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  • How to Make a Qatar Employment Contract

    Qatar employment contract – Key Point to know about


    If you have received a job offer you must know the vital details of a Qatar employment contract. This agreement between the employer and you may contain different legal aspects that you should consider before signing it. Therefore, you must be clear about what it is and even have the expert assistance of lawyers who handle this type of document.

    In this article, we provide you with all the necessary information that can allow you to be sure that you know your rights and obligations. Also, we will show you the types of contracts, how to check contract in Qatar, and other important points. Let us see:

    1. What is a Qatar labour contract like?
    2. Labor contract and end of service Qatar
    3. Extension or termination of a labor contract Qatar
    4. Get legal advice for an employment contract Qatar

    1. What is a Qatar labour contract like?


    Qatar employment contract

    Until 2020, to authenticate an employment contract Qatar, an employer had to attend a government services complex. However, as of June of that year, starts the application of a comprehensive service to carry out the process digitally. The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs announced this initiative.

    On the other hand, the labour contract Qatar contains all the minors that define the employment relationship between the business and the worker. In this way, this type of contract defines the following:

    • Work title.
    • Working hours.
    • Salary.
    • Benefits.
    • Compensation, among others.

    In addition, the contract must legally be written in Arabic as it is the official language of the country.

    1.1 What do you need to know about a Qatar employment contract?

    The details of a Qatar employment contract are determined by the Domestic Workers and Labor Act (MADLSA). In addition, the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) brochure defines the rights of the workers. Some of the characteristics of the contracts are the following:

    • An employer can terminate the employment contract without a notice period in Qatar in some cases.
    • Although the contracts must be written in Arabic, a translated version of the same can be attached.
    • If there is any conflict between the contract in Arabic and another language, the Arabic version is the binding version.
    • There must be three copies of the contract, one for each party and the other for MADLSA to certify it

    Therefore, you must know all the minors and the clauses of the contract before signing one.

    2. Labor contract and end of service Qatar

    After a Qatar employment contract has been established you will receive a temporary visa. In addition, you can visit the website of the Ministry of the Interior to follow the process of issuing said visa. However, an employer may determine that you are unable to perform the job for which you were hired, and the employer may terminate the contract.

    However, you can only determine this according to what is established in the employment contract. In addition, you must inform the ADLSA through the electronic system one month before the termination.

    On the other hand, Qatar limits job quotas in some industries. An example of this is the service industries in which a foreigner cannot perform that function. Therefore, you should make sure you understand your job before you accept a job offer or if you plan to change jobs.

    In addition, all employment documents must be certified by a notary to ensure compliance with the requirements. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that the terms of the Qatar employment contract may change, so you must be vigilant. In the same way, employment contracts prevail over labour laws since they are stricter.

    However, some laws protect workers even if they do not have an established contract.

    On the other hand, you must own your contract copy Qatar, this is of the utmost importance. This is because, if you do not have a copy, it is considered a labor law violation. Thus, if this happens, you can file a complaint with the Department of Labor Relations.

    2.1 Steps to authenticate a labour contract online Qatar

    All employers who want to digitally authenticate an employment contract Qatar must go to the ADLSA website. However, they must be subject to labor law to authenticate multilingual employment contracts. In addition, before the process, they must have on hand a smart card from the National Authentication System (NAS), as well as a valid bank card.

    The steps you must follow are the following:

    1. Login to the system using the smart card.
    2. Create a new contract and fill in the corresponding information.
    3. Print employment contract Qatar pdf. In addition, they must be signed by both parties.
    4. Scan the contract and additional documents and upload them to the system.
    5. Make the payment of the authentication fees after the ministry approves the contract.
    6. Print the contract.

    This way you will have authenticated the contract electronically and you can print it with the new authentication code.

    2.2 How to get contract copy online in Qatar?

    Employees who want to obtain a Ministry of Labour Qatar contract, must enter the page and follow these steps:

    1. Enter the personal or visa number of the applicant.
    2. Enter the phone number of the applicant. You will receive a confirmation code on your phone.
    3. Enter the code you received so you can view the contract.
    4. In this step, you can download your contract.

    In this way, you can obtain a certified copy of your Qatar employment contract.

    2.3 Termination of contracts

    A worker can terminate his employment contract Qatar according to law number 15 of the year 2017. Despite this, he retains his right to receive:

    • A tip for termination of service.
    • Prorated annual leave.
    • A return ticket to your home country.

