Drug Offences

Drug Offences

Individuals that incur in drug misuse can be criminally charged in accordance with the valid legislation of the country. Those that are found undergoing criminal activities related to the use or supply of harmful substances can face a sentence that could go from custody up to a life sentence. The severity of the sentence will depend on the category of the substance that the person possesses. In this regard, the main criminal charges are the following:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug supply
  • Drug production and importation

Controlled Drugs

Controlled drugs have been categorized depending on their level of danger or how harmful they can be.

The sentence given to the individual found in a criminal offence related to drugs will vary depending on the type of substance:

  • Class A: the most dangerous substances (heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, etc.)
  • Class B: cannabis, codeine, ketamine, etc.
  • Class C: man-made drugs, known as synthetic opioids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supplying, carrying, or even producing harmful substances are illegal activities that can take you to jail or make you pay fines. To avoid getting involved in drug-related offences, it’s helpful to know more about the law and Connect Legal can help you in this matter.

  • What are the criminal offences related to possession of drugs?

    When an individual is caught with drugs, even if the substance belongs to a different person, he or she may be found charged with possession of drugs. This applies even if the individual doesn’t know if the drug is controlled or not, according to the cyber law.

  • What is the possession of drugs with intent to supply?

    A more serious offence is one of possession with intent to supply. If there’s evidence that the individual has plans to supply the drugs, either because the amount is inconsistent with personal use, or because the person possesses a variety of substances, he or she can face a severe sentence.

  • What are the main offences related to the supply and production of drugs?

    Supply offences relate to sharing or dealing substances and production relates to the participation of the production of a specific substance. Here in Connect Legal, we have a team of lawyers that can support you on this matter, as well as car accident lawyer and property law.

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