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  • Know and understand more about canceled visa overstay fine in the UAE

    There is no question that in a nation like UAE, which is highly multicultural, you would observe more international residents than national citizens. However, remaining a loyal citizen of the Emirates or a lawful tourist necessitates rigorous adherence to certain duties. You must keep your travel documentation up to date. That way you will avoid paying any canceled visa overstay fine.

    In this article, we will go over the ways canceled visa overstay fine work in the UAE. We will also talk about how to change your visa status and everything you want to know about residency and tourist visas. The Emirates has new regulations that have certain implications for people visiting the country. Let us take a look:

    1. Which are the two types of overstay penalties?

    2. Where can I check my overstay status?

    3. Who can pay an overstay penalty in the UAE?

    4. What happens with overstay due to COVID-19?

    5. What are the new UAE residency and tourist visa regulations?

    6. Who can help me through these procedures?

    1. Which are the two types of overstay penalties?

    canceled visa overstay fine

    Overstay penalties can be for two types of persons in the UAE: residents and visitors. You must remember that every visa has a period to be used. Failing to leave the country after the time limit ended will mean that you must pay a fine. It is the same case when you cancel your visa permit, canceled visa overstay fine happens when staying more than the grace period.

    1.1 Fines for residents of the UAE who overstay their visas

    All foreign residents in the Emirates have residence permits for a set amount of time. Usually, 2 to 3 years. After this period has passed, the resident visa shall expire. If the resident will be changing the workplace or has decided to leave the country, they shall cancel their visa. However, they need to be careful to not get a canceled visa overstay fine.

    Following any of the two situations, the individual will have thirty days to leave the country. That is what we call the grace period. During the grace period, the visa can also be renewed. Or in case they change work, the new employer will request a permit on the new company’s name. Make sure to be quick to avoid an overstay fine for a canceled visa.

    Overstay charges do not exist during the grace period, but when the thirty-day grace period expires, there are overstay charges or a canceled visa overstay fine. The first day will have a charge of 125 AED, and 25 AED on each subsequent day, with the fine increasing as follows.

    1.1.1 How they will be penalized if they overstay the grace period

    • The first day costs AED 125.
    • AED 25 per day after that.
    • After 6 months of overstaying, the penalty is AED 50 per day.
    • After a year of overstaying, the penalty is AED 100 per day.

    1.2 Visitors to the UAE who overstay their visas also face penalties

    The overstay fine for tourists who manage to remain in the UAE after their visit visa has expired differs from the fine for overstaying residents. The fines levied against this category are greater than those levied on inhabitants.

    This visa category also includes a grace period. However, it is quite short and only lasts for 10 days. After which fines are imposed daily. During this time, the visiting visa might be renewed or converted to a resident visa.

    Previously, a visitor visa owner had to leave the Emirates to convert their status from a visit to a resident visa. Holders of all sorts of visas can now amend the status of their admission while in the country if they choose to turn it into a resident visa, thanks to Emirati Ministerial Resolution N. 377 of 2014.

    To prevent a canceled visa overstay fine, visa overstay fines, and late fees, this step should be done before the visa’s expiration date. To know more about this issue you can schedule a meeting with one of our top-notch immigration lawyers in the UAE.

    1.1.2 If a visitor or tourist lingers over the time limit, they will be punished

    • The first day is AED 200 for overstay.
    • Each subsequent day, AED100.
    • AED 100 is charged as service costs.

    2. Where can I check my overstay status?

    People tend to wonder how to check the canceled visa overstay fine. Residents and visitors with visit visas may now simply check their overstay status and Emirates penalties online. That way you can calculate how much your canceled visa overstay fine is going to cost you.

    Before you verify how to check the canceled visa overstay fine, keep in mind that the prior declaration of visa duration to December 2021 has changed. For persons having UAE entrance or resident permits dated before March 1, 2021, who were free from fines, have now been rescinded.

    After a 30-day grace period, all expired resident visa holders would be considered overstayed. You may verify the overstay penalty in UAE for a visitor’s visa or a resident visa by visiting the ICA official website. Make sure you have the requirements to check and pay your canceled visa overstay fine.

    Remember the time limit for individuals who have an expired resident visa is different from a tourist visa. Tourists or visitor visa owners in UAE have a ten-day grace period, while UAE resident visa holders have a thirty-day grace period. Therefore, the overstay fine for a canceled visa may vary.

    2.1 Requirements to check your visa status

    • Copy of the resident visa.
    • Alternatively, a visa file number.