    However, there must be a notice period by the employee, or by the employer if applicable. However, if these notice periods are not taken into account, the person who terminates the contract must pay compensation to the other party. This will be equal to the amount of the salary of the employee corresponding to the said period.

    In the case of limited contracts, if their execution continues after completion, it is understood as extended indefinitely. Although this occurs without a defined agreement, the same conditions apply to this extension. In addition, this period is an extension of the previous one and, therefore, it is calculated from the start date of the service.

    Additionally, both the employee and the employer can terminate the Qatar employment contract giving their reasons or not. For all this, you must consider that there are 3 types of contracts in Qatar which include the following:

    • Fixed-term contract.
    • Indefinite contract.
    • Part-time contract.

    In the case of the former, these have an exact end date that should not exceed 5 years. However, if both parties agree, they can extend the duration of said contract.

    3. Extension or termination of a labor contract Qatar

    Qatar employment contract

    If the employment continues after the employment contract Qatar ends, in case of a fixed duration, it becomes one of indefinite duration. This occurs if there is no renewal agreement and this new contract will start from the date of the initial contract. On the other hand, a temporary work contract should not exceed 4 weeks but can be extended for the same period.

    In the case of an unlimited contract in Qatar, it has no end date and can be terminated by both parties. In addition, the party who wants to end the contract does not need to give reasons for it. However, there must be a notice period before the termination of the contract by either party.

    Termination of a contract will also require the company to pay the employee all outstanding wages and benefits. This must be done during the notice period, provided that the employee works during this period. In addition, if the employer asks the worker not to work during this period, he still has to pay all the benefits mentioned above.

    3.1 Duration of the notification period of an unlimited contract

    In the case of unlimited or open contracts, either party can terminate it without giving any reason. However, the party ending the contract must give written notice as follows:

    • In the case of employees who receive annual or monthly payments, the notification period cannot be less than one month. However, this occurs when the worker has been with the company for less than five years. On the contrary, if the period is greater than five years, the notification period will be two months or more.
    • In the cases of employees who receive a daily or production salary, the notification period will be:
      • The notification period will be one week if the employee has been in the company for less than a year.
      • It will be two weeks if the worker has been in the company for less than five years.
      • The notification period will be one month for employees who have worked for more than five years.

    As we mentioned before, the termination of a Qatar employment contract without this notice period requires compensation.

    3.2 Other characteristics of employment contracts

    Next, we show you some details that you can find in an employment contract Qatar. Therefore, you should consider each of them when receiving a job offer to work in Qatar.

    • An employer needs to provide an employment contract to foreign workers. However, you can also provide a consent statement where all terms of employment are in place.
    • Although Qatari law does not expressly require that there be a contract (there may be an oral agreement). However, the most appropriate thing would be for the contract to be in writing.
    • In cases where an employment relationship ends without a Qatar employment contract, there must be sufficient evidence of the said relationship.
    • During the notice period before the termination of a contract, both parties must comply with the terms of the contract.
    • Muslim workers need a pilgrimage license to Mecca for 20 days.
    • The amount of annual leave can be increased through collective agreements.
    • Companies have a trial period for new employees, which consists of testing whether the employee has the skills for the job. However, this period cannot exceed 6 months from the start of the job.
    • When you sign a new employment contract Qatar, it must include the date of your first contract.
    • Employers can fire a domestic worker without a notice period, and without an end-of-service payment for that year. However, you may only do so if the employee failed to comply with legal or contractual obligations.

    4. Get legal advice for an employment contract Qatar

    A Qatar labour contract is a legal document for you to exercise your duties and also your employment rights. Therefore, you must know everything that defines this type of contract, as well as the types that you can find. In this way, you can have indications of what the employment relationship with your employer will be like.

    For this purpose, you should have the necessary legal advice to fully understand each of the aspects, terms, and conditions of the contract. Hence, our company offers legal advice like no other in the Middle East. Not only in terms of the labor laws of Qatar and other nations but also the following services:

    Connect Legal

    If you need our help in understanding or writing a Qatar employment contract, do not hesitate to contact us. To do this, you have our email and the telephone number +971 433 16 688.

    Thus, all you have to do is contact us to receive the information you need and clear up your doubts.

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