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The vigorous expansion of the energy sector is the main focus of the UAE’s economy. The government is constantly implementing laws to improve the efficient use of energy sources. Consequently, the production of this type of energy is at an all-time high. Thanks to the implementation of energy laws citizens of the United Arab Emirates are making some changes:

  • People are transferring to renewable energy and new technologies.
  • The spread of e-mobility and smart energy is continuously growing.

Energy Lawyers

New trends are constantly emerging. Therefore, established industries are finding complex changes within their cores. Professionals are providing an efficient, eco-friendly solution to all these new challenges.

Energy lawyers are offering their services to help companies with careful preparation and analysis. Subsequently, helping with:

  • Energy-invested protection.
  • Legal advice to prepare companies to keep their compliance with the new laws.
  • Participation in governmental processes regarding the energy sector.

From the dawn of the industrial revolution in the early 1900s, energy has represented a major part of the development of any nation. Subsequently, the technological advances that allowed the design of new energy generation methods have been a revolution of their own.


However, mostly since the beginning of the 21st century, there has been an increasing demand for one specific type of it: Renewable Energy.


Environmental concerns worldwide have driven governments and companies to pursue energy sources that are non-polluting and self-sustaining.


Now, the UAE have joined this pursuit by taking steps to incentive the generation and use of renewable energy. The most important one is the launching of its Energy Strategy 2050.


But, there is one key element for this strategy to be successful in the near future: its legal framework. In the UAE, it comes in the form of Energy Law.


Therefore, your company must be up-to-date with the requirements of this legislation to enjoy the advantages of renewable energy. To do so in the UAE, you will need legal advice regarding this topic.


We at Connect Legal can offer you the Legal services of our skilled team of Energy Lawyers, to help you in this adaptation process.

1.    The UAE’s Energy Strategy 2050


In the UAE’s early years, the high dependency on oil generated an energy sector mostly based on natural gas. However, the top demand nowadays is for renewable energy, and the energy generated from oil and natural gas is not.


The UAE authorities know this issue, and to address it, they developed policies to encourage the transition to renewable energy. As a result, they launched in 2017 its Energy Strategy 2050.


In essence, the strategy has both environmental and financial aims. On the environmental side, it has the goal of 50% of the generated energy to be clean energy. Now, on the financial side, it searches to save funds by doing so.


Most importantly, it means that your business in the UAE can get financial incentives for transitioning to renewable energy.


Consequently, there is a legal framework you must take into consideration in your company for this energy change. This is both the case if you are an energy consumer who wants to generate its own clean energy, and if you are a private investor in the energy market.


To deal with Energy Law regarding Energy Strategy 2050, seek our Energy Lawyers’ services and avoid any legal issues in your organization.

2.    The UAE’S Renewable Energy sector: Participants and market


One of the first effects of the UAE’s Energy Strategy 2050 is the birth of a market for Renewable Energy. As it is in all businesses sectors with high demand, local and foreign investments have tended to be more frequent.


On the other hand, the UAE authorities have taken a different approach in this sector. As we will reveal later on, they have a much stricter control regarding projects in this matter.


Therefore, you will need to work closely with government entities to enter the Renewable Energy sector.


Furthermore, you will also see that civil society has an active role in promoting the advantages of renewable energy. In this matter, you will find in the UAE several non-profit organizations that facilitate this promotion.


Nevertheless, none of these non-profit organizations will help you with the legal part of the transition, nor the consents and permits you will need to get. That help can come from our Legal Services expert Lawyers in Energy Law. So, reach out to us, and get their services right away.   


Let us now show you which are the main participants in this Renewable Energy sector, and how is the Renewable Energy market in the UAE today:

2.1.          Main Participants


Above all, the UAE’s Energy Strategy 2050 represents the government’s active role in achieving the change to cleaner sources of energy for the nation.


Because of this, it is correct to state that the UAE Government is the main participant in the Renewable Energy sector. In fact, if you want to develop large renewable energy projects, you can only procure them through government-owned entities.


In other words, the other main participant in the Renewable Energy sector is the private sector, but it can only be involved in this matter through the first participant.


To be more specific, at a federal level you would need to work with The Federal Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA). These are the same entities that manage the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric energy in the country.


Now, establishing a partnership with the government or with government-owned entities can be complicated due to the regulations they require. To do it correctly, legal advice UAE on Energy Law may come in handy.


Our Energy Lawyers can assist you with these issues. Therefore, to fulfill your goal of developing an energy project in the UAE, get in touch with us.

2.2.          Renewable Energy Market


As we previously stated, a marked emerged from the UAE Government policies regarding renewable energy.


In this Renewable Energy market, different sources of clean energy compete to be the earliest replacements of oil and natural gas.


First and foremost, there is one type of renewable energy that is now undoubtedly winning this competition: Solar Energy. This is even truer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where energy diversification strategies have been implemented.


As a result, large solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power projects have been developed. However, other sources of clean energy are still being considered too.


Therefore, you can still, for instance, procure your wind energy project to enter the market. You will have to perform this procurement through a competitive bidding process run by the UAE authorities on energy, including FEWA.


Most importantly, as our Energy Lawyers will advise you, you will need to participate in this bidding following the guidelines of the emirate law directed to the process.


In conclusion, this renewable energy market has strict federal and local legal rules to follow up. To be up-to-date with all of them, contact us and see what our team can offer you regarding Energy Law.

3.    Financial Incentives for promoting Renewable Energy investments


It is mentioned above that the UAE’s Energy Strategy 2050 is a government strategy. However, federal law does not include any providence regarding financial incentives to renewable power projects of any kind.


But, it is a different scenario when it comes to every emirate policy. For instance, your renewable energy project in Abu Dhabi will be encouraged by its Regulatory Policy for Clean Energy Certificates.


