What are the Rules and Laws of Job Seeker Visa in UAE

By Al-hamid
  • February 12, 2024
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The job seeker visa UAE is a newly introduced document to enable you to have a job opportunity in the Emirates. Likewise, these opportunities are for recent graduates or for professionals who want a dynamic work environment. Furthermore, the visa is an entry into the great job market of the United Arab Emirates.

In this article, we will provide you with a guide so that you can apply for a visa in the UAE. Additionally, you will know if you meet the eligibility criteria and all the requirements to acquire it.

What is a Job Seeker / Exploration Visa in UAE?

If you are wondering what is job seeker visa in UAE? The answer is that it is a new entry permit. Likewise, the visa is one of the new permits implemented by the Advanced Visa System in the Emirates. Hence, it is aimed at attracting young professionals suitable to work in the country.

In addition, the visa can be obtained without hosts or sponsors in the United Arab Emirates.

Job seeker visa UAE Options

You can align your stay with your strategies to find employment because there are visas that can be adapted to your needs. Next, you will see the visa options according to the duration period they have:

60 Day Visa

The 60-day exploration visa is the shortest option if you are a foreign job seeker with an established plan to find vacancies. Thus, with the validity of this visa, you will have enough time to make contacts, explore possible vacancies, and attend unexpected work events.

Similarly, this visa is excellent for those who have strategies to follow and employment objectives to find job vacancies in the country.

90-Day job seeker visa UAE

This visa will give you just enough time if you need more flexibility when looking for jobs in the UAE. Likewise, the visa will allow you to explore the job market in more depth and thus, you will have the opportunity to attend more interviews. You will also have time to network and make more detailed evaluations of potential employers.

Consequently, you will find a balance between abruptness and the urgency to find a job more comprehensively.

120-day job seeker visa

This has a total validity period of 120 days which will allow you to do a more complete job search. Therefore, there is no such thing as a 6 months job seeker visa UAE. Therefore, this is the only one that will allow you to deeply explore the industries of the country to find work.

In addition, with this option, you will have the opportunity to make a detailed evaluation of job offers and attend many job interviews. Likewise, you will be able to explore specialized fields, which would mean the need for more time to search in the country.

Legal Requirements & Eligibility of UAE Job Seeker Visa

To apply for the visa you will have to meet some eligibility criteria imposed by law in the UAE. You will then be able to see the job seeker visa requirements and eligibility:

Previous Experience

If you are a professional in your area, you must have at least 2 years of experience and post-qualification in the area where you are applying for the job.

Valid Passport

To be eligible you must have a passport that meets the minimum validity period of 6 months

Job Offer

To obtain the job seeker visa UAE you will need to get a job offer from a UAE company.

Clean Sheet

To apply for the visa, you will also need to obtain a clearance certificate from the police.

Medical Insurance

Obtain an updated medical insurance document, issued by a legal medical authority in the country of origin.

Financial Resources

Verify that you are financially stable by presenting a certificate stating that you have sufficient funds for your expenses. In this case, the resources must be sufficient for the time in which you are searching for work in the emirate.

Visa Fees

You must be up to date with payments for the required job seeker visa UAE fees.

UAE job exploration visa Eligibility Requirements

As for how to apply job seeker visa in UAE? You must first be eligible and meet the following requirements:

  • ·      You as an applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • ·      Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months
  • ·      You must have financial stability to cover the time of your stay in the UAE.
  • ·      You must have a diploma certifying your secondary education or similar.

Additionally, you will have to have skills within the levels established by Emirati law as you will see below:

  • ·      Level 1 will apply if you are a business executive, manager, or Legislator
  • ·      Level 2 is Experts in scientific, human, and technical areas,
  • ·      Also, Level 3, if you are a Technician in scientific, humanitarian, and technical areas
  • ·      Likewise, you will be at Level 4 if you are an expert in writing
  • ·      Level 5 if you are an expert in service and sales occupations
  • ·      Level 6 if you are a skilled worker in agriculture, livestock, and fishing
  • ·      Also, Level 7 if you are an Artisan in construction, mining, and others
  • ·      Level 8 if you are an expert operator and assembler of machinery and equipment

Additionally, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • ·      If you are a recent college graduate, you will need to have at least 2 years of experience in your profession.
  • ·      You will have a good opportunity if you are a graduate of the best 500 universities worldwide.

Equally, if you meet the requirements and processes, you can search for job vacancies in Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, among other Emirates.

Who can apply for the new job exploration visa?

You can apply for the Dubai job seeker visa from the country where you are including the UAE. In this case, you must comply with the requirements of the destination country. However, do not forget to investigate the particular norms and rules of the country where you will apply for employment.

Additionally, for certain nations, you may be asked to apply from the country where you are located or have a different procedure for applying abroad. Likewise, if you are approved for the visa you may have to return to your country to have your passport stamped. However, it will depend on the country where you applied for the visa.

How to Obtain a UAE Job Seeker Visa?

If you are wondering how can i get job seeker visa in UAE? The answer is that you will need to follow the following steps:

Check your eligibility 

The first thing you should do to request the job seeker visa UAE is verify that you meet the terms for eligibility. In this case, the age requirements, passport requirements, financial requirements, and not having any legal problems with the government.

