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  • Employment Lawyers: A guide to finding the best lawyers in the UAE

    In the world of law, there are many different branches, so we also find different lawyers. If we talk about employment, we can also find a law dedicated exclusively to this issue. You can find the best employment lawyers you could imagine in the United Arab Emirates.

    In this article, you will learn everything about employment lawyers, how to recognize the best ones, and how to choose a competent law firm. We will give you a guide to each relevant characteristic in the search for the best legal representation. Let us take a look:

    1. What is an employment lawyer?
    2. Differences between an Employment Lawyer and a Labor Lawyer
    3. What are the different tasks when working with an employer or employee?
    4. What is a Law Firm and how to find the best one?
    5. Skills employment lawyers should have
    6. Why should you trust us to find the best lawyer?

    1. What is an employment lawyer?

    An employment lawyer assists his or her clients in interpreting, advising, and litigating employment-related legal issues. An employment lawyer can represent both employees and employers, though some employment lawyers in the UAE prefer to represent only employees or only employers.

    Employment lawyers in Abu Dhabi are typically barristers as well as solicitors. A lawyer who represents clients in court is a barrister. Going to court and arguing, for example. A solicitor, on the other hand, is someone who drafts or reviews documents. Making employment contracts, for example.

    Most employment lawyers in the UAE practice a combination of litigation and drafting. This is unusual because many other types of lawyers only do one or the other. A criminal lawyer, for example, usually only litigates. A corporate lawyer, on the other hand, usually only drafts and reviews documents.

    In Connect Legal, we count with a group of expert lawyers who are up to date on the latest laws and regulations. We can assist you in resolving every one of your legal matters.

    2. Differences between an Employment Lawyer and a Labor Lawyer

    A labor lawyer only works in non-unionized workplaces. On the other hand, a labor lawyer, as opposed to an employment lawyer, only works in unionized workplaces. In other words, if the workplace has a collective bargaining agreement (or is in the process of negotiating one), a labor lawyer will help the client.

    Whichever is the case, it is important to know the new 2022 UAE Labor Law. In concordance, it is also very important to know about the employment issue in the UAE.

    Some firms specialize in union-side labor law, as well as firms that specialize in management-side labor law. To that end, unlike employment law firms, most labor law firms only work with employees or employers.

    The motivation for politics, personal preference, and partiality is the common reason for this business decision. Nonetheless, the majority of employment law firms or employment lawyers at general practice firms represent both employers and employees.

    3. What are the different tasks when working with an employer or an employee?

    Understandably, there are different tasks or common things that an employment lawyer is required to do on their job. These different tasks vary depending on whether they are dealing with the employee or the employer.

    Regardless of which is the one the lawyer will be working with, they must know everything about the new calculation of gratuity according to the latest law changes.

    3.1 When working with employees

    When negotiating or arguing an issue with the employee’s employer, an employment lawyer usually acts as a representative for the employee.

    Dealing with an employee’s termination of employment is the most common issue that employment lawyers for employees face. To that end, employment lawyers in Abu Dhabi examine terminations for the following reasons:

    • Issues relating to human rights
    • Contract interpretation
    • Just cause issues
    • Issues relating to the severance the employee is entitled to.

    An employee employment lawyer also acts as a solicitor for employees, reviewing contracts, policies, benefit plans, insurance plans, and equity agreements.

    Furthermore, an employment lawyer for employees prosecutes human rights violations on the employer’s behalf. Finally, an employment lawyer for employees acts as the employee’s representative in workplace investigations.

    3.2 When working with employers

    When negotiating or arguing an issue with the employee or his or her lawyer, an employer’s employment lawyer usually acts as a representative for the employer. Again, the most common problem that employment lawyers for employers face is dealing with an employee’s termination.

    To that end, employment lawyers for employers advise their clients on how much severance pay to give an employee. Similarly, employers will consult with their legal counsel to determine whether they have just cause to terminate an employee without severance pay.

    Employers’ employment lawyers in Sharjah also devote a significant amount of time to drafting employment contracts and policies. They also perform due diligence for employers by reviewing employment contracts in preparation for a business transaction.

    4. What is a Law Firm and how to find the best one?

    To illustrate, a law firm is a group of lawyers who work together to practice law. It is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to practice law. Members of a law firm typically share clients and profits. Traditionally, law firms were run as partnerships.

    Currently, the organization of law firms depends on the jurisdiction in which they practice. Many law firms are structured hierarchically. The partners, or shareholders, oversee the senior associates, who in turn oversee their junior associates.

    Individuals and businesses can hire law firms to help them with their legal issues. A law firm’s primary service is to advise clients about their legal rights and responsibilities, represent their clients in civil or criminal cases, business transactions, and other matters. Find out why is so beneficial to outsource legal services.

    Legal services are an important consideration for any individual or business owner who frequently encounters several legal requirements. That is why it is important to count on the best representation. If you want to have the greatest legal team, you need to take into consideration the following aspects:

    4.1 Service and Availability

    First of all, a law firm should be able to achieve the results you require. They must provide you with excellent service. Examine the firm’s attorneys’ credentials and backgrounds. Examine their website. Speak with the attorneys.

