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  • Facts to know about the NOC letter in Dubai: Requirement from the employer to partner with another business

    It is common to see people confused when they find out a No Objection Certificate is required for a procedure. This formal requirement often referred to as NOC, and it is typically issued by an individual or organization. The NOC letter in Dubai is required for a variety of purposes, so you should prepare for any circumstance in which you may need it.

    In this article, we will explain everything there is to know about the NOC letter in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Keep in mind that it is a document whose major purpose is to inform the reader there are no objections to a particular situation. For example, a NOC letter for a wife to work in Dubai is often needed. Let us take a look at:

    1. What exactly is a NOC in the UAE?

    2. Frequently asked questions about the NOC letter in Dubai

    3. Can UAE employees work for two different companies at the same time?

    4. How do you request a work visa in the UAE for a part-time job?

    5. Do you need NOC to set up your business while working?

    6. How to write a NOC for a relative?

    7. How can Connect Legal assist you to get your NOC letter in Dubai?

    1. What exactly is a NOC in the UAE?

    The NOC letter in Dubai is a crucial document, yet many foreigners and workers are unaware of its significance. Because the legislation and rules in the Emirates are continually changing, it is natural to notice that the NOC request frequency has changed.

    This certificate is rather simple. It is not a lengthy or complex document. On the contrary, it simply communicates that you have oblications in your country of origin, whether they are of professional or educational nature. Nonetheless, it should contain critical information like the dates, an official letterhead, name, and contact information. Connect Legal can help you make the perfect NOC letter and also help you determine whether you need it or not. Pay attention to the following:

    1.2 Situations that require providing a NOC letter in Dubai

    • Creating a bank or online account.
    • Get a UAE driver’s license.
    • Purchasing a vehicle.
    • Adding/renewing activities to your business.
    • Bringing on a business partner
    • Establishing a branch.
    • Transferring jobs from one private enterprise to another.

    2. Frequently asked questions about the NOC letter in Dubai

    Many people often have questions about the NOC letter in Dubai, as it is document that could be necessary for several processes. It is critical to clear up any doubts you have regarding any formal document in the Emirates, so that you can stay in compliance.

    If you wish to learn much more on any legal matter, you can always check our blog. We are a team of experts in the legal field looking to provide the public with clearer and most recent information. Our free legal advice for blog readers is available for anyone who needs it.

    Additionally, when it comes to NOC letters in Dubai or any other document of this kind, it is important to understand the employment laws. Especially if you are looking to file an employment court case regarding labor.

    2.1 Is a NOC required to perform business in the UAE?

    As an investor from a different country, you must present a NOC letter in Dubai to get a visa to conduct business in the UAE. However, it depends on the business structural system and jurisdiction, so make sure to check if this applies to your situation.

    When it comes to business, it is also important to know the different legal services for businesses there are in the market. Dealing with a company can be very stressful, regardless of the size of the enterprise. Counting on legal advice can make this easier.

    2.2 Do you need a NOC to work a second job while on a family visa?

    It is vital to note that those residing in the Emirates on a family visa require a NOC letter in Dubai if they wish to work a second job. When it comes to a wife looking for a job in the United Arab Emirates, she will also need a NOC.

    Later in this article, you will find a NOC sample, so make sure to keep on reading. A NOC letter for a wife to work in Dubai is a document pretty easy to make, but you must follow the right structure.

    If you already have a job and wish to work part-time, you must have the following:

    • A permit is given by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
    • A letter from your sponsor authorizing you to work a second job.

    2.3 Is a NOC required in the Emirates for a visitor visa?

    When it comes to visiting the United Arab Emirates, you do not always need a NOC letter to enter the nation. However, sometimes countries could request a NOC letter for their visitors. In that way, they are sure they will not overstay.

    You can find information about the visa overstay fine process in the United Arab Emirates on Connect Legal.

    2.4 Do you need a NOC to start a company while working?

    As a worker, you may start your own company and take benefit of all the amazing privileges that our nation provides to promote and assist small and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, you should know the importance of having legal services in your business.

    Nonetheless, you should be aware that you will require a NOC from your existing job. You must complete the application procedure correctly so that your current company does not reject your NOC. Seek legal advice to make sure you accomplish this.

    You can start your business while still working full-time provided the firm where you are already working allows it and you get your employer’s NOC letter in Dubai. Remember to know the difference between corporate and business lawyers before you hire legal services.