    3. Who can pay an overstay penalty in the UAE?

    The person responsible for paying the canceled visa overstay fine or any other type of fine for overstaying is the holder of such a visa. People tend to wonder if their employer can cancel their visa without letting their workers know. Visa cancelation is a very specific process.

    To avoid a canceled visa overstay fine, persons with canceled permits must change status. Get a visitor tourist visa, or leave the UAE before Judgment Day. Make sure you are also aware of the deportation regulations, so your case will stay strong and you do not miss the great opportunity of staying in the UAE.

    3.1. How do I pay the overstay fines?

    You can pay your canceled visa overstay fine at any entry point. Including the airport, land border, and seaports. You could also pay the canceled visa overstay fine in person at any Amer service locations across the UAE.

    4. What happens with overstay due to COVID-19?

    Canceled visa overstay fine

    The canceled visa overstay fine should be handled with caution. One should be cautious enough to avoid them in the first place. However, in the previous year, laws have changed in response to the enormous disruption and uncertainty of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    UAE’s government is allowing for visa extensions and waivers of overstaying charges for limited-term durations. A canceled visa overstay fine for covid will be rarely charged. These, however, were just temporary remedies and must not be interpreted as permanent exemptions.

    As the country has been managing successfully the pandemic, travel regulations will go back to normal. You must contact a lawyer to guide you, in case you are wondering if you have a canceled visa overstay fine on Covid times.

    Here, in Connect Legal, you can find the best legal services to solve this. They will look into every detail of your case and come up with the best solution for your canceled visa overstay fine problem.

    5. What are the new UAE residency and tourist visa regulations?

    On Monday, April 18, the UAE government unveiled a new Emirates Entry and Residence Scheme. With this huge change in UAE visa laws comes a slew of new choices for UAE residency and tourist visas. As well as in canceled visa overstay fine.

    A new 5-year green residency visa is now accessible for residents, while the qualifications for those qualified for the desirable ten-year Golden visa have been extended.

    5.1 What are the categories of entrance visas?

    The new visa-on-entry options are outlined below. They appear to be geared at encouraging individuals to travel to Dubai. Particularly to look for a job, conduct job interviews, and investigate business prospects.

    All of this is part of the UAE’s objective of increasing the number of tourists to the UAE and the ex-pat community working and living in the UAE. However, this desire to increase the population should not be taken lightly. There are still regulations to follow. And a canceled visa overstay fine is pretty much still a possibility.

    As we await the newest information on passport-based admissions and exemptions, we will keep you updated. Make sure to contact us if you have any questions about these new laws. We will also update you on any canceled visa overstay fine news we come across.

    5.1.1 Entrance visas are now available for 2 months and offer three types

    • All travelers can have a 60-day entrance visa.
    • A 60-day visa is available for anyone wanting to explore career prospects in the UAE.
    • 60-day visa to investigate business prospects.

    5.2 What are the implications of the UAE visa amendments for tourists?

    Newcomers to the United Arab Emirates will have a 60-day visitor’s visa. That is, they will be free to stay in the nation for 60 days without incurring a penalty for canceled visa overstay fine or having to extend their visas. If you decide to extend, your visa shall be renewed for an additional 60 days.

    5.3 What are the advantages for repeat visitors?

    Tourists who visit Dubai regularly can qualify for a 5-year multi-entry tourist visa. This allows them to stay in the UAE for 90 days without sponsorship. These visitors will be able to stay in the Emirates for up to 175 days each year.

    Of course, there are some criteria you must have to opt for this visa. You must count on legal assistance if you want to apply for these benefits. Failing to do so might lead you to make mistakes. Mistakes will most certainly lead you to pay a canceled visa overstay fine.

    6. Who can help me through these procedures?

    In short, you now know everything about the overstay fines, tourist and resident visas, and new regulations. You are ready to visit the UAE and even apply to get a job and live in this wonderful nation. Therefore, you are also ready to get in touch with the best lawyers to go through these procedures.

    In Connect Legal we can help you with everything you need. Additionally, if your employer is delaying your visa cancelation, we can help you solve this horrible inconvenience. All in all, we can provide you with all the information you require about the new UAE laws and regulations.

    Do you want to be advised by the greatest attorneys? Please call us at +971 433 166 88 if you need support or more information about your canceled visa overstay fine and how to proceed. In addition, if you write us a letter at, one of our specialists will contact you and answer all of your questions. You may also visit our website for more information.

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