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  • The procedure to transfer employees through the QIWA platform in KSA

    A complete process on How to Relocate employees through Qiwa in KSA


    As migration increases in Saudi Arabia, there is an increase in job vacancies for migrants. Therefore, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is providing a great platform to suffice their needs, the QIWA platform. The QIWA KSA is important as it provides the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with services and solutions to improve electronic services given to the labor sector. All they have to do is do their QIWA sign in and then their QIWA login.

    In this article, we will be talking about the process for transferring personnel in Saudi Arabia via the QIWA SA login platform. Let us see:

    1. Steps to transfer personnel in Saudi Arabia via the QIWA platform
    2. How can Connect Legal help you?

    1. Steps to transfer personnel in Saudi Arabia via the QIWA platform

    1.1 Step 1: Uploading the employment agreement on the QIWA KSA app

    The new employer must upload an employment agreement requesting the transfer of the employee’s services to the QIWA services platform. The employer must first, though, adhere to several requirements. These are the following terms:

    -According to the regulations, the employer should be able to acquire a new visa.

    -The employing employer has demonstrated at least 80% compliance with the wage protection system in the last three months.

    -The employer guarantees complete conformity with the Contract Registration Program (CRP).

    -The company adheres to the self-evaluation program regulations to the tune of 80%.

    -Also, the employer adheres to the QIWA Saudi Arabia maximum worker nationality limit.

    -There is a green status for the Nitaqat scheme for employers.

    1.2 Step 2: Acceptance of a job offer via QIWA SA app

    The applicants can accept the employment agreement once the employer has launched the job portal using QIWA registration online. Within ten days of its inception, the following procedures might be followed by candidates to receive the job or employment contract:

    -The applicants should do their registration themselves.

    -They can use the QIWA sign-in to access their account after successfully enrolling for one.

    -Then select “Individual account.”

    -Go down the page and select “Employee transfer.”

    -Push the “View contract” button.

    -The employment contract should be carefully reviewed before being accepted into QIWA gov sa since, in the eyes of the HR ministry and the Saudi government, it is the only one that is legally binding.

    -Accept the conditions as they are stated.

    -Accept the contract or reject it.

    -Contact the QIWA beta helpdesk at 920000105 or send an email to support if you run into any issues accepting requests or with your registration.

    Specific standards are in place by hiring organizations for candidate acceptance:

    -Prior to entering Saudi Arabia with the current employer, the employee should have served for at least a year.

    -No history of unpaid infractions that the employee is still liable for.

    -There are not any other open requests for sponsorship transfers.

    1.3 Step 3: The present employer agrees to the transfer request

    After the candidates have registered and accepted the offer of employment or employment contract. The present employer receives the request and decides whether to approve or deny the transfer. The QIWA displays the status “Pending current employer’s approval” during this time.

    – The employee transfer is successful if the existing employer accepts the request within 14 days. Alternately, the system may take over and automatically grant the transfer request without Kafeel’s consent. Both of these scenarios will have the status “Approved” on the QIWA after the QIWA app download.

    -If the existing employer does not agree to the transfer request within 14 days, the request is automatically declined. As a result, the status “Auto canceled owing to not authorized or refusal of the request for further than 14 days” will be displayed on the QIWA site.

    – It observes an automatic deletion if the present company rejects the transfer service request. The employer must, however, provide justification for such acts, such as a deficient employment contract.

    -During this period, the QIWA status will read “Rejected by the present employer.” A letter informing the employee that they have a defense from the owner of the business will also be sent to them.

    1.4 Step 4: Awaiting the end of the notice period

    -The employee notice period in QIWA will start as soon as the existing employer approves the transfer request following the completion of the aforementioned formalities.

    -Therefore, the existing employer has the option to either carry out a transfer request right away or postpone the employee’s dismissal until the conclusion of the notice period. The latter displays a status of “Pending for notice period completion” in the QIWA app download free.

    1.5 Step 5: The new employer completes the transfer

    -The worker transfer service begins in QIWA after the employee’s notice period, if any, is completed and the present employer approves the transfer of its employee.

    -The status is changed to ‘waiting completion of the new employer’s transfer in Absher.’ Following that, the new employer pays the Iqama transfer fees and uses the Absher app.

    -The employer can use this app to submit a request to modify the name of the business or transfer staff within 24 days. The entire operation will be over if you do not start within these 24 hours.

    -As a result, the QIWA system will display the status: “Expired because the new employer did not complete the request” after the QIWA KSA login.

    1.6 Enrolling in the new Iqama

    Follow these steps to register for a new Iqama if the employee transfer request is approved by the present employer:

    -Within 12 days, pay the transfer Iqama sponsorship cost to complete the Jawazat process.

    -According to Saudi Labor Law’s Article 40, the employer is in charge of covering the cost.

    -One can use the Absher app to verify the progress of the new Kafeel after the transfer is complete.

    -One can go to any Jawazat office to pick up the print of the new Iqama after completing the transfer.

    2. How can Connect Legal help you?


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