rent increases, lease termination, or other rental issues. Dubai rental dispute lawyers can help avoid costly litigation and preserve relationships between parties by facilitating open communication and crafting tailored agreements. Their experience negotiating settlements can lead to quicker resolutions and better outcomes for all involved.

In-Depth Knowledge of Rental Laws

Rental dispute lawyers possess a deep understanding of local rental laws and regulations. They can guide clients through the complexities of lease agreements, ensuring compliance and protecting their rights. Whether it’s advising on eviction notices, rent increases, or property maintenance, these lawyers offer expert insights into the legal framework governing rental relationships. Their knowledge allows them to provide clear, actionable advice to clients, helping them make informed decisions and avoid legal pitfalls.

Representation in Rental Dispute Resolution Bodies

When rental disputes escalate and require formal resolution, rental dispute lawyers can represent clients in dispute resolution bodies or courts. They present compelling arguments and evidence on behalf of their clients, advocating for their interests and seeking fair outcomes. Rental dispute lawyers understand the legal processes and procedures involved, allowing them to navigate the system efficiently and effectively. Their representation ensures clients' voices are heard, and their rights are protected during dispute resolution proceedings.

Drafting and Reviewing Legal Documents

Rental dispute lawyers assist clients in drafting and reviewing legal documents related to rental agreements. They ensure lease agreements are clear, legally sound, and comprehensive, protecting clients' interests and minimizing the potential for disputes. Be it a standard lease or a more complex rental agreement, these lawyers provide valuable insights and recommendations to safeguard clients' rights. Their attention to detail helps prevent misunderstandings and conflicts, setting a solid foundation for successful rental relationships.


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A rental dispute lawyer specializes in resolving conflicts between tenants and landlords. They ensure that both parties understand their legal rights and obligations, provide guidance on the applicable laws, and offer strategies to address disputes effectively.

To avoid litigation, many rental disputes can be amicably resolved through negotiation or mediation. A rental dispute lawyer can play a crucial role in these processes by facilitating discussions, offering legal insight, and helping to negotiate agreements that satisfy all parties involved.

If you face an unlawful eviction, it is essential to seek immediate legal assistance. A rental dispute lawyer can provide critical advice, represent you in legal proceedings, and work to safeguard your rights under the law.

Yes, rental dispute lawyers are well-equipped to review, draft, and negotiate lease agreements. They ensure that the lease complies with local regulations and that your interests are adequately protected, minimizing potential future disputes.

The RERA rental calculator is designed to help regulate rent increases at lease renewal, ensuring they are fair and just. A rental dispute lawyer can explain how this tool affects your lease terms and assist in any disputes regarding rent adjustments.

The time it takes to resolve a rental dispute varies depending on how complex the issue is. However, a rental dispute lawyer can help speed up the process through negotiation and mediation.

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