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When it comes to marriage, love and affection are not the only important aspects that play along. To have a legal marital arrangement you should consider some economic, religious, and lawful conditions. Especially when it comes to second marriage law in UAE, it is important to know the requirements to maintain legal and respectful marriages.

In this article, we will talk about the second marriage law in UAE and the differences that exist between Muslims and ex-pats remarrying. Depending on where you are from and whether you are a Muslim you can expect different options regarding marriage. We will also explain the differences between men and women within the second marriage law in UAE. Let us take a look:

1. What are the prerequisites for Muslim second marriages in the UAE?

2. How to have a second marriage in the UAE without consent from the first wife?

3. Is it legal to have a second marriage without being divorced?

4. What do ex-pats need to remarry in the UAE?

5. Why is a prenuptial agreement necessary in the UAE?

6. How is Inheritance in second marriages inside the United Arab Emirates?

7. Where can I find legal assistance for my second marriage in the UAE?

1. What are the prerequisites for Muslim second marriages in the UAE?

second marriage law in UAE

A male can marry multiple times, and more than one lady is eligible to be his wife in Islam to build a loving, cohesive family. A wealthy man can marry up to 4 wives for grounds that benefit both individuals and communities as a whole. Considerations for Muslim second marriage law in UAE are as follows:

In terms of tangible and material matters, the second marriage law in UAE states that:

  • The husband has to be able to treat equitably with all of the women, including staying the night and support. Marrying over one wife while knowing that one will be unable to treat the spouses equally is a significant sin in Islam.

The second marriage law in UAE demands:

  • Equal expenditure for all wives. The husband should be able to spend equally on all wives. This implies he must be economically solid enough to support another family while also supporting the one from his first marriage. As previously said, following the second marriage law in UAE a husband can keep four women if he can do honor to all of them.

At the same time, it announces that:

  • No related women should get married, it is not acceptable since it would ruin the connection of relatives. It is also illegal under second marriage law in UAE for a guy to marry both the bride and the sister at the same ceremony. The same is true for a bride with her maternal aunt.
  • Finally, it is illegal to marry the fiancée and the bride’s paternal aunt in the same ceremony.

1.1 For a Muslim’s second marriage, the following information is necessary

According to the second marriage law in UAE, these are the documents that both men and women will have to provide to get married.

1. Completed marriage application.

2. Emirates ID cards of the contractual parties.

3. Legal guardianship family book.

4. The bride and groom must have valid passports.

5. Certificate of premarital health examination.

1.2 Legal requirements for the second wife in the UAE:

For UAE nationals, the second marriage law in UAE states that immediately after getting the marriage certificate, both couples must go to local authorities to remove their names from their parents’ current Family Book and obtain their own Family Book.

Following the issuing of a contract of marriage, residents should approach the local authorities to modify the visa sponsoring status and award the spouse’s residency visa.

2. How to have a second marriage in the UAE without consent from the first wife?

It is fairly simple for males to obey this second marriage regulation. On this provision of authorization from the first marriage, the current second marriage law in UAE states that a Muslim can marry a new wife. He does not need permission from his first marriage for this conduct.

The second marriage law in UAE, like Islamic sayings, indicates that:

  • Your appropriate and courteous approach towards your marriage is to first ask your first spouse to have a second one. It may become easier for her to deal with these events and not damage her feelings.

Under the second marriage law in UAE:

  • Muslim women’s men can marry a new wife without their permission. Your husband will pay you maintenance for yourself and any children you have. During your iddah, he will pay for your food, expenditures, clothes, and temporary housing.

All of the first wife’s expenditures will be borne by the other, and they will exist despite your financial means. If your husband does not comply, you may initiate a complaint against him under the second marriage law in UAE and the Islamic government. Here at Connect Legal, we can help you file any civil complaint or give you the best legal advice to guide you.

3. Is it legal to have a second marriage without being divorced?

There are several regulations of the second wife in Muslim law relating to legitimacy and divorce. The UAE government implemented the second marriage law in UAE regulations like the flawless Shariah of Islam has taught all Muslims.

Second marriage law in UAE differs in that a second wife without separation is eligible for a male. On the other hand, the woman must get a separation or divorce from her spouse and finish the iddah time. According to second marriage law in UAE she can then enter another man’s life as his spouse after that. Otherwise, the woman’s second marriage will constitute a haram union.

When a husband-and-wife divorce ends, the lady is no longer a part of her former husband’s life, property, or inheritance. Only the man has, under the Nikkah, to provide the Haq-Mehr to her. The Haq-Mehr is a wife’s entitlement granted by Deen-e-Islam. It depends on the man’s financial situation. It is best to count on a legal advisor to proceed correctly.

