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  • How to check Immigration Ban Online in UAE? and How to remove it?

    How to check Immigration Ban in the UAE Online & How to lift Ban?

    1. What is Immigration Ban in the UAE: –

    ⦁ Administered by the Immigration and Naturalization Department (the Ministry of Interior), the immigration ban in the UAE is a very broad topic to be discussed. The words travel bans, entry ban, and blacklist are often misused and misinterpreted. Through this article, we will discuss these topics in brief.

    ⦁ In simple terms, an immigration ban in the UAE is imposed on those people who have offended the law and have done something against the law. When a person is imposed with such a ban, one should understand that they will not be able to enter the country or hold a residency visa in the UAE which easily means that one who has been imposed with an immigration ban in the UAE cannot simply live in the country.

    2. What are the types Immigration Bans in the UAE: –

    ⦁ Also known as UAE trip ban or UAE visa ban can subjectively range from person to person depending on the concerned person’s offence against the laws of the land. The ban can be a permanent one and also as short as six months.

    ⦁ The authority has listed a series of reasons which can lead you to an immigration ban in the UAE. Fake official documents such as visas or passports, illegal possession of weapons and arms, dealing and possession of illegal drugs, murder etc. Earlier financial cases involving bounced cheque would also amount to a travel ban, now there has been a revision in the law.

    ⦁ At Connect legal, we often get asked on how to check the immigration travel ban in the UAE online. With the advancement of technology, the UAE government has made it easier to check the travel ban easier in 5 simple steps.

    1. Head to the Dubai Police website
    2. Click the services section
    3. Select criminal status if financial cases
    4. Enter your credentials- Name and Emirates ID
    5. If you have a travel ban- the window will alert, you.

    ⦁ For more details on the travel ban status, immigration lawyers at Connect legal can help you navigate through the issue. Immigration lawyers are those lawyers who specialized in immigration law and guide their clients through the process.


    ⦁ Firstly, one should know that there are high possibilities of a travel immigration ban not being removed or lifted depending on the degree of the offence. However, in cases of a criminal offence, the offender can apply for a request to the ministry of justice to revoke the travel immigration ban.

    ⦁ The ministry of justice website enlists the steps to follow to revoke the ban along with making the required payments.


    ⦁ In the UAE, there are primarily three types of bans. The first is a labor ban- this is a type of a ban which can go from six months to a year which your employer can request to impose on you for not completing your period of service. According to this ban, no other employment visa will be permitted to you during the ban period.

    ⦁ Permanent ban- Permanent ban is usually imposed on those offenders involved in illegal criminal offences.

    ⦁ Immigration ban in the UAE, literally means one cannot enter the country as a visitor or a resident.
    Often people across the country are confused and misinterpret these terms, for more information the immigration lawyers are there to help them.

    5. How can Connect Legal assist you with the process?

    Any person, who is embracing such a situation will have to just visit our Website and take a look at the best Lawyers list and they can select one Immigration Lawyer in according to their convenience and book an appointment by checking the selected Lawyer’s schedule.

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