    2.5 Is your present employer required by law to provide a NOC letter in Dubai?

    It is critical to note that your company may approve or deny your NOC letter in Dubai. Because this document should be freely offered, the company is not constitutionally required to furnish it.

    As a result, if your company does not provide it for your new job, you may face a labor prohibition. But do not panic; the new company may request to have the prohibition lifted if your pay offer and professional qualifications fulfill the standards.

    In any case, if you are having trouble with contract termination, make sure to read our article about Article 120 in the UAE Labor Law.

    Additionally, remember that if your employer is taking too much time canceling your working visa, it is illegal. Any employer delaying your visa cancellation is failing to comply with the law. You should seek legal advice to assist you with that matter.

    3. Can UAE employees work for two different companies at the same time?


    Employees in the UAE can obtain two jobs: one full-time and one part-time (part-time job). Nonetheless, the new UAE labor law contains rigorous laws in this area that you should be aware of. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

    For instance, if a worker wants to work two jobs, they require a NOC letter from the first company. However, these regulations have been changing in recent years to keep them more permissive. The legal services from Connect Legal are very aware of all the constant changes.

    Indeed, the MOHRE set a new system for this purpose. This new approach now permits employees to work several part-time jobs without seeking permission from their primary employer. However, some employers request the NOC letter in Dubai for personal preferences.

    4. How do you request a work visa in the UAE for a part-time job?

    On the other side, if you wish to work part-time in the UAE, you would require a NOC along with your visa permit. Having a working visa in the UAE is a great opportunity. This sort of permission may provide you with several benefits, including more money, experience, and abilities. If you wish to become an immigration lawyer, this is your opportunity.

    However, before taking on part-time employment, you should discover how to file for this authorization. To begin, you should be aware that you get this specific authorization from the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE).

    Furthermore, it is critical to be informed of its length and the expenses required. A part-time working visa is only valid for a year, plus your part-time employers must pay a charge of AED 600. This cost is divided into two parts:

    • The application charge (is AED 100).
    • The authorization fee (is AED 500).

    Another essential consideration is the repercussions of working for an additional firm without work authorization. In this situation, the recruiting corporation or organization faces a 50,000 AED penalty. Our team can guide you through any civil procedure you might face.

    4.1 Documents you need to qualify for this permit

    • A passport copy.
    • A colored photograph of the applicant.
    • NOC letter in Dubai from your sponsor (if applicable).
    • A copy of the business’s trade licenses.
    • Copy of the residency visa.
    • A copy of the new work contract.
    • Relevant academic qualifications.
    • A letter from the pertinent authorities approving.

    5. Do you need a NOC to set up your business while working?

    If you intend to establish a new business on the Emirates’ Mainland while still employed, you will often need a NOC from your existing employer. NOC letter in Dubai is important given the number of people looking for jobs or to create new businesses without any experience in the field.

    However, several free zones in the UAE no longer require entrepreneurs to get NOCs before beginning their operations. The best line of action is to contact us. Following a brief conversation, we will advise you on the best company structure for your needs. And of course, we will guide you with all the paperwork you may require.

    6. How to write a NOC letter for a relative?

    As we mentioned earlier, we will provide you with a sample of a NOC letter for a wife to work in Dubai. Everyone needs to remember that these letters should be as simple and clear as possible.

    When it comes to relatives, especially wives, it is crucial to know about the Islamic saying of second marriage in the United Arab Emirates. This is relevant when it comes to who needs to write the NOC letter for a wife to work in Dubai.

    Additionally, if you are experiencing a rough time regarding family issues, our best family lawyers are ready to help you settle as fast as possible.

    Now, here is the sample for the NOC letter in Dubai.

    To (Name of company)

    25th January 20__


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Subject: No objection certificate for my ___

    This is to certify that I, (Father’s/ Husband’s name), holder of Passport No. ____ have no objection to my daughter/wife, _______, holder of passport no. ____ undertaking full-time employment at ___. 

    If any further information is needed, please contact me on the number below.



    Husband’s/ Father’s name

    (Company name)

    (Contact details)

    7. How can Connect Legal assist you to get your NOC letter in Dubai?

    We understand that getting a NOC template could be a hassle for you and we can assist you with this by drafting a personalized NOC template at an affordable cost based on your requirements.


    Get ready to learn much more about legal matters by contacting Connect Legal, from more about NOC letters in Dubai to anything else you wish to learn and understand. All you have to do is give us a call at +971 43 316 688 and we will answer to your doubts, questions, and problems. Also, you can send us an e-mail to to keep in touch.

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