Financial Law

Financial Law

Learning about financial legislation is a must for businesses and companies that want to follow the best international financial practices to avoid facing issues in a general area. Given that financial rules are constantly changing, it’s difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest modifications. In this regard, it’s helpful to count on a team of lawyers with enough knowledge and expertise to support you.

  • Experienced lawyers that know the financial business
  • A skilled team that can ensure you meet your objectives

“Finance” is a word that can
generate fear or happiness for you, depending on what you have done with your
money. For instance, it brings you joy if your investment is doing great or
discomfort if you have an unpaid debt.


In essence, the development of
your company depends heavily on how its finances are managed and protected.
After all, as you already know, financial crimes and disputes are unwelcome but
common issues.


Therefore, to guarantee the
success of your business, you must know how to do and protect your finances. If your business is located in the UAE,
the guidelines to perform and secure your finances come in the form of Financial Law.


In other words, you may have a
clear path about what you want to do with your money. But, Financial Law will
tell you how to move and protect it correctly.


In the UAE, these legal
financial regulations are established by more than thirty laws and decrees.


Do you feel that it is a lot of
legal information you will need to know? Do not worry about it. Here at Connect Legal, our team of Banking Lawyers and Financial Lawyers can
assist you in this matter and more.

1.   Banking Lawyers & Financial Lawyers in the UAE


Inside the business world,
moving money from one place to another is more than just doing a wire transfer.
There is a huge variety of motives for business transactions, such as stocks
exchange or projects financing.


In the UAE, Financial Law
governs the legal grounds for these transactions. Therefore, to do them
correctly, you will need our banking Lawyers and
finance lawyers’ services
. They can assist you through a wide range of
financial sectors by offering you finance law advisory.


Furthermore, our lawyers can
represent you as an individual, or your business, on baking and
financing-related legal matters. Thus, they are vital when your business
activities are subject to financial regulations or they require the application
of those regulations.


Their main function is your transactions’ protection at any level. It does not
matter if it is about Islamic finance, project finance, or merchant banking
transactions. The legality of your transaction will be ensured by our lawyers.


Hence, always remind yourself
this: A transaction without legal ground can become a lost investment very fast.
So, get in touch with us and seek our services regarding banking and financial
matters. Our legal advice will allow your money to go where it should be.

2.   Depth of
Financial Law in the UAE


As we stated earlier here, there
are more than thirty laws and decrees regarding Financial Law in the UAE. In other words, it is correct to say that
this legal framework is very deep.


However, this has a reason:
financial markets in the UAE have rapid and wide-ranging changes constantly. As
a result, their legal environment must have those changes in the same matter.


Remember, in your business, you
can raise money through, for instance, stock sales, bonds, or borrowing. Every
one of these methods has its own legal grounds in Financial Law.


Now, this depth does not have to
represent a problem for you. For that, you can hire the services of our lawyers
with expertise in Financial Law. By doing so, you will be avoiding any legal


Therefore, do not think about it
too much, and reach out to us to know how we can help your financial tasks.


Let us now show you some of the
other areas of Financial Law in the UAE:

2.1.         Antitrust Laws


The United Arab Emirates’
economy is mostly based on the principle of fair competition. Hence, your
company must overcome their competitors in the market to get higher profits.


But, throughout history, some
competitors in desperation or greed have turned into anti-competitive market
practices. For instance, some of them have encouraged a market monopoly.


In this matter, Antitrust Laws come into play. They are
designed to promote competition and protect consumers from these practices in
every sector of the economy.


Consequently, get in contact
with us regarding Antitrust Laws if you have the suspicion of competitors
performing antitrust practices. We will help you deal with them on a legal

2.2.         Bankruptcy Laws


The target of every business is
not to go bankrupt, but it is a possibility from which anyone cannot escape. Fluctuations
on the market or periods such as the COVID-19 Pandemic can take a business to
face this scenario.


In this matter, its legal
grounds are also necessary. They will dictate how to protect and discharge the
main part of all bankruptcy proceedings: financed debts.


Now, if your company is located
in the UAE and goes bankrupt, you will need to fulfill the requirements of Bankruptcy Laws.


We do not wish your business
ends up here. But, if that is the case, we have a team of Bankruptcy Lawyers
that can give you legal advice regarding these legal issues. To know more about
them, get in touch with us right away.

2.3.         Securities Laws


Undoubtedly, every law is
important. In essence, they are the road we should follow to perform any
business activity. However, for the business finances, laws related to
securities are even more paramount than the others.


In the UAE, Securities Laws are directed primarily to regulations regarding
bonds, traded stocks, and any other financial securities.


Consequently, if your business
issues publicly any of those securities, you must comply with certain reporting
and financial disclosure. In Dubai, the authority that requires this is the
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Dealing with the legal
implications of this reporting and financial disclosure can be challenging if
you do not have the time. Is this your case? Feel free to reach out to us, to
talk to you about the services of our Securities Lawyers and how they can
protect your investments.

3.   Services related to Financial Law in the UAE


Finance is also a wide world. As
the foundational stone of the business sector, finances grow at the same rate
as their businesses’ market.


As a result, new Financial Laws
emerged and kept emerging with every technological breakthrough or the birth of
new investment markets. After all, a fast-growing economy as the one of the UAE
grows in more ways than just companies and investors.


This diversified the services related to Financial Law in the
in a big way. Our Baking and Finance Lawyers have adapted to this, and
while doing so, increased the number of services they can provide you.


