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  • Is abortion Lawful in UAE?

    Is Abortion Lawful in UAE, Dubai? Are abortion pills legal in UAE?

    Abortion in UAE is a very contradictory concept at a global level and an object of interest on the part of all. Since some defend it in special cases, others believe that each woman must decide what to do with her body and others flatly deny the fact of ending a life. Despite all this, is abortion legal in the UAE?

    In this article, we will be answering these questions. We will talk about the things you should know regarding this topic and how it is handled in the region. Let us observe:

    1. Is abortion legal in the UAE?
    2. Are abortion pills legal in the UAE?
    3. What should you know about abortion pills in the UAE?
    4. What are some recommendations for pregnant mothers?
    5. How Connect Legal can assist in such scenarios?

    1. Is abortion legal in the UAE?

    abortion in UAE

    Although they do not agree with abortion and consider it a crime, many of them, including jurists, experts in Islam, and doctors, agree that it should be allowed in certain cases.

    In fact, in all countries, abortion is legal when the life of the mother is at risk and when the first 120 days of pregnancy have not elapsed. As well as cases of malformation of the fetus and rape or incest. However, abortion is not permitted when the pregnancy is the result of adultery.

    We conclude that abortion is not legal in the UAE, even in the first trimester, upon the request of a doctor. After that period, abortion is not allowed in authorized health centers when there is an imperative need to preserve the physical and mental health of the mother or in case of a fetal abnormality.

    2. Are abortion pills legal in UAE?

    As we know, abortion in UAE is not legal; but many women wonder are abortion pills legal in UAE. The morning-after pill can act in two ways; as a contraceptive, it prevents ovulation or acts as an interception. Even if there is fertilization, the embryo fails to implant in the uterus.

    For this reason, many doctors ask for its approval, since it does not have the power to interrupt a pregnancy but abortion in Dubai is big trouble. In addition, its privative only means that women try to obtain them outside their country. Therefore, the real problem only involves those with few resources. Since they cannot find an abortion pill in Dubai and are looking for desperate solutions.

    3. What should you know about abortion pills in the UAE?

    abortion in Dubai

    In many communities, teenagers and women who become pregnant without a husband have to go with their mothers and relatives to undergo procedures that can be dangerous, since they look for people who lack the medical training to deal with the complications.

    Others go alone and voluntarily to midwives experienced in these procedures to end their pregnancies. Many women in that country resort to abortion illegally to avoid not only having many children but social ostracism.

    As well as, some people indicate that abortion in UAE occurs; since it is the only contraceptive method that women know since they do not prevent pregnancy once they marry.

    Furthermore, people involved in abortion, not just the woman, can face serious consequences, in some cases even jail time.

    Under article 356 of the UAE penal code, becoming pregnant outside of marriage is a crime punishable by law, and if arrested, the woman and the father of her child will be referred to court on charges of having sex outside of marriage. If the police find guilty, they could both go to prison and then be deported.

    4. What are some recommendations for mothers pregnant?

    With this in mind, we recommend that the couple marry to avoid criminal charges. However, if that is not possible for some reason and the woman decides to become pregnant, then it is safer for her to travel home to have the child.

    The main recommendation if you are pregnant so as not to face legal charges is to get married, or failing that, not to return to the country, since the law only applies if the crime is committed within the territory.

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