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The DEWA (Dubai Energy and Water Authority) is in charge of delivering water and power to the emirate’s residential and business organizations. You will have a DEWA registration regardless you live in a flat or a mansion in Dubai. Whenever someone wishes to terminate the service due to traveling or relocation, they must pay their DEWA final bill.

In this article, we will teach you how to process your DEWA final bill to prevent financial consequences. You will learn everything about the Dubai Energy and Water Authority and the deactivation steps. It is important to be informed of the DEWA disconnect process while relocating out of the area or changing dwellings. Here are some things you may be wondering:

1. What are my options if I want to terminate my DEWA registration?

2. How can I do the DEWA disconnection process online?

3. What happens if I cannot log in to make the DEWA deactivation?

4. How much is the fee for DEWA deactivation?

5. What are the steps to transfer a DEWA account?

6. How can I get my DEWA security deposit back?

7. Where can I apply in Dubai for a provisional DEWA connection?

8. Why should you contact us to help you with your DEWA termination?

1. What are my options if I want to terminate my DEWA registration?

DEWA final bill

Dubai Energy and Water Authority have grown much more customer-friendly in the latest years, thanks to the digitization of its services. Most actions can be done online, regardless if it is paying your DEWA final bill, establishing a new DEWA subscription, or filing a complaint. Similarly, you may finish the DEWA disconnection procedure online rather than visiting a physical location.

If you want to apply in person, we can help you deliver the appropriate form to a DEWA Customer Happiness Centre. The following information must be provided:

  • Customer account number.
  • Disconnection date
  • UAE phone number
  • Emirates identification card

After submitting your petition, you will get a link to pick the refund choice as well as the move-out notice number.  The process of DEWA final bill payment and possible security deposit refund is the same.

If you are having trouble with your Emirates identification card, you can contact us to get legal assistance. In case you have issues with your visa, our immigration lawyers have the perfect qualifications to help you fix any misfortune.

1.1 DEWA termination options

As previously stated, DEWA disengagement can be completed either online or in-person at every Customer Happiness Centre from DEWA. Regardless of the method, you prefer to use, you will be requested to pay the DEWA final bill and you have our expert support in case of any inconvenience.

If you are thinking about opting for the online version, you can get in touch with us to offer you the necessary assistance for this process. In the following sections, we will be discussing all the steps and requirements you must meet, including how to request DEWA final bill.

There is nothing to worry about if you are having difficulties with the online login. You will also learn the way to send your petition for disconnection without having to log in. With our help, the DEWA final bill online process can be quite simple and will not take a lot of your time.

1.2 How long will it take to unlink a DEWA account?

DEWA will complete your DEWA final bill disconnection petition within 24 hours. The system should issue the DEWA final bill automatically within 24 hours of receiving the request.

2. How can I do the DEWA disconnection process online?

The steps on how to apply DEWA final bill online are simple. You have to make sure to provide us with the requirements we mention in the previous section and your login credentials.

Additionally, you can choose from two options. Firstly, the online website option, in which we can help you enter the official DEWA webpage. Or we can also support you using the mobile application.

2.1 Step by step: DEWA online disconnection

  • Those with a DEWA user ID or a UAE Pass should go to the DEWA website, choose consumer, deactivate energy or water, and log into their account. If you do not have one already we can help you obtain it in no time.
  • Enter the DEWA number of contract and account (ten digits) or the Emirati Pass. Remember to include just the account details for which the request is being made (in case you have multiple accounts).
  • The following step is to pay the overdue bill. You can make the DEWA final bill payment using a debit or credit card.
  • Following DEWA final bill process, you will choose your moving-out date and provide an active telephone number so that a DEWA staff can call you if necessary.
  • At this point, you must also select the payment method for your DEWA safety deposit return. It might be by internet banking or by check.
  • When you finish this procedure, you will receive an SMS with a move-out notice number. This number can be used for future formal correspondence.

On the day of departure, the service will be turned off, and the final flow rate will be reported. We can also help you obtain a DEWA final bill clearance certificate after the process ends.

2.2 Disconnection of DEWA Online via the app

If you own an account, you may also ask for DEWA  and disconnection using the DEWA app. The processes are just like those outlined previously for how to apply for DEWA final bill online on the official DEWA website. However, if you need any support we are your most reliable option.

