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  • Is Paragon Migration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi real or a fraud?

    Is Paragon Migration in Dubai, Abu Dhabi fake or Legit?


    It is unfortunately common to see fake agencies attempting to scam people who are looking for new opportunities. For example, many people are currently wondering if Paragon Migration Dubai is fake. 

    In this article, we will explore some of the reviews left by people who hired the services of Paragon Migration. Let us reveal the answer to the following questions:

    1. Is Paragon Migration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi real or a fraud?
    2. What are users saying about Paragon Migration Abu Dhabi and Dubai?
    3. How can Connect Legal assist clients to certify if Paragon Migration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is real or a fraud?

    1. Is Paragon Migration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi fake?

    There are several fraudulent migration agencies actively operating in the UAE. If you are looking for ways to move to Canada, you should research as much as you can about these agencies to prevent getting scammed. A good piece of advice is to look at their reviews and check what real users are saying about them.

    Now, is Paragon Migration Dubai fake? With a simple Google search, we can find numerous comments from users who have serious complaints about Paragon Migration. Some of them state that they do fake interview calls, give interview results after months, and there are even complaints about long-delayed refunds.

    A single Paragon Migration Dubai review can show that they operate by deceiving their clients; promising work visas in less than 6 months. Also, this fake agency requests upfront payments in a contract that states that any refund will be processed after 6 months. However, victims claim that if you read carefully, you will find that an additional 6-month period is included later in the contract. This is a very common practice among scammers.

    2. What are users saying about Paragon Migration Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

    There are dozens of users leaving a negative reviews on Paragon Migration. They all share several things in common regarding this agency’s modus operandi.

    “They give you hopes and take your money” states one user who claims to have been scammed by Paragon Migration. He warns readers to stay away from this fake agency and find another reliable option. Fake interview calls and job applications without response are some of the factors that make Paragon Dubai fake. In other words, not only do they act unprofessionally, but they are a scam.

    “Worst experience ever”, says Jihad, another victim of this company. “A woman with a fake accent will reach out to you for a job. But, if you ask them the name of the company, they will hang up”. These are extremely concerning allegations and represent a solid answer to those asking: “Is Paragon Migration legit?”.

    When signing any contract, you must be exceptionally careful. And, when it comes to the Paragon Migration complaints regarding their terms and conditions, you will find that many people share the same experience. They say that if you are not satisfied with their “services”, you can ask for a refund. Nevertheless, receiving your hard-earned money back could take up to one year.

    3. How can Connect Legal assist clients to certify if Paragon Migration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is real or a fraud?

    On Connect Legal, we are a highly-professional law firm dedicated to helping clients with a wide variety of legal and migration-related procedures. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest regulations in the UAE, assisting you every step of the way.

    We offer you the best attention to discover whether your migration agency is legit and reliable. In this way, you can find out if any agency similar to Paragon Migration Dubai is fake. Our lawyers understand how to detect tricky clauses in contracts. In addition, we know the services a reputable migration agency should offer to prevent you from falling for fake packages. You can get a callback from us to start receiving assistance.

    Connect Legal helps you stay safe

    Be careful when choosing a partner for your migration journey. If you do not know how to protect yourself from these scams, seek professional advice to stay safe. Remember that we are your expert allies when it comes to any of the different fields of law:


    Would you like to request a free consultation? Take a moment to contact our team and share all your questions and concerns. We are always available to guide you and help you with any legal problem you may be facing. Additionally, feel free to call us at +971 433 16 688 or send us your inquiries via email at Do not fall for the Paragon Migration Dubai fake packages or any other similar scam!

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