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  • Does an Etisalat sim renewal have any effects for your visa cancellation: Know more

    Sim is an acronym for system identification module. It is a vital lead in communications in every society. Each country has specific networks for its telecommunications sim cards. However, if a person travels to another nation, they will not be able to use their sim card since the service is not the same. In the UAE, you can have access to an Etisalat sim renewal for as long as you wish to remain in the country.

    In this article, you will learn everything about the process for an Etisalat sim renewal. There are a few things ex-pats should be careful about when it comes to leaving the country or having a visa cancellation. You can find detailed information about these topics right here. Let us take a look:

    1. When can I renew my SIM if I have a visa cancellation?

    2. What are the necessary documents to renew your Etisalat registration?

    3. How can you deactivate your Etisalat SIM card?

    4. Where can I get a provisional phone number for short travel?

    5. What is the UAE visa cancellation procedure in 2022?

    6. Who can help you with any Etisalat and visa cancellation issues?

    1. When can I renew my SIM if I have a visa cancellation?

    Etisalat sim renewal

    If you are having a visa cancellation and your plans are leaving the country, you should not renew your SIM. However, in case you are having a visa cancellation to change your workplace or sponsoring, it is fine for you to have an Etisalat sim renewal.

    As long as the identification is valid, the registered mobile phones will remain active. When the ID expires, you must have an Etisalat sim renewal of the mobile numbers. If you do not refresh the licensing of your phone numbers after your ID has expired, those phones will be restricted and terminated. Learning how to get an Etisalat sim renewal is very simple.

    If you cannot have an Etisalat sim renewal because you are leaving the country, Dial 911. Cancel your plan 48 hours before departure minimum to ensure finishing the entire procedure before you arrive at the airport.

    You need to pay all the bills you have before you leave the country. If you fail to do so, you can face big fees and complications when you re-enter the United Arab Emirates. In the same vein, you can consider our immigration lawyers‘ advice.

    1.1 You should cancel your account

    Mobile phone companies’ representatives will investigate your debt and departure costs (if applicable). You can pay by phone with your credit or debit card.

    1.2 No hidden fees

    Your subscription will be instantly disconnected. There is no need to be concerned about the renewal of your sim card from Etisalat or secret/late fees.

    2. What are the necessary documents to renew your Etisalat registration?

    Etisalat UAE’s sim renewal is a new procedure. The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, or TDRA, has introduced a regulation that enables users to renew the registrations of all their Etisalat mobile phone numbers by editing their profiles with current and valid ID information. This process is very simple.

    All you have to do is search for online sim renewal from Etisalat and upgrade your account with your most recent original and legal ID information and identify the mobile phones (SIM chips) under your names for which you want to have your Etisalat sim renewal registration.

    • Original, valid UAE ID, GCC ID, or GCC passport.
    • A valid Establishment Card or a Government Decree (for government entities).
    • Valid Business License (for business entities)
    • The approved person’s original valid Emirati ID and visa passport.
    • Verifying and keeping authentic ID information.

    2.1 You can renew your SIM online

    The process of an online Etisalat sim renewal is easy and simple. You just need to access the online official webpage or download the application on your mobile phone. Then, you will have to fill in all the information it asks for.

    On your profile page, you will find the “my Etisalat sim renewal” option. Remember it is mandatory to use a valid ID to register the Etisalat mobile sim renewal.

    3. How can you deactivate your Etisalat SIM card?

    Those numbers for which you do not want to renew an Etisalat sim card will be disconnected and eliminated from your profile. It is necessary to renew the certification of your mobile accounts. As a result, any failed renewal will result in the deactivation of those mobile phone numbers.

    If you live in the UAE and have an Etisalat sim card that you no longer need and wish to deactivate, you can do so using your phone. You do not need any special techniques or intricate methods for this, and you can accomplish it without difficulty. However, you can request the support of an expert team.

    When you do not wish to have an Etisalat sim renewal, and in case you have a pre-paid sim card, you can just let it expire. The periods of inactivity will result in the automatic deactivation of your sim. However, in case you have a post-paid card, having an Etisalat sim ID renewal online will keep on automatically charging the fees from your bank account.

    Following the latest case, you could call the Etisalat center, have a sim card renewal from Etisalat, and change your status to a pre-paid contract. However, since you are already connecting with them, you could ask for the deactivation of your SIM. They will ask a few questions, validate your Identity, and proceed with your demand, whether is a cancellation or an Etisalat renewal sim card.

    4. Where can I get a provisional phone number for short travel?

    etisalat sim renewal

    Etisalat sim renewal can be a great choice. Changing the subscription to a prepaid plan via dialing 101 or going to an Etisalat shop. Homebound Packs enable you to contact anybody in the UAE and overseas using your current UAE number, allowing you to complete unfinished business while relocating. This is how to make a renewal Etisalat sim card:

    • Call 101 and request with your Etisalat sim renewal that your number be transferred to the Prepaid plan.
    • Recharge your Prepaid phone with the bare minimum for your selected Homebound Pack.
    • Ask for the Homebound Pack on My Etisalat Emirates mobile.
    • The pack will be automatically active, and you will get a confirmation SMS.

    You can take advantage of your Homebound Pack allotment for 30 or 60 days. Additionally, you will receive text messages 7 and 2 days before your allowance expires informing you when your pack is about to expire.

