Corporate lawyers in Dubai

Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

When it comes to your business, your job, or your personal life, legal advice UAE will always be necessary. In nowadays society, following laws correctly can be the difference between living quiet days, and having to visit courtrooms. However, if you are not a lawyer, you will need some assistance.

Now, in most cases, it is your business case one in which legal services is the most important. Failing to comply with local and international laws in this matter will carry you to even lose your business. Hence, the legal assistance you can get here is incredibly essential.

This is where our Corporate Lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE come to the rescue. In essence, they can help you by applying their legal knowledge to your business. Writing contracts, getting work permits, or establishing legal bases for partnerships, there are a lot of services of this kind we can provide you.

On the other hand, they can even be vital for the case of your business being established overseas. Furthermore, they will assist you by knowing local regulations and laws. If you have legal concerns regarding your business in the UAE, we at Connect Legal can offer you these Legal services. It is very important to note that functions of Corporate Lawyers in terms of handling the case is absolutely the same for Corporate Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all other Emirate in UAE.

1.What can our Corporate attorney in Dubai do for?

It is very important to understand What do corporate Lawyers do, People without knowledge about business subjects may think that investors only deliver the money and that is it. But, the truth is a lot more complicated. You will find different laws in every place you want to set up your business, designed to protect investments, and prevent fraudulent acts. So it is best to be in correspondence with Business Lawyer during these adversities.

In the UAE, activities such as an initial public offering and a foreign direct investment are governed by corporate laws. Therefore, without a deep understanding of these laws, you will have a hard time managing your investments. Therefore hiring a Business Lawyer might come in handy. 

Our best Corporate Lawyers in Dubai have this required deep understanding. They are a highly skilled team that can provide you with high-quality legal advice UAE, allowing you to minimize costs. Above all, they will help you with their great handling of Federal Law Number 2 of 2015. This is the corporate commercial law that governs companies’ law in the UAE.

In conclusion, The best corporate lawyers in Dubai will deal mostly with the legal risks in your business. They will identify your company’s risks, create your company’s risks library, and set up controls to mitigate and reduce risks. Therefore, if your business is located in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, where it needs structure to be competitive, you must contact us regarding these services. This is the best way to understand on what do corporate Lawyers do in UAE.

2. In which areas our Corporate Lawyers in Dubai can provide you with their services?

As you may expect, managing a business involves several processes that require legal boundaries and structures. In addition, every type of business can invoke different laws or even different legal statutes inside the same law.

As a result, our Corporate attorney in Dubai have, over time, diversified their areas of practice. It allows them to provide more practical and client-focused services, evaluating each client’s requirements separately. The list of Practices Areas of their services is extensive. Consequently, we will let you next take a glance at some of the most important ones where we can assist you:

2.1.Intellectual Property Law

It is widely known that the UAE is currently a commercial hub for companies focused on TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecommunications). Several organizations of this kind have opened offices in the free zones and special economic zones throughout the Emirates.

In this matter, our TMT lawyers will combine their expertise and skills to assist you in this constantly evolving law field. Their services can help you through all forms of technology agreements, supplier agreements, service contracts, Trade licenses, and outsourcing. In essence, they will perform the advising, negotiation, and preparation of IT and media agreements in the UAE. By doing so, you will have proper guidance in commercial transactions, e-commerce, and data privacy.

Above all, the main focus for our TMT lawyers is the protection of your intellectual property. With their deep understanding of the legislation about it in the UAE, they will protect trademarks and patents in your business. To sum up, the TMT industry is a type of business where legislation is the protection of investments. Thus, if your company lies here, contact us to get the best TMT lawyers in the UAE.   


With a prosperous and fast-growing economy like the ones of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, finances become their primary nerve system. Hence, banking and financial institutions must be aware of what financial authorities and regulators at federal, local, and free zone levels demand.

To fulfill those demands, you will need our team of banking and finance lawyers. They can help you through a wide range of financial services sectors, by offering banking and financial legal advisor.

Most importantly, our banking and corporate finance lawyers can represent you as an individual, or your business, on baking and financing-related legal matters. Thus, they are essential when your business activities are subject to financial regulations or require those regulations to be applied.

Their main objective is to protect transactions at any level. It does not matter if it is about Islamic finance, project finance, trade and export finance, or merchant banking transactions. Our banking and corporate finance lawyers will assure the legality of your transaction. Thus, always keep in mind this: A transaction without legal ground can become a lost investment very quickly. Therefore, contact us to choose the banking and finance law firm that suits you the best.

2.3.Real Estate Business

The UAE in the last few years has made changes in its policies to allow and encourage Real Estate Investments. There is even the possibility of applying for an Investor Visa by having ownership of properties of a certain worth.

However, to make this type of investment without taking into consideration their legal implications is definitely a bad idea. Here is where our real estate lawyers can assist you. Their insightful advice and representation in all areas of the real estate and construction sector can save you from losing your money. All of this while helping you with legal issues regarding dispute resolution, restructuring, development, or real estate leasing.

