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How to acquire a Remote Working Visa in Dubai, UAE? A Complete Guidebook


We know that the pandemic has caused quite a radical change in people’s daily routines. One of the things that have become quite common today is working from home. You should know that companies in the UAE have adapted very well to this new reality. As a consequence, they created the remote work visa Dubai, allowing people to work from anywhere in the world.

In this article, you will see everything you need to know about the remote working visa in Dubai. The first thing will be to define this new permit that represents an opportunity for people around the world. The second thing will be that you see the characteristics of the people who can opt for this visa. Finally, we will show you the process to apply and all the requirements.

-What is a remote work visa in Dubai?

-Who is eligible to apply for this short-stay permit?

-How to apply for remote work in Dubai?

-What are the requirements to start the process?

-Benefits of this short-stay permit

-How can Connect Legal help you obtain the Dubai remote work visa?

1. What is a remote work visa in Dubai?

Remote work visa Dubai

Dubai has become a good place to settle and many people from abroad agree with this. For this reason, different types of visas have been implemented that make it easier for foreigners to reside in this nation. The remote work visa in Dubai allows people from abroad to work legally in the country.

The remote working visa in Dubai or as it is also known virtual work program is valid for one year. However, it is important to mention that once the year is over, you cannot renew the visa. You must go through the application process as you did the first time. With this agreement, the holder is allowed to work completely remotely for his employer. You can also move to Dubai from outside the UAE. In this way, foreigners will be able to enter the UAE on their initiative.

When entering the country on their own, they can start working following the requirements established on their visa. This visa is designed to be able to make things easier for those remote workers. However, we can also find entrepreneurs and other independent workers. In this way, those people who want to work remotely will be able to do so easily with this visa.

These workers are expected to live and work in Dubai for the course of one year. In addition, if the UAE approves the residence application of the person in Dubai, they will obtain very large benefits. This way, if this happens, the person’s family will be able to join him and live in the UAE. It is important that you take into account everything you need to apply for this visa and the benefits it grants you.

2. Who is eligible to apply for this short-stay permit?

Visas can be an opportunity, but not for all people; because there are always certain characteristics that applicants must have to opt for them. Thinking about that, you will see in this section those things that people who want to apply for the Dubai remote working visa must have.

2.1 All applicants in general

When talking about the UAE remote work visa, there are two types of applicants. The first are those who are employees and the second are the business owners. However, there are two precautions that regardless of the type of applicant you must have. These are a valid passport, at least 6 months before its expiration date, and medical insurance that has coverage in the UAE. If you wish when you arrive in the UAE, you can change your insurance, but this will be once you finish the visa procedures.

It is also important to mention that all applicants must pay the cost of the fee, which is US $611, plus other fees. For instance, obtaining documents and the emirates ID. During the process, you must undergo certain medical examinations that are common when you want to obtain any visa.

2.2  Applicants who are employees

To apply while employed, the most important thing is that you have proof that you have a job in the UAE. This is the employment contract, which must be delivered by the current employer for at least 1 year. In addition, you must have a minimum salary of US $3,500 and show a payment receipt of your salary from the previous month. Another thing that employees need is a bank statement at least 90 days in advance.

2.3 Applicants who are an employer

All employers must have a company ownership contract of at least 1 year. This must specify that you have the possibility of an extension. You must also show that you have a monthly income of US $3,500 or more. Also, you are required to show a 90-day financial statement before you apply.

Something important is that you must demonstrate that your company can be carried out remotely and outside the UAE. Finally, you should know that if you want to be a sponsor for some members of your family; these must meet all eligibility requirements.

3. How to apply for remote work in Dubai?

If you want to obtain a remote work visa in UAE, the procedure for obtaining it will vary depending on the emirate you are in. Next, you will see how you can apply for this short-stay permit in some emirates belonging to this country.

3.1 For Dubai

In the case of Dubai, the process must be completed online. What you should do is enter When you are on the page you must look where it says to apply for the remote work visa in Dubai. From there you can do the whole process.

