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Immigration and Residence Regulations

Immigration law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is overseen by Federal Law No. 6 of 1973, which establishes the legal framework for the entry, residence, and deportation of foreigners. This law outlines detailed regulations for entry requirements, the responsibilities of transport operators and employers, and the issuance of visas and residence permits. Here is a closer look at the key aspects of the UAE's immigration law.

  • 96 hours is the period of entry visas foreigners can be granted under specific conditions, including having a valid passport and a ticket to continue their trip.
  • AED 50,000 is the amount of fine that will be imposed on anyone employing a foreigner who is not under their sponsorship or who does not comply with the terms for the transfer of sponsorship.
  • Within 48 hours the managers of hotels and similar establishments must inform the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship or the local police station of the arrival or departure of any foreigner they accommodate.

The UAE enforces strict entry requirements for foreigners to ensure security and proper documentation. Foreign nationals must enter the country through designated ports, which are clearly specified in the regulations of Federal Law No. 6 of 1973.
Possessing valid travel documents, such as a passport or equivalent, is essential. These documents must be valid for the duration of the stay and must allow the holder to return to their country of origin. Additionally, foreigners must hold a valid visa or entry permit to enter the UAE. However, some nationalities follow other special regulations decided by the Cabinet, which makes entry easier for them.

Transport operators and employers in the UAE have clear duties to follow immigration rules. Captains of ships, planes, and drivers of other vehicles must give detailed lists of passengers and crew to the authorities. They must make sure all passengers have the right travel papers and report any suspicions to the authorities right away.
Employers also have responsibilities. They must tell the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship or the police within two days when they hire a foreigner. They must also report when the foreigner stops working for them. These rules help keep track of foreigners living and moving around in the country.

The process for getting visas and residence permits in the UAE is controlled by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, along with embassies and consulates. Different kinds of visas can be issued, like visit visas, which usually let you stay up to 96 hours. Nonetheless, you must have valid travel papers and a ticket for your onward journey.
If you plan to stay longer, you can get a residence permit which can be given, extended, or canceled based on the rules in Federal Law No. 6 of 1973. This organized system helps manage the foreign population and make sure everyone follows UAE laws.

Enforcement and Oversight


Authorities responsible with enforcing immigration and residency laws have significant power in guaranteeing compliance. Local and federal security agencies possess the authority to stop and search vessels suspected of transporting individuals who have broken immigration regulations.

The Minister of Interior holds the right to cancel visas, entry permits, or residence licenses if it aligns with the public interest. This authority grants the minister a pivotal role in regulating the influx and stay of foreigners within the country.

Under specific circumstances, foreigners may face deportation, a process overseen by designated entities such as the Federal Public Prosecutor and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. The decision for deportation is based on considerations of public interest, security, or moral necessities.

Instances of non-compliance with immigration laws can cause negative consequences, ranging from fines to imprisonment. Violations include illegal entry, residency breaches, and crimes related to visa fraud and illegal employment practices.

Certain individuals, such as diplomatic personnel and holders of diplomatic passports, enjoy exceptions from certain immigration regulations. Crew members of vessels and aircraft also benefit from specific regulations tailored to their professional roles.

Effective enforcement relies on coordinated efforts between the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and the Ministry of Interior. Sharing information between different authorities helps make sure that immigration and residency laws are followed properly. This helps keep the country safe and protects its security interests.

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How lawyers can assist in immigration-related legal matters?

Legal Advice and Guidance

Immigration attorneys can provide invaluable advice and guidance on navigating the complexities of immigration law. They help clients understand their rights, options, and the legal implications of various immigration-related matters. With their expertise, they ensure that clients make informed decisions that align with their goals and circumstances.

Document Preparation and Review

Lawyers assist clients in preparing and reviewing the necessary documentation for immigration applications, ensuring accuracy and completeness. They help gather the required paperwork, such as visa applications, residency permits, and supporting documents, and ensure that everything is in order before submission.

Representation in Legal Proceedings

Immigration lawyers in Abu Dhabi represent clients in various legal proceedings, including visa hearings, deportation proceedings, and immigration court appearances. They advocate on behalf of their clients, presenting their cases and defending their rights in front of immigration authorities or judicial bodies.

Appeals and Legal Strategies

In cases of visa denials, deportation orders, or other adverse immigration decisions, lawyers can assist clients in appealing these decisions and devising legal strategies to challenge them. They analyze the circumstances, identify grounds for appeal, and pursue opportunities for relief to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.


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An immigration lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in navigating the complexities of immigration law. They offer expert guidance on visa applications, residency permits, and deportation defense strategies. With their knowledge and experience, they make sure you understand your rights and options, and they represent you in legal proceedings with skill and dedication.

If your visa application is denied, make sure to seek guidance from an immigration lawyer promptly. They can review the reasons for the denial, identify potential grounds for appeal, and help you file an appeal or explore alternative options for immigration relief.

Yes, immigration lawyers can assist with family reunification by guiding you through the process of sponsoring family members for immigration to your country. They help prepare the necessary documentation, navigate sponsorship requirements, and advocate for your family's interests throughout the immigration process.

If you're facing deportation, you have rights that an immigration lawyer can help you understand and defend. They can represent you in deportation proceedings, challenge the grounds for deportation, and explore legal strategies to prevent or delay deportation. It's crucial to seek legal assistance as soon as possible to protect your rights and explore all available options for relief.

The processing time for a residency permit application depends on various factors, such as the country's immigration policies, the complexity of your case, and the volume of applications being processed. An immigration lawyer can provide an estimate based on your specific circumstances and guide you through the application process to minimize delays and guarantee a smooth outcome.

The documents required for an immigration application vary depending on the type of visa or residency permit you're applying for and the specific requirements of the immigration authorities. Generally, you'll need identification documents, proof of financial means, medical certificates, and any supporting documentation relevant to your case. An immigration attorney can help you compile and organize the necessary paperwork to make sure your application meets all requirements and stands the best chance of approval.

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