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How to certify, vouch, witness & do Dubai marriage certificate attestation in the UAE


It is necessary for the marriage certificate attestation to use for any purpose in the United Arab Emirates. This process should only be followed if the certificate was issued in another country, otherwise, you will not need it.

In this article, we will show you each of the details you need to know to perform this process. Let us see:

-What is court marriage in Dubai attestation?

Requirements for marriage in Dubai

-How to attest marriage certificate in UAE

-What you should keep in mind when you do the marriage certificate attestation

-We can help you with the attestation of marriage certificate in UAE

1. What is court marriage in Dubai attestation?

dubai marriage certificate attestation

The Dubai marriage certificate attestation is the legal document that proves that the data provided is legal. Some of the data that must be certified are the following:

-Couple names

-Place of the marriage ceremony

-Time of marriage

With this certification, the certificate is legally acceptable in the UAE for any purpose. This process can be done both in person, as well as with immediate certification services. In addition, the process is much more simplified if you request the help of our professionals.

2. Requirements for marriage in Dubai

There are certain special conditions to be able to do the marriage certificate attestation in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, before starting the attestation process, you must verify that said certificate contains the following information:

-Name of the contracting parties.

-The age of the applicants.

-Place and date of marriage.

-Address of the couple.

-Name of witnesses.

-Name of the institution or person that performed the ceremony.

If the marriage certificate does not contain any of the data, the Dubai marriage certificate attestation will be void. In the same way, they must consign some documents to carry out the process. One of them is the original certificate and the other is an identification that proves nationalities and ages.

3. How to attest marriage certificate in UAE

marriage certificate attestation

To carry out the attestation of marriage certificate in UAE, you must comply with the steps established in the law. This includes the aspects mentioned above without which you will not be able to continue with the process. Also, you must follow the next steps for the attestation:

3.1 Gather the documents

Each of the requirements may differ according to the country where the certificate was issued as well as the language of the certificate. However, the general documentation includes those involved’s passports and residence visas. Moreover, if part of the content of the certificate is not readable, you must request a new document.

In the same way, if you are authorizing a third party for the attestation of marriage certificate in Dubai, you will need a letter of authorization. In this case, try to have this letter notarized to expedite the attestation process. Furthermore, you will need to complete the application form properly to submit it at the time of application.

3.2 Locate a company to do the marriage certificate attestation

After you have met the requirements, you will need to go to a marriage certificate attestation in Dubai service provider. It is advisable to have made an appointment before going to the place to avoid a long wait. In this way, you will be able to obtain the application forms so that the said company can send them to the authorities.

3.3 Send the documents to the company

Submit the obtained form to be able to apply to the government departments in charge of attesting marriage certificate in Dubai. At this point, you must also pay the corresponding fees and submit the required requirements. You must request a guarantee for the service from the company and keep copies of the official receipt of the attestation.

3.4 Wait for the completion of the process

UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation needs to be filled in 3 main state departments. Each of them must verify the certificate to process it and give it legal status. The departments are the following:

-UAE Embassy in your home country.

-National authority of the issuing country.

-UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You must be patient as the entire process can take up to 8 weeks to complete.

3.5 Request the marriage certificate attestation

The authorities will issue authorization for the publication of your authenticated certificate. In this case, you must provide the service provider with the official receipt that proves that you made the payment corresponding to the request. If you are requesting the document on behalf of another person, you must present a power of attorney.

After receiving the Dubai marriage certificate attestation, check for errors or inaccuracies before leaving.

If you are confused with the process you can make a call anytime to Call +971555514789

4. What you should keep in mind when you do the marriage certificate attestation

It is not necessary to go in person to the departments in charge of carrying out the document legalization processes. However, you need to provide a letter of authorization if someone else is applying for you. Also, the fees to fulfill the request may differ with each department involved.

In these cases, it is better to consult with the company in charge of providing the service so that you can obtain a better assessment. On the other hand, if the marriage certificate was obtained in the UAE, attestation is not required.

5. What does Connect Legal specialize in?

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