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What is tawtheeq tenancy Contracts Abu Dhabi, Why is it so important also know how to register


The Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi system is part of the regulations of the national government of the United Arab Emirates. In this way, the authorities can protect both the owners, as well as the tenants. The authorities create this system in 2011, as part of the 2030 vision, to regulate lease contracts.

1. What is the Tawtheeq meaning?

Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi

The authorities institute the Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi system to control property tenancy contracts. In this case, it makes it possible to formalize contracts between tenants and owners to guarantee their transparency. In this way, future disputes between the parties are minimized and even avoided.

Thus, when entering into this type of agreement, you must follow the essential procedures for issuing a Tawtheeq contract. Also, the owners of the property or the advisers who manage it are in charge of do the procedures.

1.1 Why was this lease introduced?

The authorities established the Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi lease to expedite the rental of properties. This system will contain all the relevant information about villas and apartments in Abu Dhabi. Also, it optimizes rental procedures while ensuring the accuracy of the data.

2. How to register the tenancy contract Abu Dhabi

The registration process is simple as you can do it on the Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi online. In this case, property manager owners will need to register on the Abu Dhabi Municipality portal. In addition, you can carry out each of the necessary processes through the Smart Hub platform.

You can also register in person at the Abu Dhabi Municipality Tawtheeq at the Customer Service Center. Also, you can go to any of the centers affiliated with the Municipality. In either case, there is a standard form that covers all the details about the lease.

Therefore, if the information on the form and in the database does not match, the Municipality will notify you. In this case, you will have to clarify the situation and fill out the form again.

3. Documents required for registration at the Abu Dhabi Tawtheeq

Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi

To register Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi, the manager must provide the documents for such a case. Likewise, these documents will depend on whether you are an owner or a company that manages properties. Thus, you can see in detail each of the necessary documents below.

3.1 Homeowners or landlords

In the case of owners or lessors who must register, they must submit the following documents:

-Account opening form.

-Copy of the passport of the person making the registration.

-A copy of Emirates ID without fines.

-Copy of the family book if the owner is a UAE citizen.

-Copy of the power of attorney of the owner of the property.

-If the owner opted for a notarial signature, he must submit a copy of it.

-If the owner of the company is a property, you must submit a copy of the lease. This must be accompanied by a physical copy with the signature of the authorized signatory.

-As with the previous case, you must submit a copy of the membership of the chamber of commerce and industry.

-Bylaws of the company or a signed authorization letter.

3.2 Property managers or Management Company

For Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi registration through property managers or a management company, the documents to be filed are as follows:

-Account opening form.

-A copy of the business license of the company.

-A copy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership.

-Copy of power of attorney, company bylaws, or signature authorization letter.

-A copy of the passport of the legal representative of the company.

-Copy of the residence permit of the legal representative of the company.

-Copy of the Emirates ID of the legal representative.

-Also, a printed copy of the lease (both in Arabic and English). It must also include the special terms and conditions signed by the signatory.

After the administrator and the management company open the account, they will have to send additional documents. This includes the rental form, a copy of the ID of the tenant, and his/her identification documents.

4. Tawtheeq Contract Renewal and Fees

The rates for leases in Abu Dhabi are different depending on the service you require. However, you should not pay a fee to open an account or register an Abu Dhabi tenancy contract. But if there are charges for registering a new lease on a rental property, the fees are as follows:

-For the initial registration of a rental property, the fee is AED 1000, plus AED 5 for each rental unit.

-For the issuance of a new rental contract, the cost is AED 100.

-The fee for the renewal of a contract is AED 100.

-For canceling the tenancy contract Abu Dhabi, the fee is AED 50 the same amount must be paid to update, modify, or terminate the contract.

The Tawtheeq contract is necessary to be able to contract electricity and water with the ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company). In this sense, the connection of the services happens automatically after completing the registration. Therefore, you can complete the contract at any of the typing centers of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi.

4.1 Tenancy contract renewal Abu Dhabi

For the tenancy contract renewal Abu Dhabi you can enter the portal and do it easily. This process is essential so that you can continue using the water and electricity service at the property. Also, in general, tenants receive a notification 2 months in advance of the expiration of the contract.

The process consists of opening the Tawtheeq account from the web portal and updating the status of the agreement. However, if the owner does not wish to renew it, he must notify the Emirate Municipality before the expiration date. Thus, owners will then be able to request an agreement with another management company to open the new Tawtheeq account.

5. Abu Dhabi tenancy contract FAQ

5.1 How long does the Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi take?

The contract review process takes approximately 5 days. However, the duration will depend on whether the registration is made for the first time or if the information already exists.

5.2 Do tenants have to register property in Tawtheeq?

According to resolution number 4 issued by the Abu Dhabi Municipality, tenants should not register in the system. Thus, said resolution indicates that the person responsible for the registry is the owner.

5.3 How can you cancel a tenancy contract Abu Dhabi?

In this case, you just need to go to the Abu Dhabi Municipality Smart Hub website. The process is very simple; you just have to send the lease and the application form.

5.4 How can you modify a rental agreement in Tawtheeq?

The owner must submit the application form to make any changes to the lease. Besides, you need to send the authorization of the legal agent and the business license if it is an industrial property.

5.5 How is a Tawtheeq contract terminated or canceled?

To cancel or terminate a Tawtheeq Abu Dhabi contract, the owner must fill out the cancellation form. Hence, you can carry out this process by visiting the Abu Dhabi Municipality or applying online.

6. We can assist you with the Tawtheeq lease

Registering a lease in Tawtheeq is important for obtaining services from government entities. The government establishes this system to create and maintain a record of such contracts in Abu Dhabi. In addition, this registry has allowed the fulfillment of the rights of both tenants and owners.

Due to our expertise in this field, we can offer you a tenancy contract Abu Dhabi sample or prepare a copy on your behalf. In the same way, we can advise you on all the processes that involve the registration, renewal, or cancellation of said contracts.

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