It sets up a scheme in which your business can obtain a CEC, change to renewable energy, and later trade it to claim environmental and social benefits.


Another example of these financial incentives can be seen in Dubai, where the Dubai Green Fund was established. Its main goal is to provide you with access to loans directed to companies in the clean energy sector.


Unfortunately, you in the private sector cannot get a financial incentive if you intend to purchase renewable energy. This is because the purchase of electricity is not allowed by the private sector in the UAE.


In conclusion, getting into the Renewable Energy wave can also be beneficial for you financially. So, get in touch with us to allow our Energy Lawyers to take you to get these incentives correctly.

4.    Consents and permits by the Energy Law in the UAE


As we are dealing here with legal topics, we must also address the consents and permits required by the Energy Law in the UAE. They will need to be fulfilled to allow you the construction and operation of your renewable energy facilities.


In every emirate, you will need a license that commonly includes an environmental impact assessment and a construction permit. Usually, it will also include a valid commercial registration.


In addition, you will also require some no-objection certificates from certain authorities, such as Civil Aviation and Etisalat.


However, it is important to state that the required permits are specific to each project. So, you will need to ask our team of Energy Lawyers to analyze which permits should be issued for your renewable energy project.


On the other hand, the authorities that issue these permits are bounded to the emirate where your project is planned. For instance, In Abu Dhabi, it is the Department of Energy.


To sum up, dealing with the tasks of getting all these required permits can be challenging. Hence, use your computer or your phone and reach out to us. We can offer you the best Energy Lawyers’ services in the UAE.

5.    Additional frequent questions about Energy Law in the UAE


If you arrived here, you finished reading all this information about Energy Law in the UAE. Above all, we strongly support the preservation of the environment. Hence, we recommend that you must take into consideration renewable energy in your organization.


However, this is a very deep topic of conversation. Renewable Energy projects can be so different from one another that the legal issues associated with each one can vary substantially.


Luckily for you, our team of Energy Lawyers is working hard on every project. It allows them to offer you a more client-based service, in which every one of your legal needs is fulfilled.


Now, we think that you may have ended up with some additional doubts in this matter. To help you in this regard, we have prepared answers to some constant doubts from our clients related to Energy Law.


Let us now show you some of them, to get some of your doubts resolved:

5.1.          What are your Energy Law services in the UAE?


Our team of expert lawyers on Energy Law will give you legal advice regarding all the requirements for your renewable energy projects, or for transitioning to renewable energy in your business.


By doing so, we do our part for the national goal of getting away from its oil and natural gas dependence.


Reach out to us to make a sense of all we can do for you and your organization in the UAE regarding Energy Law.

5.2.          What can your Energy Lawyers do for me or my organization?


They can help you, for instance, with necessary paperwork related to your renewable energy projects. Besides, they can assist you in the process of getting all the required permits.


On the other hand, our Energy Lawyers can represent you or your organization with the UAE Authorities, in order to perform all the legal and certification processes correctly.


In conclusion, it is a lot that we can do for you in this era of clean sources of energy. Hence, get in touch with us regarding our services on Energy Law.

5.3.          Do I need the services of Energy Lawyers in my company?


Without a doubt, yes, you need them. Renewable Energy is a government policy in the UAE, and its authorities are encouraging the transition to clean sources of energy in every business.


Therefore, at some point in the near future, if you have not done it already, you will need to produce or consume renewable energy. When that day comes, legal concerns regarding Energy Law will emerge.


To deal with them is the mission of our Energy Lawyers. This is why we strongly ask you, to call or email us, and take a glance at what we can do to help you.

5.4.          Why should I go with Connect Legal to get Energy Lawyers for my company?


We will provide you with top-of-the-line legal services regarding Energy Law that will allow you to switch to renewable energy quickly. In essence, our Energy Lawyers will work closely with you every step of the way.


By doing so, they will help you keep your company afloat and take care of the planet at the same time. Therefore, to support you in every legal matter related to Energy Law, contact us at Connect Legal, and let us help you deal with any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our renewable energy law firm is working hard on different projects regarding this topic. This way, many companies are trusting us to help them navigate through the constant changes in the energy sector. Businesses are also being more careful with the region’s natural resources. We represent many companies who want to take their part and be compliant with any new laws.

  • What are our energy law services?

    Our energy law firm offers legal advice and solutions to our clientele in the climate change, water, renewable energy trading, power, oil, and gas markets. We are helping the nation to move from its natural gas dependence. Hence, presenting other alternatives such as renewable energy. For example, more people are discovering the efficiency of solar photovoltaic systems, which are turning into affordable energy substitutes.

  • What is the UAE’s Energy Plan 2050?

    It is a strategy announced in 2017, this plan consists of bringing clean energy to the forefront soon. Subsequently, aiming to cut CO2 discharges by 40% while improving energy proficiency by 40%. Solar power will be one of the main energy sources in the region, reducing natural gas usage with these new practices. Even after five years, this plan is already making important changes within our energy consumption.

  • What does an energy law attorney do?

    Lawyers dedicated to working with energy laws are trained to handle many affairs, such as project preparation, organization, and development. Other operations include construction and renewable projects paperwork. Energy litigants can also assist clients on tax, trading, corporate, dispute resolutions, and many other projects. Additionally, they can assist in sales of oil and gas businesses.

Why Connect Legal?

With our support, you can switch to renewable energy in record time. This way, your company will as well remain compliant with the law. We will tailor a variety of services to meet your needs and expectations. Our energy lawyers will work closely with you to navigate this process together. At the same time, taking care of the planet while maintaining your company afloat. Allow us to support you with any legal matter, our professional team has the experience to help you deal with any inconvenience.

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