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  • How to Obtain E-Signature Card in Dubai?

    All you need to know about the E signature Card in Dubai, UAE, and also an overview of Digital Signature

    The local authorities in the United Arab Emirates are always coming up with new ways to help locals with their legal processes. Subsequently, years ago, they came up with the e signature card alternative. Therefore, with this signature card UAE, people can find ways to deal with company operations and more.

    In this article, we will be talking about the e signature card, where to apply for one, how can you use it, and more. Consequently, according to Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 Concerning Electronic Transactions & Commerce, electronic signatures are legal in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). Let us see more:

    1. What is e signature card in Dubai?
    2. Where and how to apply for an e signature card in Dubai?
    3. Where can people use their e signature card in Dubai?
    4. What is an eSignature?
    5. How can Connect Legal help you?

    1. What is e signature card in Dubai?


    e signature card

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE UAE) let people know about the adoption of a new E-signature. Hence, the electronic card UAE is a digital identity card with an electronic chip that stores the cardholder’s fingerprint and personal data.

    The proprietor or legal signatory of the firm is not required to visit a service or customer satisfaction center in order to scan their fingerprints. As a result, you can submit your application using the smart card, and the necessary services can be over.

    2. Where and how to apply for an e signature card in Dubai?

    For Ministry of Labour transactions, clients can request an e-signature card at service centers (TASHEEL) and subscribing businesses (e-forms).

    The ministry has released the second generation of the e signature card UAE for proprietors, authorized signatories, and representatives. Also, the new card is in place for the comfort of institution owners and to guarantee flexibility in finalizing their transactions. Lastly, visit the TASHEEL centers to receive the service.

    Consequently, these are the necessary documents for the esignature UAE process:

    • A recent color photo of the authorized signer against a blank background.
    • If the individual has a private number, let us know. In all labor offices across the nation, the applicant must have a unique personal phone number for all of his establishments. If the candidate does not already have a personal number on file with the ministry, he must start a file for a citizen or immigrant and complete the application processes to get one.
    • A copy of a valid passport and an authentic ID card.

    Likewise, to obtain an E-signature card for your business, apply at one of the TASHEEL service centers located around the nation. The old manual PRO card, also known as the computer card, which had the establishment’s number and the owner’s and other authorized signatories’ signatures, will be replaced with the new digital signature card.

    3. Where can people use their e signature card in Dubai?


    e signature card

    People can use their electronic card UAE for:

    • The card is necessary for e-signatures and transaction fulfillment on the MOHRE’s current variety of service delivery channels, including the MOHRE app, service locations, and Tawseel vehicles.
    • Only legal users can execute transactions on the digital and smart systems of the MOHRE in order to protect them.
    • The cardholder receives a monthly account statement outlining all of their transactions.

    It is completely safe to use the e signature card in Dubai.

    4. What is an eSignature?

    The electronic signature is the digital equivalent of the wet-ink sign. It is safe and legally binding, but it does not use any coding or is based on any regulations. Therefore, an electronic signature can be a symbol, an image, or a process within the file or message to validate its identity and provide approval. As a result, it is in place to validate documents. Most people do not see it as an acceptable form of signing because it does not go through a validation procedure by a legal certificate authority or service provider. However, it is simple to use.

    In electronic messaging, an eSignature UAE is necessary to authenticate the signatory (the message’s sender) and set them apart from everyone else. Subsequently, a digital signature demonstrates that the message you send and receive are identical and that nothing is different, added, or not in place. It could be made up of words, marks, symbols, numbers, sounds, or visuals.

    An electronic signature is just as legally binding as an ink one. The use of eSignatures in the UAE is legal thanks to the Federal Decree under Law No. 46 of 2021 on Electronic Dealings and Trust Services. Thus, you need an electronic signature generation device and a digital certificate to be able to use it in order to create an eSignature. Consequently, digital certificates are provided by certification service providers. In summary, these certifications attest to the owner of the signature device’s legitimacy.

    4.1 Digital certificate: What is it?

    A digital certificate, which certifies the identification of the person or entity in possession of electronic signature-generating equipment, is a certificate issued by a certifying service provider. Thus, an individual can use their e-signature in the shape of digital keys and symbols using electronic signature production equipment, which is a specially designed device or electronic information.

    4.2 Digital Certification Service Provider (DCSP): What is it?

    A qualified or authorized natural individual or legal entity that provides digital certificates and provides services connected to digital signatures is known as a digital verification service provider.

    4.3 How can I obtain a DCSP license?

    Through the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), you can submit an application for a DCSP license. Hence, all digital certificate solution providers working in the UAE with regard to eRecords, eDocuments, and eSignatures relating to eTransactions and/or eCommerce needed to obtain a license from TRA. The following paperwork must be delivered to TRA in order to file for a DCSP license:

    • Articles of Association and Memorandum of your company.
    • Information on the ownership and organizational structure of your business.
    • The business license permits you to function as a DCSP.
    • A description of your professional activities.
    • Data about the company’s finances and accounts for the past two years, or fewer if your business hasn’t been in operation for that long.
    • Insurance coverage proves you have enough protection for your duties as a DCSP.

    5. How can Connect Legal help you?

    Connect Legal is the place where you can find the advice you need to find TASHEEL labour card information and deal with this process. We have years of experience, working with UAE locals and helping them with their legal matters. Therefore, our list of professional lawyers includes:

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