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The end of a marriage can be a heartbreaking time for two people. Above all, if both people do not know the process and requirements to carry it out. The UAE is the area with the highest rate of divorce in the region. In 2016 alone, there were 1,383 cases of divorces in Dubai.



 Some of the reasons why the divorce rate is so high in this area are the following: Poor communication, marital infidelity, job loss, financial strain, or some unrecognizable difference related to culture, religion, or social media. Furthermore, the unrealistic expectations of a marriage can cause irreparable fissures.



Getting a divorce in the UAE is a fairly simple and quick legal service (if both parties agree). However, being such an important decision, it is always advisable that you look for the best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai. With their knowledge of UAE law and an understanding of your situation, they will be able to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your interest.



 The best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai will help you look after your material interests. And also, fight (if necessary) for the custody of your children.


Aspects of divorce in the UAE


 In the United Arab Emirates, there are several considerations to take into account if you want to get a divorce. The most important, probably, is the reason for the divorce. Depending on the reason, you must meet certain requirements. Also, although there is no separation time, the couple in question must reside in the UAE for at least six months before filing for divorce.



 If the couple cannot reach an agreement, the divorce will proceed through the UAE’s Court System. At this point (called contested divorce) the party initiating the divorce must present a reason and prove it.

     As shown above, there are many reasons why a marriage may end. However, none of them constitute legal grounds for divorce. There are several legal grounds, for example, disability, mental incapacity, and non-payment of dowry.



You must take into account that the reason for the divorce will bring with it unintended consequences. For example, adultery provides a legal ground for divorce in the UAE but is also a criminal offense. In this situation, the alleged adulterer may be prosecuted or deported after the divorce. For this reason, most Divorce Lawyers in Dubai advise their clients to reach an amicable settlement. In this way, the parties do not have to prove ground for divorce.



Most common legal ground for divorce


  Some of the most common Legal Grounds in the United Arab Emirates are the following:





The abuse can be mental or physical, but both constitute grounds for divorce. To prove the abuse, the petitioner must submit medical reports. In addition to this, two male witnesses must act as witnesses and corroborate the allegations.


 Female witnesses may offer their testimony on behalf of the claimant, however, they will only count as half witnesses.





 In legal terms, desertion is when one of the parties decides to leave the marriage without the consent of the other person. However, the desertion must be during a specific period for it to be taken as a Legal Ground for divorce. This is generally one or two years.





Infidelity is the reason for the dissolution of many marriages in the world. This occurs when one of the parties has some kind of romantic relationship outside of marriage. Proving adultery can be difficult, as you need more than just suspicions and circumstantial evidence. You will require more concrete evidence, for example, photographs, phone records, eyewitness testimony, among others.



How to fill for a divorce in the UAE?


The first step in obtaining a divorce is to look for a legal consultancy agency and choose one of the different Divorce Lawyers in Dubai that provide these legal services. Next, you must register the case with the Family Guidance Section in the judicial department of the corresponding Emirate. A court-appointed conciliator will try to resolve the differences and reconcile the divorcing parties. The conciliation process is legal advice UAE from the UAE and is mandatory in all divorce proceedings in the UAE.



 At this point, the parties involved can express their concerns related to the marriage, without the presence of legal service representatives. Amicable divorces can conclude at this stage. To do so each party must settle a document based on the understanding of both parties. And each party must sign it before the conciliator.



 If one of the parties, or both, are sure they want a divorce, then the conciliator will give the claimant a letter of reference. Which allows them to continue with the process and go to court to conclude their divorce case.



The letter can be delivered to the court at any time. As long as it is no later than three months from the date of issue. Once in court, the specifics of the divorce case are left to the discretion of the court. Each party must provide evidence to support their claims against one another, as well as in their defense.



Divorce laws for Muslim couples


Sharia Laws govern Islamic marriages. If both husband and wife are Islamic and residents of the United Arab Emirates, then it is very likely that the Sharia Laws will apply to their divorce as well. The same would happen if the husband is Islamic and the wife is not.



Divorce laws for non-muslim couples


The divorce process for Non-Muslim expatriates residents of the UAE is carried out in the following way:


 Expatriates can file for divorce in their country of origin or they can apply for divorce in the UAE. If the parties in question want the law of their country to be applied in their case, they can make this request in court.



In case the law of the expatriate’s country of origin fails to cover some aspect of the divorce process, the court may decide to apply the laws of the UAE instead.



How long is the process of getting a divorce in Dubai?


Divorce proceedings in Dubai can take between three and six months. However, this time can depend on various factors, such as the unique complexities of the case. In the case of having children and shared assets, child custody and asset separation can cause the process to take years.



In these circumstances, it is important to seek the best legal consultancy agency and choose the best female Divorce Lawyers in Dubai to help you make good decisions.