    You can go for the option of “my Etisalat sim registration renewal” or just let it end automatically. When the pack ends, Etisalat will regain possession of the plan, and you will have no future legal/charge responsibilities to your number.

    5. What is the UAE visa cancellation procedure in 2022?

    The procedure of canceling a visa in the United Arab Emirates is simpler than applying for a resident visa. However, it is critical to obtain a resident visa cancellation correctly while ensuring that the cancellation has been updated in the visa system.

    The best advice for the Etisalat sim renewal process while having an ongoing visa cancellation is to wait. Remember, if you are leaving the country, instead of Etisalat sim renewal, you must pay the Etisalat bills and ask for termination. In case you are just relocating, or changing your workplace, it can be best to settle that first and then go for an Etisalat sim renewal.

    You must always remember that you cannot have a visa cancellation without notice. This procedure is not difficult; however, you must always be aware of how the law stipulates it.

    5.1 Cancellation of employment visa

    If you have been working in the United Arab Emirates through an employment visa, you must cancel that employment residential visa in two steps.

    • Cancellation of a labor card.
    • Cancellation of a resident visa.

    To cancel a labor card, one separate application must be made to the Ministry of Labor, followed by a second application to the Department of Foreign Affairs to cancel an employment visa. This step must be completed by your legal sponsor.

    Typically, the visa sponsor will be required to produce an original ID card and a copy of your valid passport. A copy of your ex-pat visa page. The authorized signatory’s e-signature card. A copy of the company’s business license. A copy of the labor organization card, and a copy of the immigration establishment card.

    To get your employment visa revoked in UAE, you must follow the employer’s resignation procedure and maintain good behavior with your company or firm as well as the national legislation.

    It is a common issue that some employers delay their workers’ visa cancellation in an attempt for them to stay working. However, this is completely illegal, and you must look for legal assistance in case you face this scenario.

    5.1.1 Step by step for cancellation of an employment visa in the UAE

    • Print the application at a service center, like a local typing facility, or online.
    • The sponsor/authorized signatory signs the application.
    • Provide the necessary papers and begin the procedure.
    • Cancel your residence visa permission by temporarily canceling your work card at the Ministry of Labor and digitally submitting the information to GDRFA.
    • Visit the General Office of Residency and Foreign Affairs with your sponsor or authorized person.
    • The General Authority of Residency and Foreign Affairs sends an electronic confirmation to permanently revoke the work card.

    5.2 Cancellation of a family visa

    Only through an approved typing center or the immigration office might the sponsor of the Family visa terminate the visa.  The Amer/Tasheel Center or the Typing Center will fill up your cancellation form and submit it electronically via an internet gateway. Cancelation clearance is usually received within an hour.

    If you picked a typing center for the cancellation, you will be supplied simply the cancelation document printed upon clearance. There will be no cancellation stamp on the visas section of the passport, it is not required.

    The Etisalat sim renewal will not be necessary for any of the family members departing the country. Deactivation will be automatic after a period of not using the sim. However, if a remaining family member wishes to use it, they can ask for an Etisalat sim renewal and transfer the subscription.

    Additionally, you must be up-to-date with the Dubai visa cancellation fee. There are different factors to take into consideration when it comes to paying a visa cancellation.

    5.2.1 Documents required for visa cancellation

    • Original sponsored and sponsored passports
    • Sponsor’s original Emirates ID.
    • Application completed (e-Vision form)

    5.3 Cancellation of a tourist visa

    Visitors who have been approved UAE visas may be unsure whether they need to terminate their unused tourist license if they are unable to come to the UAE for various reasons. In reality, they do not need to terminate the visa. Just like they will not require an Etisalat sim renewal.

    Because the UAE immigration authority granted 60 days duration for those visas from the day the tourist/visit/leisure visa was issued, that visa would automatically become invalid after two months. As a result, paying the cancellation cost to cancel the visa is unnecessary. Additionally, their prepaid sim cards will expire as well, preventing the Etisalat sim renewal.

    If, after receiving an approved UAE tourist/visit/leisure visa, you believe you applied for a shorter residence permit than the expected duration of stay during the trip, or if your business or family is applying for a resident entry permit, You must cancel the previous visitor visa by spending the visa fee.

    Counting on an Etisalat sim renewal will only be beneficial to those who are staying in the UAE for longer than they were originally expecting. However, they must be following all the legal steps and regulations to remain for a longer period. With the services of our agency, you can find the guidance you need to make this process faster. You can click here to know more about how it works.

    6. Who can help you with any Etisalat and visa cancellation issues?

    Now that you know everything about Etisalat sim renewal and how it is relevant to visa cancellations, you can remain confident. Following all the information you just learned will help you stay out of trouble. However, if you do find yourself in an unpleasant situation, we have the solutions you require. This is true with visa and immmigration procedures and any other of our practice areas.

    Connect Legal has a network with the best UAE lawyers. Here, you will find the best professionals to help you, not only with your Etisalat sim renewal, but much more. With our more than 20 years of experience in the local market, we provide you with the most expert services.

    If you are thinking about selling or buying a property, or if you are going through a rough time with divorce, we are here to help you.

    Take a look at all the things our platform can do for you, or simply contact us and ask us anything you need to know.

    Do you need assistance with your Etisalat sim renewal? Request a callback right away. We will assist you with this procedure and check if you have any due phone bills. In addition, you can reach one of our best legal representatives by dialing +971 43 326 688. You may also contact us by email at and ask us any questions you may have.

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