Now, we are going to explain to you
about some of these services. However, if you want to know about other services
that are not listed below, get in touch with us.



3.1.         Banking Litigation


If you have been the victim of
financial and banking scams, such as fake checks, you have dealt with Banking Litigation.


This is also the case if you
have had issues with fraud claims, bank loans, or credit cards. Thus, if you
ended up here, you will need to have a deeper knowledge of Banking Financial


However, our team of Banking
Lawyers already has this deep knowledge. Therefore, they can help you in these
uneasy scenarios, in order to bring you a positive outcome.


Are you interested in getting
their services? Go to your computer to write us an email, or call us by phone.
We will show you how these services will make your daily activities smoother
while fulfilling all their legal requirements.     

3.2.         Islamic Financing


In the financial world of the
UAE, conventional financing is no longer alone. As a major breakthrough, Islamic Financing proved to be a major


Now, what is Islamic Financing?
Well, it is a type of financing mostly based on Shari’a concepts. Its
application in the UAE market has not been difficult because these concepts
interplay with Financial Law.


In essence, you would be
financing your company under Islamic principles. This has different procedures
and, above all, different security arrangements than conventional financing.


Therefore, if you want to get
Islamic Financing you would have to know and understand Shari’a. This,
especially if you are a foreign citizen in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, can be very


Luckily for you, our team of
Finance Lawyers has extensive expertise on Shari’a. Hence, get in touch with us
to help you enjoy the advantages of Islamic Financing without any legal

3.3.         Debt Recovery


One of the main issues that the business
environment in the UAE faces nowadays is the collection of debt. This is a
problem not only for the banking sector. It can be seen in other sectors of the
economy where investments and loans have been made.


In this matter, the Debt Recovery process can be tedious
and take a lot of time from your hands. Here is where our debt recovery lawyers
will come to the rescue.


In essence, they can represent
you with your borrowers and settle debt collection issues in your favor. All of
this while employing our wide range of collection practices that have been
designed over the years.


Remember, if you accumulate a
high amount of debts, you may end up in the bankruptcy section above. To avoid
it, seek the services of our Finance Lawyers regarding debt recovery, and save
your business as soon as possible.


4.   Frequently asked questions about Financial Law in the UAE


Did you get here already?
Congratulations, you know a very vital amount of information about Financial Law in the UAE. After all,
the success of your business may not be so dependent on where you move your
money. It is also about how you move


Therefore, every single piece of
additional information you can get about this topic will bring you substantial
benefits. Most importantly, it will keep your business running, and it will
allow you to avoid any unintentional wrongdoing. 


To help you in this matter, we
prepared a few answers to some frequently asked questions from our clients
regarding Financial Law in the UAE.


Let us now show you these FAQ:

4.1.         How can your Banking and Finance Lawyers help me with my financial transactions?


Our team of experienced lawyers
in financial legislation will help you with their expertise in the financial
business. In fact, this is a type of legislation that is constantly changing
and evolving. Hence, they will keep you up-to-date with the latest modification
on Financial Law.


In conclusion, your business
requires financial transactions to survive in nowadays economy. To avoid any
legal issues regarding these transactions, and to perform them correctly, our
Banking and Finance Lawyers’ services may come in handy.


Reach out to us to show you how
to protect your company’s finances on a legal basis.

4.2.         Why do I need the services of Banking and Financial Lawyers in my company?


The main reason you need them is
to avoid the consequences of performing transactions while failing to comply
with its legal regulations. In the UAE, this can even mean losing your money or
worse, losing your business.


With our Banking and Financial
Lawyers working with you, you will have all your legal worries on financial
matters resolved. In other words, you will have a badly needed peace of mind,
allowing you to focus on your business.


Therefore, get in touch with us,
and ask about our services regarding Financial Law. We cannot wait to help your
business regarding legal financial issues.

4.3.         Why should I go with Connect Legal to get services in Financial Law?


Connect Legal will
provide you with an outstanding team of lawyers with a deep understanding of
Financial Law. Furthermore, they can solve your doubts about the uniform
commercial code, the Banking Law, and more.


To sum up, you can trust in us
to ensure the protection and correct performing of your transactions and to
fight legal battles related to Financial Law by your side. Contact us, and see
what we can do for you and your business in the UAE today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Law can be hard to follow. In this regard, having a team of specialists can make a big difference. With the unrivalled expertise and unmatched knowledge provided by Connect Legal, you can have peace of mind.

  • How can a law office help me with my financial transactions?

    A law firm can help you with any financial transaction in which you require assistance. From investments to a stock exchange, we can help you solve your legal issues according to common law and current financial legislation.

  • Why do I need a financial lawyer?

    A knowledgeable lawyer can help you overcome any issue with your financial transactions. As you will do with a medical malpractice lawyer, a financial lawyer can help you understand better the financial law.

  • What are some of the services of a financial lawyer?

    In Connect Legal we have lawyers for several practices areas such as a probate lawyer or a divorce lawyer. A financial lawyer can help you in several areas such as credit restructuring, insolvency procedures, capital markets and much more.

Legal assistance

Carrying out financial transactions that are highly important requires to have the support of knowledgeable lawyers that know about the legislation and understand your unique requirements.

Here in Connect Legal, we help with many areas of financial law and criminal justice.

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  • Wide range of services: financial disputes, project finance, etc.

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