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  • Mudad: What Is This System and How to Register?

    Guidebook on How to enroll with the Mudad podium and Mudad login 


    Keeping compliance is a must for companies, especially when it comes to payroll. Therefore, the UAE government is implementing the Mudad KSA registration. As a result, businesses can register their payroll processes on SA. Consequently, doing your Mudad compliance system login will help you keep your corporation on track. Learn here about your Mudad login English and more.

    In this article, we will teach you about what is Mudad compliance registration, Mudad justification, and more. Let us see:

    -What is Mudad KSA?

    -How to enroll in the Mudad login registration?

    -How does the Mudad portal Saudi Arabia work?

    -What is Mudad justification for the establishment?

    -Connect Legal, the best ally in legal matters

    1. What is Mudad KSA?

    In Saudi Arabia, Mudad is a digital payroll and regulatory system from the Ministry of Labour. Small to medium-sized businesses with between 1 and 1000 employees use it. Employers are permitted to monitor payroll infractions under Mudad compliance. Additionally, it enables employers to provide justifications, and employees to reply to them.

    2. How to enroll with the Mudad podium/platform? 

    It is essential to do the Mudad KSA login registration to reject or accept the justifications that the employer submits about payroll violations. Therefore, to do your Mudad employee login you must:

    -First, open the site (

    -Subsequently, select the “Start Now” button.

    -Then, click on “Verify”.

    -Consequently, you must enter the OTP that Absher sends you.

    -Also, you must enter your email, name, and phone number.

    -Lastly, you enter the OTP you receive.


    That is how the Mudad payroll registration works. Now, you can see the number of employees of your business and each of their names too.


    3. How does the Mudad portal in Saudi Arabia work?

    Mudad is a stringently supervised computerized system for paying wages. Every time your firm gives an employee’s salary a month’s pay delay, it will result in a wage protection system defilement.

    For instance, if there is a delay in Ahmad’s salary, the employer will receive a WPS notification of the violation on the Mudad KSA app. Consequently, the company must provide a justification for this action. In addition, a salary delay can also happen because an employee is absent.

    4. What is Mudad’s justification for the establishment?

    After the employer gives a justification for the WPS violation, then, the worker will receive a notification about it on their phone.


    Consequently, the employee must disagree or agree with the specific justification they obtained in the Mudad business service. To do so, they must:

    -Go to the website.

    -Click on “Payroll Management System”.

    -Login to their accounts.

    Therefore, you will see three alternatives in your account that will allow you to reply to the justification that your employer sent.

    mudad login

    The main one is “Agree” which means that you are okay with the justification your employer is sending. Selecting this option will close the issue on the platform and the MOL will not ask about it.

    mudad ksa

    The second alternative is to select “Disagree”, selecting this means that you are not okay with the justification your employer gave you. Consequently, the Ministry of Labour will conduct an investigation into it.

    Lastly, if you do not choose any of the past two options within seven days, the justification will be automatically accepted.

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