Cost of obtaining a divorce in the UAE


 Getting a divorce in the United Arab Emirates can be relatively easy, but it definitely won’t be cheap. Generally, you can expect to pay between AED 8,000 to AED 25,000 for an amicable divorce. If, however, the divorce process involves a lengthy litigation process, the cost can increase up to AED 50,000.



In addition to this, you will need to translate all the necessary documents for the divorce into Arabic. Generally, the cost per document is AED 80.



Things to contemplate when getting a divorce in the United Arab Emirates


 Property Division


In the United Arab Emirates, the property division can apply to almost everything. For example, bank accounts, cars, real estate, businesses, among others. Generally, each party will keep the assets or properties they have in their name. In addition to this, a judge will be in charge of dividing those joint assets (such as bank accounts that are in both names) equitable for both parties.


In the case of real estate and the marital home, judges often prefer to assign the marital home to the custodian. This way, the child (if any) can maintain a normal life while their parents finalize the divorce.


Note that the best Indian Divorce Lawyers in Dubai will keep your interest at heart and will do everything in their power to succeed in this legal service.



Child Support and Custody of children


Under the legal advice UAE, the biological mother of the child is the custodian, while the father is the guardian. The custody of a child includes day-to-day care, medical treatment, education, accommodation, and religious guidance, while the guardian is responsible for financial support.



 In the UAE, custody and guardianship are separate entities. Generally, for the mother to obtain custody of the child, she must prove that she is rational, honest, mature, free from any infectious disease, and must be able to support the child.



 In addition to this, she cannot marry again without the permission of the court. If the father retains custody of the minor, he must have a woman (like a female relative) who takes care of the minor in the house.



Another important aspect of the custody of children is visitation. Guardians generally have the right to visit their children. A judge will normally allow the guardian to visit their children one or two days a week unless the settlement specifies otherwise. Correspondingly, this means that the custodial parent cannot move to another country without the consent of the guardian.



 Hiring the services of good Divorce Lawyers in Dubai will facilitate the negotiation of the custody of the children and the child support.



Spousal Maintenance


Once the divorce is finalized, the husband must financially support his ex-wife. The man must cover the expenses of the food, accommodation, and clothing of his former wife and children. Also, he must cover the costs of education and the salaries of any home employees, such as drivers and maids.



Spousal maintenance can reach a maximum of 30% of the spouse’s income. However, he can pay more if he wishes. Wives do not have to pay any financial support to their husbands.



How to select the best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai?


Hiring the best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai is crucial if you want to handle your divorce the right way. There are certain inherent characteristics of the best divorce lawyers for women that you must take into account if you want to make the right decision. These characteristics are the following:





Trust is the basis of any good relationship and is, at the same time, one of the most important factors when choosing between the different Divorce Lawyers in Dubai. A trustworthy lawyer will be in charge of working efficiently and in favor of the interests of his client. If you choose a lawyer like this, you can trust that your requirements are being met to the letter.



Hard Working


The best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai will put their time, energy, and focus into understanding and creating favorable solutions to the concerns that may exist between the parties. A hard-working lawyer will have as a priority to create strategies that allow them to win on behalf of their client.



Different Approaches


Only the best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai will offer you different approaches when it comes to handling the differences between the parties during the divorce process. When you need the help of a divorce lawyer, he will be in charge of developing a strategy to advance the case. For this, the lawyers will present important documents for their client’s convenience, since they know very well what types of documents are needed (in these types of legal services) to complete the process successfully.



Why do you need the Best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai?


Ending a marriage is never easy. However, if you and your partner have decided to separate, then the first question you should ask is: Do we need a divorce lawyer? And the answer is yes. Since it is an extremely important process and can take months, it is recommended that each party involved take the trouble to search among the legal consultancy firms and look among the Divorce Lawyers in Dubai for one that suits their needs and budget. In this way, both parties avoid financial and emotional losses.



 If it is an amicable divorce, perhaps you will not need a lawyers for Divorce Case. However, a piece of legal advice UAE is that is always wise to hire a lawyer to look through your agreement to ensure that your interests and rights are protected and respected.



If you and your spouse can fix the most common problems civilly, you might not need the services of good Divorce Lawyers in Dubai. However, if there are differences and disagreements between both parties, then looking for legal consultancy is more than necessary.



You should make sure you hire an attorney who understands the situation you are facing. Every divorce process is different, therefore, it demands a different approach. A good family Divorce Lawyers will know what strategies to use to protect your interests and win the case.



So, if you are looking for the best Divorce Lawyers in Dubai or the best legal consultancy firm to accompany you in this process, Connect Legal is the option for you. We will take care advising and guiding you in each step of this legal service, we will take your interests as our highest priority and we will ensure that your divorce is carried out quickly and without inconveniences as professionals We can tell you that in case of Legal Assistance, not to look into the fact on how much do divorce lawyers cost or look into cheap Divorce Lawyers. Or you can even look for best family Divorce Lawyers near me. 

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