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What is Establishment Immigration Card & How to attain in Dubai

Any investor who wishes to start a business in the area is required to hold a UAE establishment card. It is crucial to comprehend the procedures involved in beginning a business, but you must also be conscious of any additional requirements you may need to fulfill in order to properly market your products or services.

In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about getting a Dubai establishment card for your business. You can also discover more about the significance of getting it. Obtaining your establishment card Dubai is one of the additional steps you must take after establishing your organization. This essential document must be obtained before you may employ people, pay them, and perform a variety of other functions. Let us see:

-What is an establishment card UAE and why do you need it?

-How to attain the establishment card?

-The process to apply for an establishment immigration card in Dubai

1. What is an establishment card UAE and why do you need it?

establishment card

Now that you know how to establish a business in the UAE, it is time to talk about the next steps. You might be stunned, yet there are a few things you need to do before you can, say, make employment contracts, issue invoices, receive payments, and so on.

First and foremost, it is not the document’s only name. The establishment card other names are the company establishment card (CEC) and the CIC or corporate immigration card. Whatever the designation of the document, it is simply a plastic card the size of a bank card that defines information about your organization. This includes your company’s name, card number, and expiration date. The Immigration Authority of the emirate in which your company is registered issues the firm establishment card.

It is worth repeating that the card is not supplied by the registration authority but by the Immigration authorities. In other words, if your firm is registered with Ajman Free Zone, for instance, the paperwork will not be issued by Sharjah Free Zone. Sharjah Immigration Authorities will be requested to do so by the registration authority. It is critical to understand this because many entrepreneurs can set up a company in a free zone in a relatively short amount of time, only to have to wait 8 to 14 days to obtain the company’s immigration card.

Currently, when there are delays in card release, entrepreneurs feel dissatisfied and contact the free zone government. As a result, be ready to wait 8 to 12 days for your firm establishment card and plan your following moves accordingly.

1.1 Why do you need an immigration card UAE?

If you are wondering why do you need an establishment card, the answer is simple. Without the card, you will be unable to apply for any residence visas for yourself or your staff. The reason for this is that you will need to produce a copy of the company’s establishment card together with your visa application materials.

As a result, you should expect the company registration procedure to take several days, then allow eight to twelve days for establishment card issue (if your firm is in a free zone), and then submit the documentation for your resident visa. In addition, while connecting internet, water, and power in your workplace, state service providers may require a company establishment card.

2. How to attain the establishment card?

establishment card

To obtain an establishment card UAE, you must fulfil the criteria, gather the required paperwork, and obey the official procedures.

2.1 What are the requirements for acquiring an establishment card?

The only condition for acquiring the establishment identification is that the company already has a trade license.

In this regard, we advise that you to go through the process of registering your business and defer acquiring your trade license. As a result, you can then begin the application procedure for your establishment document.

2.2 What information is essential for your establishment card?

The following are the supporting materials that must be supplied with your application:

-A copy of your company’s trade license.

-List of connections (for LLC companies).

-A duplicate of the association’s memorandum of understanding

-UAE national sponsor’s or local service agent’s passport.

-Photocopies of both partners’ passports.

-Collaborate and sponsor passport photographs.

-A description of the area in Arabic.

-A duplicate of the lease contract.

-Copy of the e-signature card UAE of the sponsor and signatories (if any).

-Owner’s degree certifications.

2.3 What are the stages in obtaining an establishment card?

When you have all of the required documentation, you can request a Dubai immigration card. You must complete the petition form and return it to the proper immigration office.

To receive your company establishment ID, follow these steps:

-Obtain the request form by bringing your documents to the Tasheel typing facility. Complete it to have the form translated into Arabic.

-Obtain the signatures of your partners as well as the company seal.

-Take your card.

-You can also send it to the Ministry of Labor. You must keep your card secure after receiving it to avoid losing it. If you lose it, you must pay replacement expenses and obtain a new one.

3. Process to attain an establishment immigration card in Dubai

A business must apply for a new immigration document or an establishment immigration card. This card registers your business with the GDRFA. It is valid for one year and permits a company to hire overseas workers and apply for international investors, partners, and employment visas. To avoid fines, it is also necessary to do your renewal and pay your establishment card renewal fine before it expires. Failing to do so will lead to the suspension of all new visa applications.

Furthermore, it is essential to finish the renewal of the establishment card number well ahead of the expiration date, but only after you have updated the company’s registration. You must know about these two days so that you can organize everything, gather your documentation, and begin the process. You can complete the renewal process online or through AMER Service.


-The business already has a trade license.


-First emirates (sponsor).

Trade permit (1st and 2nd copies).

-Id of the local sponsor (color).

-Page from each partner’s passport and visa for an LLC corporation (copies).

-A copy of the lease agreement (with online application).

If a consumer chooses not to renew online, the company is responsible for removing the customer from the GDRFA officials, according to a letter printed by the company.

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