What is the difference between lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Indian lawyers

  • October 25, 2023
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With the majority of the Indian community residing in the UAE as immigrants, it is good to be aware of the numerous regulations and distinctions between the two nations. It is very different from how lawyers in Abu Dhabi work, and how lawyers work in India. A more comprehensive knowledge can only allow the populace to make better decisions.

In this article, we will talk about lawyers in Abu Dhabi and how different it is to be a lawyer in India and the UAE. Let us discuss a little bit more:

  1. Which areas of law in UAE can Indian lawyers work on?
  2. What are the differences between practicing in India and the UAE?
  3. How is the Civil Law system in the UAE?
  4. How is the Common Law system in India?
  5. Why should you contact us?

1. Which areas of law in UAE can Indian lawyers work on?

Indian lawyers in Abu Dhabi are available to assist with any legal need. If you are searching for legal advice on property difficulties, banking, and financial issues, or commercial contracts. No difference what citizenship they hold, Abu Dhabi lawyers can assist you.

Some of the primary regions where our team, Connect Legal, provides consulting services can be found in Abu Dhabi. Here are a few of the practice areas in which the lawyers may offer you legal advice and help.

1.1 Finance and banking

Law companies employing Indian lawyers as affiliates not only provide legal consultancy for financial and banking jobs but also Islamic finance issues. It assists you with licensing, security, and incorporation concerns relating to organizations and fiscal intermediaries.

The lawyers in Abu Dhabi also offer comprehensive advice and counseling services for transactions in the economic policies financial market and the risks that come with it. You will also receive complete help for financial institution acquisitions and mergers.

1.2 Travel laws and regulations in the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council

Our company’s incredibly skilled personnel give comprehensive advice on legislation and laws for moving not only in the UAE but also throughout the GCC. Legal advisors assist you with legal difficulties with travel, such as spoiled holiday disputes, private accidental injuries, and litigation consulting legal services.

They can also be very helpful when dealing with questions about the Deportation Law and what rules apply to prevent it.

1.3 Indian lawyers provide expert advice for Alternative & Litigation Dispute Resolution

The company’s seasoned and highly qualified attorneys provide legal assistance in UAE lawsuits to both civilians and criminals. Indian lawyers in Abu Dhabi have developed a practical technique for settling conflicts outside of the courtroom and legal arbitration forums. Since they are well aware and knowledgeable, the lawyers employ a range of resources to settle conflicts.

1.4 Property lawyers in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi law companies assist valued and renowned clients. Not only in banking and financial concerns but also in real estate market legal matters. If you are purchasing a house for sale or property investment in Abu Dhabi, you must investigate the technique of legal paperwork. A legal advisor will be your greatest choice.

Our highly experienced lawyers in Abu Dhabi give you complete guidance on Middle Eastern real-estate legislation. They also guide you on any key property concerns. You will receive systematic assistance with the house’s finance, site design, and building procurement. The firm also assists you in dealing with contractors, creditors, and third parties in your property investment.

1.5 Other important practice areas

You can also obtain legal services in areas such as biotechnology and life science. Hospitality regulation, international taxes, air travel, property law, energy projects, and healthcare law, among others. Hiring the expert services of Indian Lawyers in Abu Dhabi will allow you to live a stress-free life.

The highly competent and experienced business lawyers in Abu Dhabi give you comprehensive guidance on the laws and regulations in the UAE in every aspect of life and provide you with a fulfilling life with serenity and leisure.

Go to our website to check out more of the practice areas we work on. You can find the best lawyers in Abu Dhabi. Expert quality is unquestionable when working with us, we are very proud to put you as our top priority.

2. What are the differences between practicing in India and the UAE?

If you want to practice law in another country, the standards will be set by the nation you want to visit. There are several professional opportunities for lawyers in Abu Dhabi. However, the majority of them are through the associate offices of multinational legal firms. These companies may station Indian lawyers in other countries to aid their attorneys in understanding foreign law.

2.1 Civil laws VS common laws

One of the primary distinctions between the jurisdictions is that, although India has kept a common law system, owing to significant legal advances from colonial times, the UAE maintains a civil law system.

Higher court judgments bind lower court rulings in India since they build precedence. As Indian lawyers, each case they work on needs an in-depth understanding of the specific case. To grasp and interpret the law within these judgments.

It is not the circumstance in the UAE. Higher court decisions simply serve as a guideline and are not binding on subordinate courts. They are only used to clarify the law’s stance. Not as enforceable precedents. Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, as we can tell, follow a different legal practice law than in India.

This is advantageous in the UAE. Our focus is entirely on understanding the law, but largely on applying legal strategy to make a solid case for our client. Which necessitates a great legal advisor and a grasp of how laws work and how they are applicable.

2.2 Working on an equal playing field with international attorneys

The UAE does not limit the admission of foreign law companies. Some of the greatest international legal firms have offices in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Any law school graduate who internships in their offices here will get valuable experience in the workings of such businesses. This means new lawyers in Abu Dhabi will have a benefit when qualifying for their training contracts.

