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1. Introduction to Working Visa For Dubai: –

Dubai is the city of dreams for a lot of people. According to statistics, as of 2022, 3.48 million people are working in the emirate of Dubai. Migrating to a whole new country is not an easy job; there are multiple things to check off the list before making a move. First is obtaining a work visa if you want to work in the city. Therefore, it is essential for people to know the process of getting a working visa in Dubai.

In the United Arab Emirates, there are multiple forms of visas, but not all types of visas allow you to work in the country.

1.1. Types of visas you get in the UAE: –

Business visa
Remote work visas
Tourist visas
Patient and companion visa
E- visa for GCC residents
Retirement visa for UAE residents
Transit visa
Student visa
If you wish to work in the country, you must hold a residency visa along with a working permit. A person, before coming to the country, need to know a series of information on the visa and visa cancellation process in Dubai. There are immigration lawyers across the country providing employers with adequate and updated information on visa processing.

2. How to get a work visa in Dubai?

The first step to obtain a working visa in Dubai is to find a job in the emirate. Once you get hired by someone genuine, and you have done the background checking, it becomes the responsibility of the employer to provide you with a working visa in Dubai. The employer, after hiring, starts the procedure of the visa because, according to the ministry, the employer becomes your sponsor. Before the employee signs the contract, it is essential he or she knows certain rules and implications laid down the by the labour law in the UAE. A no objection letter for visa is also often required by the agencies, companies.

Once the working permit is issued, the employee can now enter the country with this document and stay in the country for a period of 30 days. Once a person enters the country with a work permit, they are given a 60-day permit to obtain a working visa for Dubai. The employer guides the employee to get a working visa for Dubai. The subsequent steps in order to obtain a working visa for Dubai are the medical screening which involves a chest X-ray to scan for TB type 1 and a blood check to detect any HIV or hepatitis, followed by getting biometrics for the Emirates ID and labour card. Through the immigration authorities in the emirate, the employee applies for a residency visa after submitting all the necessary documents. Finally, the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai stamps the visa. Immigration lawyers across the country are there to help employers and employees navigate through the work visa issue in the UAE. Employers in the country need to consult an immigration lawyer because they help in filing the papers and help in listing down the rules and regulations.

2.1. Difference between residency visa and entry permit: –

In simple terms, an entry permit is a document issued by the federal Authority for identity, citizenship, customs and Ports security which allows expatriates to enter the country and stay for a certain period of time. In UAE there are a few types of entry permits for different purposes, namely- employment, family visit, tourism and transit, medical treatment, and humanitarian purposes.
A Residency visa is issued when the ex-pat has entered the country and started the visa procedure, followed by passing the medical screening to prove that the expat is medically fit. Usually, the residency visa is valid for a year, two years or three years.

Some exceptional minds in the country are honored with the 10-year golden visa and 5 year visa.

2.2. Documents you will need for the visa process:

Passport size photograph
Passport and photocopy
Entry permit obtained from the Ministry of Labour.
Medical screening results
Copy of the commercial license of the company

3. UAE employment visa processing time: –

As of 2022, ideally, if the worker clears the medical screening, the employment visa can be processed within 2- 3 weeks. It took about 10-15 working days for the UAE employment visa processing time in 2017. Back then there were 6 major stages to obtain the employment visa.
Quota approval
Labour office approval
Immigration approval
Online visa
Medical screening and emirates id biometrics

As of the UAE employment visa processing time in 2020, the work permit to get processed takes between two and seven working days.


Student visa- issued to expatriate students who are above the age of 18 years and are residing in the UAE to study in an institution in the country. Students in the UAE with a student visa can work in the country only if they obtain a UAE work permit. According to the law, students are not permitted to work full time and may work up to four consecutive hours.
Remote work visas- with this form of visa, you can work with your existing employer domiciled in any part of the world while living in the UAE. This is a one-year visa and self-sponsored.
Green visa- visa focused on people who can sponsor themselves. freelancers/self-employed people, skilled employees, investors and partners are eligible to apply for the green visa.


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