3. What happens if I cannot log in to make the DEWA deactivation?

Do not worry if you have not enrolled online or if you do not have access to your DEWA login information. There is always another option on how to apply for DEWA final bill.

With our professional support you can pay the DEWA final bill quickly. you will only need to provide us with your DEWA contractual account number of ten digits and your DEWA premises number of nine digits. Following that, you will have to give us your one-time password that DEWA will send you through your cellphone number or your email address. Lastly, we will help you pay the DEWA final bill, select the date of departure, and choose the DEWA safety deposit return option.

If the move-out time is in the future, you must pay the DEWA final bill later. Please keep in mind that the DEWA final bill will be sent within 24 hours of the chosen date and may be covered by the security deposit.

If the DEWA final bill enquiry exceeds the security deposit, a new bill is generated. If the invoiced amount is less than the safety deposit, any remaining funds will be reimbursed through check or online transfer.

4. How much is the fee for DEWA deactivation?

DEWA final bill

The specifications of the DEWA final bill disconnection charge are as follows:

  • AED 100 for small meters.
  • For large meters, AED 300.
  • AED 10 for knowledge and AED 10 for innovation.

You could inquire if they would be accepting cheques, due to the change in the cheque bounce regulations.

4.1 How can I lower my DEWA bill?

By being cautious of your power and water consumption, you may lower your DEWA final bill request. Installing a smart thermostat to save energy is a smart method to keep track of your consumption.

The more you save energy, the more you will get in the DEWA final bill refund. Remember, you make a secure payment, and from that, the DEWA will charge your DEWA final bill.

5. What are the steps to transfer a DEWA account?

Some people rather transfer their DEWA registration when they move or relocate. You do not need to worry about how to apply for DEWA final bill, the steps to follow are simple. Additionally, keep in mind that you will have to pay any overdue debts.

With our support you can transfer a DEWA registration, you will just need to provide us with:

  • The number and premises number of your new home.
  • Your existing home’s contract account number.
  • The departure dates.
  • After submitting all of the relevant information, you will be given a progress tracking number.
  • When the procedure is finished, you will get an SMS and an email with your DEWA account information and a link.

With us, you can easily fill out the DEWA final bill request letter format or visit the RERA-approved typing center if you are relocating through a Property Management Company. Alternatively, you can apply through DEWA Customer Care Centre.

Those relocating to the UAE can transfer their deposit from the old DEWA registration to a new one. If your remaining DEWA final bill deposit is inadequate, you will need to transfer funds to make up the shortfall. Once the deposit is collected, the electricity and water will be turned on. You can request a Dewa final bill check to take note of how much you will need.

5.1 How do I replace my DEWA?

Instead of asking how to get the final bill from DEWA, we can help you request a DEWA move-in connectivity by getting in touch with the DEWA website or a Customer Happiness Centre in Dubai.

6. How can I get my DEWA security deposit back?

To terminate your DEWA account, you can use online processes or submit an in-person application with our support. You will get your security deposit refund by bank transfer or check after finishing the initial process.

Plenty of people wonder how can I get my DEWA final bill online and worry about how much they must pay, but there is nothing to worry about. The security deposit is there to take care of the DEWA final bill. Unless you use a greater amount of water or electricity, it is enough to cover your expenses.

This means that every citizen is eligible if accomplish the requirements, for getting a portion of their security deposit back whenever they request a DEWA final bill process.

7. Where can I apply in Dubai for a provisional DEWA connection?

We can help you apply for a provisional DEWA connection in no time. To begin the process, we will help you fill out and submit a form. The process is similar to how to apply DEWA final bill online.

All the personal information you will need to get the final bill is the same information you must provide when creating an account.

If you have any questions regarding the legal aspects of this provisional service, you can contact our greatest lawyers to guide you.

8. Why should you contact us to help you with your DEWA termination?

On Connect Legal we know that even though the process for DEWA final bill can be quite simple, that does not mean that everyone gets along with it. It is okay if you find it difficult to deal with all the online procedures. You can contact us to help you understand how to apply for DEWA final bill online.

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