Inquire about job opportunities

After you verify that you meet the established criteria for eligibility, investigate what job opportunities there are in the UAE. In this case, you could do it through recruitment agencies or websites or contact Emirati companies.

In addition, when you have a job offer or identified job opportunity gap, you could apply for the visa. Likewise, you can make this request through the Emirate embassy in your country or an online system.

Collect required documents

To apply for the job exploration visa UAE, you must collect several documents required by law. Check the lists of required documents and make sure you are not missing any.

Pay the visa fee

When you apply for the visa, you will pay a fee provided by law that will vary depending on the type of job seeker visa UAE and its validity period.

Get visa approval

After sending the application, I have the necessary documents, you will wait for the approval of your visa, which will take about 3 to 5 business days.

Take the Trip to the UAE

When you receive approval for the visa, begin your preparations to make the trip to the Emirates and upon arrival, start looking for your job.

UAE job seeker visa apply online

You can apply for the visa online through the web platform at the ICP or Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. You can then follow the following steps to apply online:

  • ·      Enter the ICP web portal
  • ·      Choose the type of job seeker visa UAE valid for 60, 90, and 120 days.
  • ·      Complete the requested information and send the attached files.
  • ·      Pay the visa application fees and submit your visa application.

Additionally, you can apply for the visa at ICP customer service centers or typing centers authorized for them.

Benefits of UAE Job Seeker Visa

The visa for job seekers in the UAE will help you to get a better view of the labor market of the country. Therefore, some of the benefits you will get, you can see it next:

Permissible Halting of Job Search

The job seeker visa Dubai will allow you to examine the Dubai job market and find information about available vacancies.

Promotion of Networking Opportunities

You can connect with some employers or professionals at events, conferences, or networking sessions. This way, you will have a better chance of finding a job in the UAE.

Analysis of the Labor Market

With the job seeker visa UAE, you will have the ability to see the job market up close, find job openings, and see business trends.

Interviews and job offers

With the visa, you can attend interviews and apply for different job vacancies as a professional applicant.

Cultural Incorporation

By living in Dubai you will be exposed to the culture, so you will be able to understand the work environment when looking for a job. Similarly, you will be able to adapt to the specialist culture which is unique to the emirate. Likewise, the visa will allow you to find opportunities in the labor market and thus direct your career path in the best way.

Path to Employment Visa

  • ·      An advantage of the job seeker visa UAE is the opportunity to transform it into a Work Visa. In this case, you can start a process to transition the work visa when you already have a job for the period of validity of the work applicant visa.
  • ·      This conversion will involve engagement with the authorities and the potential employer in the emirate. Also, it is important to comply with the process and legal requirements imposed by the immigration entities of the emirate. In the same way, verify that you have all the documents you will need for this process.
  • ·      Ask your employer for guidance or hire a professional with extensive immigration knowledge to facilitate the process. Likewise, if you comply with everything required, you will be able to make the transition without any problems.

Document Requirements for UAE’s Job Exploration Visa

Below, you can see the list of documents you will need for the job seeker visa Dubai:

  • ·      Valid passport with a minimum of 6 months remaining validity and with two blank pages.
  • ·      Recent passport-size photos.
  • ·      A detailed job offer from an employer in the UAE.
  • ·      Financial verification or independent financial guarantee of living expenses.
  • ·      Also, current travel insurance.
  • ·      Presentation of a health certificate from a hospital or legal clinic.
  • ·      If applicable, educational credentials/professional certifications.
  • ·      Police authorization certification from your country of origin.
  • ·      If necessary, a photocopy of the current residence visa of your sponsor.

What is the Cost of UAE Job Exploration Visa?

Next, you will see the UAE job seeker visa cost according to its duration according to the ICP:

Visa costs for 60 days

Below, you will see all the fees for the 60-day visa process:

  • ·      For application fees AED 100
  • ·      The issuance fee payment is AED 200
  • ·      Security deposits are AED 1,025
  • ·      Electronic Service Fees, AED 28
  • ·      For PCI Rates AED 22
  • ·      Payment of smart service fees of AED 100
  • ·      For visa insurance fees AED 80

Visa costs for 90 days

Below are the fees for each 90-day visa process:

  • ·      Application fees are AED 100
  • ·      Issuance fees of AED 300
  • ·      Security deposits of AED 1025
  • ·      Electronic Service Fees AED 28
  • ·      PCI Rates AED 22
  • ·      Smart Service Fees AED 100
  • ·      Visa insurance fees are AED 100

Costs for the 120-day visa

The fees for managing 120-day visas will be as follows:

  • ·      Application fees are AED 100
  • ·      Issuance fees of AED 400
  • ·      Security deposits of AED 1025
  • ·      Electronic Service Fees AED 28
  • ·      PCI Rates AED 22
  • ·      For smart service fees AED 100
  • ·      For visa insurance fees AED 120

Also, remember that the rates for services vary, the rate will vary depending on the data you enter for the visa application.


The job seeker visa UAE is a visa that will help you open the doors to a new and prosperous job. Likewise, you can receive a visa according to your requirements, depending on the time you have or want for it. Additionally, it is the first step to applying for a definitive work visa for the United Arab Emirates.

Also, if you want more information or help, contact us and we will immediately support you with whatever you need.

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