For lawyers in Abu Dhabi, connection with these businesses is frequent. As a first-year worker here, this can be one of the most fulfilling experiences. You learn what makes these law firms stand out from the crowd, which benefits your personal development as a legal advisor.

2.3 Practicing litigation in the UAE as a foreign lawyer

One of the rough parts of working as an Indian lawyer is that, outside of free zone regions, litigating may not be a viable career choice for Indians or other international lawyers. However, the good side is the Dubai International Finance Centre, has its own set of regulations.

To argue matters before the UAE tribunals, one must not only be fluent in Arabic (the main language of the courts). You also, and this is the most prevalent criterion, need to be a GCC or UAE national.

Foreign advisers and foreign lawyers in Abu Dhabi are typically not authorized to present a case before the courts. Nonetheless, they can choose to use different practical methods to solve disputes. At the same time, there are a lot of other legal practice areas where they can be excellent professionals.

2.4 There is much more work to do in the area of law and policy expansion

Since the UAE’s government was established in 1971, one of the most significant benefits for an Indian law school graduate who’s been presented with laws dating back to the colonial era is being able to use that information and develop extra-legal skills while working on policy areas and law development here in the UAE.

As lawyers in Abu Dhabi, they are now an active part in the formation of new legislation and changes since, in comparison to India, the UAE has enormous scope for legal advances.

This is extremely beneficial since it aids in identifying legal concerns, and gaps, and strengthening legal research abilities. As well as comprehending the complete mechanism and functioning of new legislation. This will significantly upgrade their legal services.

It also introduces you to the role of culture in forming legislation that is prevalent in the UAE, as Sharia is regarded as one of the fundamental sources of law.

2.5 The size of large law firms vary in the UAE

The size of the largest and most prominent legal companies in the UAE is roughly 90-150 lawyers, but the largest law firms in India are around 500-600 lawyers. We discovered that legal companies in the UAE are lower in size than comparable businesses in India.

This might be attributable to the fact that India ranks far higher than the UAE in terms of demographics. Smaller sizes, on the other hand, might be advantageous for new lawyers in Abu Dhabi. Because law firms in the UAE are tiny, there are no hierarchies. When managing projects and legal cases, you operate as a cohesive unit with senior associates.

This is especially crucial while growing one’s legal abilities since it allows you to get a lot of knowledge via direct participation and integration with your elders. However, it is still critical to know how to recognize the best representative law firm.

3. How is the Civil Law system in the UAE?

This term for a specific legal system must not be mixed with the designation civil law, which refers to the laws and processes that govern litigation between private litigants.

Lawyers in Abu Dhabi obey the civil law legal system, which does not follow the concept of stare decisis. Which states that the rule established in prior judgments should be applied in later cases with identical facts.

The terminology civil law legal system refers to the legal system that arose in Europe and was influenced by the Roman Empire. By the late nineteenth century, it had spread across the continent. France and Germany were principally responsible for codifying the laws.

In a civil law system, the courts are divided into two types:

  • Ordinary courts that deal with private and fundamental criminal law.
  • Special administrative institutions that deal with other aspects of public law.

3.1 UAE’s system of law

There are two judiciary systems in the UAE: federal and state. Each of the emirates has the choice of following the federal justice system or its framework.

A trial court, an appeal court, and a court of cassation are all part of the federal and state legal systems. The courts of cassation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras-Al-Khaimah each have their own.

Since the inspiration of the laws in the UAE comes from Shariah law, there are heavy consequences for offenses like adultery, murder, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Make sure you know more about us to find out how our lawyers in Abu Dhabi can help you with any of those issues.

4. How is Common Law system in India?

When considering a case, the common law system relies on precedents rather than only on the laws enacted by the government. Common law, often known as Anglo-American law, has its origins in England’s common-law courts.

While legislation and laws are important in India when considering a matter, precedents are put on a higher or equal standing with the rules of the system. The judiciary of the countries plays an active role in developing laws and interpreting their meaning. Precedents guarantee that consistency is kept while making decisions.

These differences make it very interesting to understand how Indian lawyers work in the UAE. Of course, following Common Law System is not how

will practice law.

5. Why should you contact us?

Even though there are significant variations in regulations in the UAE, the relationship between the UAE and India is showing signs of improvement each day. Indian lawyers in Abu Dhabi must do some adjustments when practicing in the UAE. They have proved to provide very efficient legal services.

Connect Legal is happy to guide you about any legal concerns in the UAE. If you are having difficulty getting jobs for lawyers in Abu Dhabi or looking forward to contacting the top experts. In all legal situations left to us, we promise commitment, affordability, and correctness.

Connect Legal can assist you in learning more about how Lawyers in Abu Dhabi work and how different it is from India. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions, and we will respond as quickly as possible. You may also reach us by phone at +971 43 316 688 and chat with a person of our staff.


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