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Limited contract 45 days salary in the case when an employee terminates the contracts


This article will explain to you the situation that phases out when the employee himself terminates his limited contract.

1. In what cases can a limited contract be terminated?

Limited contract 45 days salary

Limited contracts in the UAE have a specific duration, which cannot exceed 2 years. However, the employer can renew the contract for the same amount of time or less. In addition, there are several reasons for which there may be a termination of contract by any of the parties involved. These reasons can be: The contract ends. The worker terminates the agreement before the completion date, in this case, the worker must indemnify the employer with a limited contract 45 days salary or for the remaining contract period whichever is lesser. Termination of limited contract by the employer, when this happens, the employer must give the employee compensation of 3 months of salary. This compensation may also consist of the salary for the remaining days of the contract unless there is a prior agreement.

2. Rights and duties of employees

Next, we will show you the rights and obligations of employees, included with the limited contract 45 days salary. The said duties and rights are the following:

-The worker can quit his job without notifying the employer if he breaches the obligations of the labour law or the contract. You can also do it if the employer or a representative of the company attacks you. In the same way, the employer can carry out employee termination in those same cases.

Arbitrary dismissal and disciplinary action occur if the employer dismisses the employee without a valid reason, after the probationary period. Likewise, it occurs if the reason is not related to work or if it occurs due to a complaint made by the employee.

-Once the contract is finished, the employee may request a certificate of experience from the company. This document should contain information such as contract dates, length of service, type of employment, and more.

-If there is a change of employer within the company, the service to the employee should continue and both employers must pay the salary. In this case, the payment will be for 6 months and then the new employer will assume responsibility.

-The employer can include in the contract a clause so that the worker cannot work with a competitor. However, if the employer is 21 years old, the agreement must have a time, place, and type of work limit.

-The worker can choose not to renew his contract with the company after the termination of the contract. This way, the employer must pay the return ticket to the country of origin of the employee. However, if the worker resigns, he must pay for the return ticket.

-The employer can ask the employee to vacate the housing provided if they have already paid final benefits.

3. End-of-service gratuity

The end-of-service bonus only occurs if the worker has a period of service that exceeds 1 year. However, you can receive said payment if the service exceeds 5 years in the company. The total amount of this benefit is easy to calculate using an end-of-service gratuity calculator.

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