To achieve this, our real estate lawyers have experience in dealing with the UAE Government and regulatory authorities, including the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). They also work with the most important players in the real estate sector, while having total knowledge of the local regulations.

The target here is to ensure your investments are protected and maximized. Hence, if you are interested to invest in construction and real estate development, or real estate financing in the UAE, you should seek our services right away.


In all the businesses you can think of, there is always a risk involved. Unforeseen things happen, and if you are not prepared, you could be heading to difficult days in the future. To protect you from this uncertainty, you should start considering getting your business some insurance.

The UAE’s insurance industry is substantially diversified, including local and international insurers, reinsurers, brokers, and third-party managers. For you to work with them daily, the services of our Insurance Lawyers will come in handy.

Above all, we will offer you the best legal solution after a detailed analysis of your needs in terms of the insurance. All of this while following the requirements of Federal Law Number 6 of 2007, which is the insurance law in the UAE.

Essentially, all businesses must have an alliance with an insurance company in the region. It does not matter if it is with a small specialist or a multinational, to have your investment insured is a necessary precaution. Consequently, take a look at what our team of Insurance Lawyers has at your disposal, and choose us to protect your business.

2.5.Health Care

Because of the technological and medical advances worldwide, Healthcare and life sciences are one of the fastest-growing industries nowadays. However, it is also one of the most regulated ones, with rules that vary substantially from country to country.

Hence, every tool you can get to overcome the obstacles this industry faces is very important. And, undoubtedly, one of these tools is the services of our Healthcare Lawyers.

Aspects such as medical malpractice, corporate, and employment issues regarding healthcare can be addressed by them. All of this while following the guidelines of the various healthcare laws in the UAE.

In conclusion, if the healthcare and life sciences are the line of work of your business, or if you need any help with healthcare insurance, search for our Healthcare Lawyers to fulfill your needs.

2.6.Labor Law

In today’s businesses, human talent is the most important asset of every company or institution. Having the right employees for the job can increase the company’s productivity and efficiency in a great manner.

However, the number of legal concerns you have to consider regarding employment in your company is high. Besides, in cities like Dubai, with a majority of the population with foreign nationalities, immigration concerns also come into consideration.

Our Immigration and Employment Lawyers can provide you services to assist you in this matter. In other words, they can help you with issues your company has regarding immigration and human resources management. Still these lawyers might have to coordinate well with your Dubai Corporate Lawyers. 

We can provide you with legal Services in tasks such as the drafting of employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements, and the representation of employees or employers at the government authorities in the UAE.

Most importantly, our immigration and employment lawyers work by following Labor Law in the UAE.

In short, it does not matter if your company has 2 or 1500 employees. Seek for our Employment Lawyers services to avoid legal issues of this nature.

2.7. Debt Recovery

As a successful investor in the UAE, you may have lent money in some way. Therefore, you should have debts you need to collect. Our lawyers specialized in debt recovery can help you in this matter.

We can deliver you legal services to establish a line of communication with your debtors, in order to recover funds. Contact us regarding our debt recovery services.

3. Do you have some additional questions about Corporate Lawyers in Dubai?

After reading here about Corporate Lawyers in Dubai, you probably now have some questions. Luckily for you, we are glad to answer them.

Let us now show you the answers to some frequently asked questions about our Corporate Lawyers near me in Dubai in the UAE:

3.1. In essence, what do your corporate lawyers in Dubai do?

Our corporate lawyers in Dubai are highly skilled professional attorneys with a deep knowledge of laws and regulations in the UAE. They can give you legal advice UAE or can represent you or your company in matters regarding corporate law.

3.2. Your Corporate Lawyers in Dubai legal advice is the same as their legal opinion?

No. When our attorneys give you their legal advice uae or opinion, they are giving you an analysis based on past or present facts. On the other hand, if it is legal services that they are giving you, you are getting their guidance and counsel regarding future actions you should take.

3.3. Why should I get your services of Corporate Lawyers in dubai?

As you learned here, our Corporate Lawyers in Dubai or company Lawyers can protect you from bad situations in your business. Their knowledge of local and international laws and regulations would be your firewall against legal issues. Therefore, to avoid penalties, visits to courtrooms, or worse, Which is why they also widely called as securities lawyer, contact us to get Corporate Lawyers in dubai services for your organization as they act as and it is the same case for Abu dhabi Corporate Lawyers.

3.4. Is it expensive to hire your Corporate Lawyers in Dubai services?

It depends on what “expensive” means to you. Usually, most lawyers do not give out their fees easily. So, we recommend that you start asking for the budgets of our Corporate Lawyers in Dubai services, and choose the best one for you in terms of the price-quality relation.

3.5. Where can I find your services of Corporate Lawyers in Dubai?

The Corporate Lawyers in Dubai industry is one with high availability of Corporate Law firms that can provide you their services. Our final and most important recommendation is that you get in touch with us at Connect Legal. Contact us to show you how we can assist you with your legal issues.

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