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Dubai is a big city full of energy and possibilities. Therefore, there are many places to go to enjoy, and also, there are many means of transport to get to those places. One of these means of transport is e-scooters, which are very popular right now. However, to ride one of these e-scooters, people need their RTA e-scooter permit. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to get a license for e scooter in Dubai. Here, you will learn to do your e scooter license Dubai apply online.

In this article, we will learn about how to do your RTA scooter permit or e-scooter license in Dubai and apply online.  Here is all the information you need to use them in the Emirate, from technical characteristics to regions where you can ride. Let us see:

  1. The Roads and Transport Authority online portal
  2. Electric scooter license Dubai manual
  3. E-scooter specifications
  4. Rules for e-scooters
  5. Areas and routes were using an electric scooter is legal
  6. How can Connect Legal help you?

1. The Roads and Transport Authority online portal

e scooter license Dubai apply online

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has put in place an online portal where people can sign up for free to get their RTA e scooter license. The platform is now operational and accessible to riders as of right now.

The following URL allows users to apply for a scooter permit: https://traffic.rta.ae/trfesrv/public resources/services/issue-scooter-permit/index.do

2. Electric scooter license Dubai manual

A comprehensive user manual for e-scooters was also provided by the RTA. It contains comprehensive instructions on safety and technical requirements, permitted zones, and how to read road signs and lane markings. Therefore, people can use it as preparation for their RTA e scooter permit apply process.

3. E-scooter specifications

Utilize e-scooters that adhere to the requirements and criteria endorsed by the RTA in order to obtain your escooter license Dubai. Consequently, they must meet the requirements listed below when they apply for their scooter license UAE:

-The electric scooter needs to be built to endure the country’s climatic conditions.

-The electric scooter needs to meet the requirements laid out by the government.

-Verify the bell/horn is operational.

-A front and a rear lamp.

-The electric scooter’s top speed must be set at 20 km/h.

-Tires must be in good shape.

-Both the front and back wheels need brakes.

4. Rules for e-scooters

These are the rules you need to follow if you want to do your RTA e scooter permit apply online:

-You must be 16 years old minimum.

-Put on a helmet, a reflective vest, and sensible shoes.

-Never use a phone or headphones.

-Respect all warning, directional, and instructional signs.

-Follow all traffic regulations, including stop, give-way, traffic light, and road marking signs.

-Places for parking have a particular mark.

-When utilizing pedestrian crossings, dismount.

-You must ride alone; do not bring passengers.

-Nothing you carry should be able to throw off how the device should be handled.

Areas where electric scooters are permitted once you have your RTA e-scooter license Dubaince you have y the Authority.

-Ride only on the paths found in the zones and districts that are authorized.

-Electric scooters are only permitted on designated cycling paths set forth by the Authority.

-Except on the safe streets designated by the RTA, riding an e-scooter is not allowed on any roadways. These are roads with a 30 km/h speed restriction, clear red lines at the start of the route, signage, and ground markings.

5. Areas and routes where using an electric scooter is legal

On April 13, 2022, eleven districts in Dubai saw the introduction of e-scooters, although only in the official bicycle lanes in:

-Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

-Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

-Dubai Internet City.

-Al Rigga.

-December 2 Street.

-Palm Jumeirah.

-City Walk.

-Safe roads at Al Qusais.

-Al Mankhool.

-Al Karama.

It was also legal on all of Dubai’s bike and scooter lanes, with the exception of the lanes in Saih Assalam, Al Qudra, and Meydan. Of course, this is after obtaining the RTA e-scooter permit to apply online in Dubai.

5.1 Road markings and traffic signs

e scooter license Dubai apply online

Make sure to pay attention to the road markings once you have your scooter license in Dubai:

-Check your bike before you go.

-Verify that you have enough battery life for the trip.

-Verify the functionality of the front and back lights.

-Inspect the wheels to make sure they are in good operating order and are not damaged.

-Verify the bell/horn is operational.

-To test the efficiency of both the front and rear brakes, apply the levers.

-Set the handlebar’s height to a comfortable level so that you have complete control over the machine.

Traffic regulations and prohibitions

-Riding against the flow of traffic is prohibited.

-Avoid carrying anything that could tip the scooter off balance.

-Do not ride the electric scooter with anyone else.

-When crossing pedestrian crossings, electric scooters must be disembarked.

-It is not permitted to use e-scooters that do not adhere to the Authority’s technical specifications.

-It is important to follow the guidelines on the rails and on the road signs.

-The scooter may not be left unattended or parked in a way that would obstruct the passage of pedestrians or vehicles.

-It is against the law to tow the electric scooter behind any vehicle or to tow any other objects.

-It is against the law to ride on the left side of the road on safe roadways or to switch lanes without first making sure the route is clear.

5.2 How to apply for e scooter license in Dubai and what is the e-scooter license Dubai price?

You do not require a permit to use an e-scooter if you hold a full-vehicle driver’s license, an international driving license, or a motorcycle license.

At the end of the month, anyone without a driver’s license can submit an online permit application with the RTA.

Attending training sessions and passing an online test are necessary steps in the process. As a result, the permit is free.

5.2.1 Will there be a penalty if I do not obtain a permit?

Yes. A Dh200 punishment might be in place on anyone that is using an e-scooter without a valid license or authorization. The full list of fines is provided below:

-Failure to follow a particular route: Dh 200.

-Riding on streets with a 60kph+ speed restriction costs 300 dirhams.

-Dh 300 is the fine for reckless cycling that endangers the life of others.

-E-scooter use or parking on walkways intended for jogging or walking is subject to a Dh 200 fine.

-Without permission, using an e-scooter costs Dh 200.

-Absence of protective equipment: 200 dirhams.

-Failure to adhere to the authority’s set speed limits will result in a Dh 100 fine.

-Passenger transport costs Dh 300.

-Failure to follow safety regulations is punishable by Dh 200.

-Using a scooter that is not up to snuff will cost you Dh 300.

-Parking in prohibited locations or in a way that could endanger or obstruct traffic is subject to a Dh 200 fine.

-The fine for disobeying traffic signs is 200 dirhams.

-Riders under the age of 12 who are not being watched by an adult over the age of 18 will be fined Dh 200.

-Failure to dismount at a pedestrian crossing is punishable by Dh 200.

-Failure to report an emergency that resulted in harm or damage is punishable by 300 dirhams.

-Left-lane driving and unsafe lane switching cost 200 dirhams.

-Dh200 for riding against traffic.

-Dh 300 fine for blocking traffic on the route.

-Using an e-scooter to drag objects costs Dh 300.

-Training establishment fined Dh 200 for failing to get a group training permit from the appropriate authority (for each trainee).

-Individual training is carried out for Dh 200.

6. How can Connect Legal help you?

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