    4.2 Experience

    Significant trial experience is indeed essential. Be conscious that several lawyers have none or very little. Whereas most cases settle out of court, if the other party knows your lawyers have a track record of winning at trial, you will be in a better position to negotiate during settlement talks.

    4.3 Know-How

    Aside from a proven track record of success, do they truly understand what they are doing? Not all law firms are the same. Some are greater than others, especially in specific types of cases. And for specific types of specialized abilities, such as negotiation.

    While most cases settle before going to trial, you do not always get what you desire; you get what you negotiate for. So, your lawyers had better be particularly skilled in this area.

    4.4 Bigger does not always mean better

    Many larger firms must handle a large number of cases at a time to cover their large overhead, and they have huge bureaucracies that are challenging for their clients to navigate.

    In Connect Legal we make sure to remember that every client is a priority, and to treat them as such. Go to our website to know more about us and the way we can be your best choice.

    4.5 Strategic Partners

    Inquire if the law firm ever collaborates with other legal professionals to strengthen the legal team of a client. When it is in the best interests of the client, an experienced law firm will not hesitate to add other lawyers to the team, even if it means splitting the firm’s attorneys’ fee.

    4.6 Contingency Fee

    Take a glance at a law firm that charges a contingency fee. You pay no attorney’s fees; you will only pay if the firm obtains compensation for you. The lawyer’s fees will be calculated as a percentage of the compensation.

    5. Skills employment lawyers should have

    Selecting an employment lawyer in the UAE is sometimes a difficult and intimidating task. It is critical to do your research and understand what qualities your employment lawyer needs to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

    In Connect Legal we make sure we are offering you the best professional lawyers to work with, register to start. These are some of the characteristics you should be looking for in an employment lawyer and that we can offer you:

    5.1 Honesty

    Your lawyer should be open and honest with you about your chances of success, as well as the risks and costs of pursuing your desired outcome. The lawyer you select should vigorously advocate on your behalf while offering realistic advice regarding the laws and the facts of your case.

    5.2 Communication Skills

    Legislation and laws can be perplexing. Your lawyer must be capable of explaining the legal principle of your case, clearing your doubts, and presenting your case in simple language. Your lawyer should assist you in understanding the different steps involved in your case.

    5.3 Supportiveness

    All disagreements, regardless of their nature, are emotionally draining. It is the lawyer’s job to take your story and turn it into compelling legal arguments. Each client’s requirements and objectives are unique.

    Employment lawyers, more than most other professionals, must be sensitive to the importance of employment to their clients and must listen before reaching conclusions about the strength of a claim and the best course of action.

    5.4 Availability

    Your lawyer should provide you with reasonably swift responsive service and communication. Even though your case may not be your lawyer’s only case, he or she should be still making it a priority.

    5.5 Results-Oriented

    Your lawyer should never lose sight of your ultimate goal. Every case has both strengths and weaknesses. A results-oriented lawyer demonstrates dedication and creativity throughout the weak points while maximizing the case’s strengths.

    5.6 Organization

    Your file may face unnecessary costs and delays if your lawyer does not have a clear vision. A great lawyer is capable of providing you with clear advice and setting realistic timelines.

    As files grow, they are becoming more complex. Therefore, progress and organization become increasingly important to keep things on track.

    5.7 Integrity

    Lawyers are court officers who are bound to present your case truthfully and candidly. Your lawyer must maintain courtesy and respect for the other relevant parties in your dispute.

    In various stages of litigation, communications among both parties are admissible evidence. Your lawyer portrays you in the best light possible by dealing with all parties civilly.

    5.8 Agility

    The best employment lawyer understands that cases can change as evidence is discovered, the law evolves, and client objectives shift. Your lawyer has to be responsive to changes and ready to provide you with constructive advice on those changes.

    5.9 Preparation

    Knowing the facts, exploring legal issues, and guaranteeing that your file is properly staffed are all examples of being prepared. You should be confident that your lawyer and his or her team are ready to face the challenges.

    6. Why should you trust us to find the best lawyer?

    As you can see, hiring an employment lawyer requires having the assurance that he or she meets certain characteristics. Having a legal representative who is prepared, conscientious, dedicated, and professional is what will make the difference towards resounding success. At Connect Legal we offer you the best lawyers in the field.

    Not only that, but we can also assist you in any other legal case you are going through. On our website, you can take a look at all the practice areas in which we work. For instance, in case you care to know about how defamation law works in the UAE, we have the latest insight into the matter.

    Connect Legal can help you learn more about employment lawyers, law firms, and how to find the best of all. Send us an email at with all of your doubts to speak with a member of our team about any concerns you may have.

    Being a part of is a fantastic opportunity. There, you can apply for jobs in diverse fields and industries, including at our firm! We invite you to send your resume to and join us in this exciting journey. There is no need to be concerned; we will not hold any personal information that we receive.

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