3.2 For Abu Dhabi and the northern emirates

The process must be done strictly online, through the website of the General Directorate of Residence and Immigration (GDRFA). The first thing is that you enter the page and log in with the account you created. If you do not have an account, you must complete the registration process, for this, you create a username and a password. Once there, you must choose the Golden Visa service. The documents that you must deliver and the fees to pay will appear.

3.3 AMER Center

People who are within the UAE can apply for the Dubai remote work visa from the AMER center. Online they give the information about the documents you need, once you have them ready you take them to the center. After delivering the papers you must pay the corresponding fees. Finally, they will give you the application to fill out and submit to them.

4. What are the requirements to start the process?

Remote work visa Dubai

Just as the process varies depending on the emirate where you are, the requirements also change. That is why, in this section, you will see everything you need depending on the emirate you are in.

4.1 Requirements for Dubai

To apply for a remote work visa in Dubai as an employee; the most important thing is to have an employment contract that is valid for at least one year. In addition, you must demonstrate that you have a monthly salary of at least US $5,000 (Dhs 18,250). To prove this, you have to submit some proof of payment of salary or the bank statement for the last 90 days.

On the other hand, business owners can also apply for the Dubai remote working visa. The most important thing is that you must demonstrate the value of your company and that your monthly salary is US $5,000 (Dhs 18,250). As with employees, they must prove it by showing bank statements that are 90 days old.

The fee to apply is US $287 (Dhs 1,050). It is important to know that having paid this fee does not guarantee obtaining the visa. The applications are reviewed one by one by the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Relations (GDRFA).

4.2 Requirements for Abu Dhabi and the northern emirates

If you want the UAE remote working visa, for Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain; You need an entry permit for two months. You do this through the ICA website. The first thing is to enter the page and register. Being already in the UAE you must go to a smart services center and log in.

Once you log in you will enter the main menu and you must choose the option of “UAE remote work visa”. They will throw you certain instructions that you must follow. Later, you will have to upload the documents that are requested and pay the fee that appears there (Dhs 300). It is important to clarify that despite going through the entire process and having paid, you may not be granted the visa. The ICA will review each of the applications and approve those that are suitable.

5. Benefits of this short-stay permit

It is important that the benefits that these visa grants are highlighted to understand a little more the relevance of having it. When you have the entry permit, you should take into account completing your medical examination. In addition, you must obtain your remote work visa in Dubai within the established 60-day range. This is just as is the case with UAE visas.

It is very important that you complete all of this as upon completion of this procedure you will be eligible to live and work remotely from the UAE. In addition, you will be able to open a bank account within the territory at the same time and start to collect your money. Also, you will have the possibility of renting within the UAE the apartment that most appeals to you and fits your budget.

This visa will allow your family to live with you as long as you meet all the requirements. In the same way, being all this complete there will be no problem, and your family will live with you in the UAE. You can send your children to a school that is in the emirates without any problem. This is very helpful for those people who want to live in the UAE with their families.

Living in Dubai you will be able to take advantage of all the great infrastructure of the country and the facilities that it offers. In addition, you can use the opportunity to create networks around the world. It is important to note that there are no income taxes. You can also take advantage of all the services offered by the nation if you wish to learn more about the country’s traditions.

6. How can Connect Legal help you obtain the Dubai remote work visa?

In the process of obtaining a visa, it is always advisable to have legal advice. Thus, you guarantee that the document you are requesting arrived without irregularities and that you can function normally in the country. When we talk about the Dubai remote work visa it is no exception. Here in Connect Legal, you can find the following type of lawyers for any consultation.

You can easily register on our site and get in touch with one of our professional attorneys. Therefore, you can send them a question or ask for a callback.

Our company offers you the legal advice you need on the subject you need. We have the best possible lawyers in all matters you need. For instance, corporate, immigration, and more. It is important to mention that regardless of the means of contact, the best lawyers will assist you. You can do this by phone or by email at contact@connectlegal.comLearn more about how we work now!

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