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How to print the GOSI salary certificate online after registration? Step-by-step Guidebook


In Saudi Arabia, there is an entity that is in charge of dealing with all matters related to social security. This is known as GOSI. If you want to obtain the GOSI salary certificate, you must go through an online process. The first thing will be to carry out the GOSI online registration; then the GOSI online login and finally, you can obtain the document in question.

In this article, you will see all the information you need about the GOSI website. The first thing is to instruct about what the GOSI salary certificate is and the benefits that this entails. The second thing will be to show how the process for GOSI online registration is. Finally, you will see the entire process to obtain the document after registration using the website. Specifically, we will discuss.

-What is the GOSI salary certificate?

-What are the benefits of this document?

-How to make GOSI online registration?

-What does the GOSI website offer you after registration?

1. What is the GOSI salary certificate?

GOSI or also known as General Organization for Social Insurance is one of the most important organizations. This is because it is in charge of administering the various social insurance programs in Saudi Arabia. The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) provides its services to a wide variety of people.

In the services provided by this organization, employees, employers, and retired personnel, among others, can benefit. GOSI is overseen by a board consisting of eleven heads of government departments, employers, and individuals who are insured. It is important to know about this organization and the benefits it provides.

GOSI has great financial and administrative autonomy, which is why it represents the highest authority in social security in the country. The organization presents two lines of work depending on the origin of the workers. In this case, for national employees, the withholding system provides a service for medical assistance if professional contingencies occur.

In addition, they provide national employees with benefits for partial or total disability as a result of professional contingencies. Also, they provide a pension program to all national workers. On the other hand, foreign workers have the same assistance services, except for the pension program.

2. What are the benefits of this document?

This document presents great benefits to all people who have it. In addition, it can be very useful to carry out some procedures within the country. For this reason, we will now present the benefits of having this document.

2.1 You can get your e-GOSI certificate very easily

Those who are GOSI contributors can easily obtain their e-GOSI certificate. This can be done simply by logging into your account. If you are not registered, you can do so by following the steps indicated later in this article.

2.2 You can check your occupancy history

If you log in to GOSI as a collaborator, you will be able to see all your data. Among them are your taxpayer number, current salary, Iqama number, Iqama profession, and nationality. Plus, you’ll be able to review your contribution history anytime you want or need to.

2.3 You can check your history and current salary

Upon verification of your current salary or salary history, GOSI electronic will provide you with your complete salary information. This is from the date you joined your current company to the date you are taking this step.

2.4 You can modify the contact details

By being a collaborator you can easily edit or modify your data such as your Wasel address. You can also do it with your PO box address, phone number, and email.

2.5 You can easily generate your GOSI certificate

If you go to the tab that says certificates and letters in GOSI online and selects the type of certificate. You must select where the certification of months and salaries of the INT taxpayer appears and then you must click on generate. This way you will be able to view, save and even download your GOSI electronic certificate.

2.6 It is useful to carry out certain processes

For many applications that you make, you will need the GOSI salary certificate and among them are:

-Being able to apply for a family visa permanently.

-When you need to show official records at your work office.

-If you need to keep a record of your employment history in the country.

3. How to make GOSI online registration?

Since you already know what the GOSI salary certificate is and you know all the benefits that having it attracts; it is time you know how to get it. The first thing to note is that the entire process is done online. The first step to take is the GOSI online registration. In this section, you will see a step-by-step tutorial thus you can learn how to register.

3.1 Requirements

If you need to start the GOSI online registration, you should know that it is not much that you need. The most important thing will be to have a valid Saudi Arabian ID on hand; the Iqama number will also be allowed. In addition, you need to have a country phone number, which must be registered in your name, and an email.

3.2 Enter the website

After you have all the information you need on hand you can start the process. The first thing will be to enter the GOSI website. You can search for GOSI by google and surely it appears at the beginning, or simply click on the following link https://www.gosi.gov.sa/GOSIOnline/Register. Something important to note is that the language of the page is Arabic, but it can be changed to English.

3.3 Step 2

gosi online registration

Once you are on the GOSI website, you must select the registration option. After selecting this you will see several registration options. These are, as a collaborator, as an establishment, or hospital. You must choose the option, from “as a contributor”.

3.4 Step 3

gosi online registration

The next thing in the GOSI online registration process is that a new tab will appear with other options. You will get a form in which you must fill out your personal information. For instance, the Iqama number, a password, an email, and your cell phone number. The first thing that will appear to you is the option of whether you are “Saudi” or “non-Saudi”. If you are a foreigner, you must choose “non-Saudi”.

3.5 Step 4

After having filled out everything requested in the form, you must click accept. By doing this, you will go through a verification process; it is just writing the code you see on the screen in the corresponding blank strip. After this, you will have finished the GOSI online registration process.

4. What does the GOSI website offer you after registration?

Once you have done the GOSI online registration process, you will have access to everything that the page offers you. For instance, check your GOSI salary certificate. Next, you will see some of the things that this website offers you.

4.1 How to make GOSI online login?

For all the processes that come you will need, as a first step, to carry out the GOSI online login. That is why it is important to know how to do this. Next, you will see the steps to be able to have this.

-The first thing will be to enter the GOSI website.

-The Second step is to select the login option.

-Then you must do the third step which, is to fill out what is requested. They will always ask you for the username, and the password you entered and write the code that appears there. This is part of the verification process. It is important to clarify that the username will be your Iqama number.

-The fourth step is that you must click on login.

-Finally, they will send you an OTP code via SMS, to verify your identity. Once you place it, you will have finished the GOSI online login process.

4.2 Get the GOSI salary certificate in a PDF

Having this document in pdf format can be very convenient for many opportunities. Thinking about this, you will see the step-by-step tutorial on how to obtain the GOSI salary certificate in PDF format.

4.2.1 Step 1

The first thing will always be to enter the GOSI website. As with the registration, you can use google or enter directly, from the following link https://www.gosi.gov.sa/GOSIOnline/Login.

4.2.2 Step 2

Once you are there you must perform the GOSI online login. The first thing will be to click on “individual” and then log in.

4.2.3 Step 3

The next step is to click where it says “contribution history”. Then you must go below and select the option “salary history”.

gosi online registration

4.2.4 Step 4

After selecting that, a new page will appear. There you will see several options; you will click on “contribution summary”. You have to scroll the page down until you find “contract information“. Finally, select the “PDF” option and thus, you will have your GOSI contract.

gosi online registration

4.3 Print the GOSI salary certificate

gosi salary certificate

To print this document, the first steps are repeated with the process of obtaining it in PDF format. Therefore, in this section, only the steps after the GOSI online login will be taken into account.

4.3.1 Step 1

After having done the GOSI online login and clicking on “individual”, you must select “certificate and letters”.

gosi salary certificate

4.3.2 Step 2

Once you do this, the GOSI system will send you to a new tab. On this new page, the system will proceed to download the GOSI salary certificate and send the document via email to your employer. When your employer has it in his possession, he can print it and thus have it physically.

gosi online registration

4.3.3 Another alternative

Have the physical document, there is another alternative that can be easier. Previously, you saw a section dedicated to how to download the GOSI salary certificate in PDF. If you have it in PDF when you open it, you get an option that is for printing. You just have to select this option and you will be able to print the document.

4.4 Check your salary history

Using the GOSI website you can easily access your salary history, you just have to follow the following steps. It is important to mention that the steps that you will see here are after you have done the GOSI online login.

-Once you are in your GOSI account, you must click on “contribution history”

-Then you must go further down the page and look for the “salary history” option.

-Finally, select “job titles and salaries”. By doing this, you will see your salary history on the screen.

gosi online registration

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