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How to check & verify Emirates ID application status 2023 online


Checking the Emirates ID status is a very simple process and you can also do it quickly. This document is one of the most essential if you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, you must always have it updated and secure so as not to fall into fines from the Emirates ID.

In this article, we will show you how you can perform the Emirates ID check with only 3 steps. In addition, you will learn other aspects such as the ID request process, or what you can do if you lose it Let us see:

-What is Emirates ID?

-How to check Emirates ID status

-Do you want an Emirates ID and do not know how to get it?

-Do you want to know what are the reasons for canceling your Emirates ID?

-Make the id card status checking easily

1. What is Emirates ID?

Emirates ID status

This is the document that all UAE residents must have with them at all times. In this case, you will get it after having obtained the visa stamp in your passport and it will have the same validity as the visa. Also, we help you to know the Emirates ID status so that you do not incur any fines or penalties.

This ID is useful for applying for various government services, sponsoring your relatives, going through immigration, or more. Therefore, you need to learn how to do Emirates ID tracking online and we will help you with that.

1.1 Check the validity of an Emirates ID/Visa

You can do the Emirates ID status check ICA for the expiration date. It will also help you if you are abroad and do not know if your residence status is still valid in the UAE. To do this, you simply have to visit the website of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority,

2. How to check Emirates ID status

After you have made the application or renewal the document, you will be able to do the Emirates ID tracking online. Besides, to check the status of the document, you must have the application number on hand. You can find this number on the form that you must fill out to make the request.

Now we will make this easy by showing you how to check Emirates ID status as follows:

-Go to the ICA services website and locate the “Verify ID Status Menu Option” section.

-Enter the Emirates ID application number.

-Then a box will appear with your ID information.

Also, you can do the tracking Emirates ID status through the ICA website. However, you can also find out all the details by calling the telephone number 600 52222. In this way, you will be able to obtain all the information that you could not see on the ICA portal.

3. Do you want an Emirates ID and do not know how to get it?

Emirates ID status

This is easy because you can request this document at the same time you request the United Arab Emirates visa. Furthermore, the visa application process also includes the cost of the Emirates ID. The cost of the visa varies according to the emirate and the authority that issues it, it can be AED 2500 or AED 7000.

After you receive it, you can do the online Emirates ID status verification the way we showed you, to always know the validity of it.

3.1 Residency application process

Allow us to show you the stages of the process of applying for a residence visa along with the Emirates ID:

3.1.1 Entry permit

This permit is for company owners who establish their business in the UAE or for employees who want to hire such a company. Besides, this document is indispensable for all persons who wish to apply for a visa. Additionally, it has a validity period of 60 days, so it can comply with various processes.

3.1.2 Medical check

After the authority issues the entry permit, you must comply with a mandatory medical examination. However, you only can do it in a Preventive Medicine Center to rule out AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Tuberculosis. Thus, if the test results are negative, you can continue with the visa process.

On the other hand, if there is a suspicion about these diseases, you will have to go through some additional tests. Hence, if you fail the medical test, you will not be able to obtain a residence visa.

3.1.3 Emirates ID

As with the Emirates ID status, you must apply at the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority. In this case, you should go to the ICA offices which, in many cases, are located next to the preventive medicine centers. During the process, you will have to go through biometric tests, which include fingerprint scanning.

In addition, the biometric data is stored in the ICA so you do not need to repeat the process when renewing the ID.

3.1.4 Visa stamping

This is the last step for you to obtain your UAE residency, this stamping is done in your passport. Generally, these visas are valid for 3 years but in some free zones, you can get a 2-year visa. Also, you need to know the Emirates ID status as this has the same validity as the residence visa.

3.2 What is the cost of the Emirates ID

Thanks to our experience, we must let you know that the condition that regulates the cost of the Emirates ID is its validity. In this way, the cost will be the following:

-The cost will be AED 170 for a 1-year validity visa.

-The cost will be AED 270 for a 2-year validity visa

-It will cost AED 370 for a 3-year validity visa

When applying, you will need to verify that the visa and the Emirates ID have the same validity period. Generally, it takes 7-10 days to get the ID, so you need to know the Emirates ID status. However, you will receive an SMS with an update on your identification process.

Once the process has concluded, you can collect your Emirates ID at the post offices indicated in the message.

3.3 Renewal of the document

Knowing the Emirates ID application status is essential to watch when to renew it. After the expiration of the document, you will have a grace period of 30 days so that you can carry out said process. If you remain in the country after the expiration of this grace period, you will be fined AED 50 for each day.

However, the ICA will send a message to your phone indicating that you need to renew your Emirates ID. As with the Emirates ID status verification, the renewal process is simple. You will only have to fill out the application form with all your data and pay the processing fees.

Also, this procedure is vital for you to renew your UAE residence visa. The renewal request must be made in the free zone in which it was issued, or before the immigration authority. As with the first-time application, you will receive your visa renewal at the indicated post office. Let us know if you have any legal problems with the process and we can assist you with what to do.

4. Do you want to know what are the reasons for canceling your Emirates ID?

We already show you how to know the Emirates ID status, which can also help you to cancel it. The reasons for the cancellation of the Emirates visa or ID are usually as follows:

-You will change jobs or establish a business and need a new residence visa.

-He will leave the UAE permanently.

In any of these cases, when you cancel the visa you will also be doing the same with the Emirates ID. Therefore, you will have to return the card to your employer or the Immigration authority when you start the cancellation process.

4.1 What is the long Emirates ID number?

When you check the Emirates ID status you can see that it contains a number that also appears on the physical card. This 15-digit number is divided into 4 parts that have the following meaning:

-The first 3 numbers are the same on all cards and indicate the international code of the UAE, 784

-The second part contains your year of birth.

-The next 7 digits are the random numbers assigned by the authority

-The last part is made up of a single digit that is a verification number between 0 and 9.

This number is unique for each person and remains with them at all times, as it cannot be changed or modified. Even if this person ceases to be a resident of the UAE, if they return, they will have this same number.

4.2 What should you do if you lose your Emirates ID?

If you lost your Emirates ID, you will need to go through the following process:

-Go to a police station in the emirate where you are to file a complaint for the loss of your document.

-Notify the ICA of the loss of the ID within 7 days of the mishap.

-Go to any ICA office to apply for a new card.

The application fee is AED 300; you also need to pay a fee of AED 70 if applying in person. However, if you apply online, you will only need to pay AED 40, so the cost will be between AED 340 and AED 370. However, knowing the Emirates ID card status is free.

5. Make the id card status checking easy

Using the Emirates ID status tracker is the way to know the validity and other details of your document. In addition, the processing includes a few simple steps and is directly linked to your residence visa. However, if you have a work permit, your employer is in charge of carrying out this process.

Our team of legal experts can offer you advice on various issues involving UAE laws. For example, for this type of process, we have the best staff of immigration lawyers in the country. Thus, if you have any problem with your ID or visa, you can contact us.

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