Even after divorce, the woman’s expenses would be the obligation of her divorced spouse throughout the iddah time (4 months and 10 days). A Muslim widow’s second marriage can happen under the second marriage law in UAE once she has completed her iddah time; after that, she can marry any Muslim.

4. What do ex-pats need to remarry in the UAE?

second marriage law in UAE

If you have been divorced and are considering remarrying, there are a few legal considerations you should keep in mind.

  • Hiring legal services is vital since we all know that second marriages are more complicated than first ones. There might be assets from the first marriage, including businesses, retirement, savings, real estate, and investments. Not to mention the children.

Remarrying sometimes involves tough legal, economical, and emotional decisions, particularly in the UAE. Therefore:

  • Find the best legal advisor in our network. We are using our knowledge and skills in this field to assist you in making vital decisions about remarrying in the UAE. Contact us immediately if you need to talk with a family lawyer in the UAE.

Remarriage in the United Arab Emirates can vary a lot from the first marriage. Ex-pats do not experience the same second marriage law in UAE. Only Muslim men get to have multiple wives. Here are a few examples of what to take into consideration before taking a step forward with a new marriage:

4.1 Personal matters

It is reasonable that you have already gone through a lot of heartaches and worry since your previous marriage ended. The same is applicable for whatever cause, including divorce or death.

Because you are much older today than when you got married on the first occasion, you will consider protecting your possessions and your future. If you had children from a prior marriage, you must consider their inheritance. Talking to a divorce lawyer can clarify all your options.

In this case, our legal advisor can help you put all the important personal matters in place. You do not need to go through all of these by yourself. Relying on legal services reduces a lot of the stress.

4.2 Legal matters

A second marriage necessitates the creation of a new will. When you marry again, an old will is invalid. Many people wish to provide for their new wife as well as their children from a prior marriage. As a result, it is critical to ensure that every one of your requests is set out in the event of a misfortune.

However, writing a proper will is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider to avoid any misreading. Remember, you will not be there to precisely explain what you meant. Therefore, our legal advice is to let an expert legal advisor guide you on the writing.

4.3 Financial affairs

You will need to evaluate how your financial situation may change. Most likely you have already purchased other properties and assets. You may have even gotten money from a divorce settlement. The most common legal advice for second-marriage couples is to get into a prenuptial agreement to safeguard their respective interests.

5. Why is a prenuptial agreement necessary in the UAE?

A prenuptial agreement might be beneficial. It is a formal agreement that couples sign before marriage. It specifies what a contractual party desires to happen with property and assets if the marriage fails.

A prenuptial contract is not legally binding unless it is properly drafted and has all of the components of a contract. It must be correctly and equitably worded to have the support of local courts. It is always preferable to contact legal services whenever it comes to important legal writing in the UAE.

Legal advice from marriage attorneys in the Emirates is the best contact in this instance. There are specified circumstances, such as disease, the birth of a child, or a partner’s incapacity, that will cause a judge to overlook a prenuptial and its conditions.

Term use will differ in several circumstances. They can also be set to take effect once the marriage has been in place for a specified amount of time. You and your legal advisor will take the time to evaluate what you want to set to have the most beneficial agreement for both parties.

6. How is inheritance in second marriages inside the United Arab Emirates?

Inheritance is frequently a difficult issue that requires careful consideration before beginning a new marriage. If you pass, your assets will be immediately transferred to your surviving spouse. This raises a slew of complications, especially if you had children from a prior marriage:

  • If you had children from a prior marriage, you will most likely like them to inherit if you die.
  • When you remarry, your children and grandchildren will not automatically inherit a share of your assets. Typically, assets will be handed on to your new spouse as well as the children of your previous marriage.
  • You will need to take certain procedures to ensure that your desires are fulfilled. This can happen with a new will. As always, legal counsel will be important to ensure the protection of your children’s legacy.

Of course, this is for the non-Muslim ex-pats living in the United Arab Emirates. Since the second marriage law in UAE will contemplate all the wives as the family.

7. Where can I find legal assistance for my second marriage in the UAE?

All prerequisites must be in place for any second marriage in the UAE to be lawful and legal. Hiring legal services may help guarantee that you can clear any concerns that arise in preparation for the union. Experts in the second marriage law in UAE will make things easier for you and your family.

Whether you are experiencing some trouble understanding the second marriage law in UAE or any other form of legal issue, we can help you. Our network is full of the greatest legal representation in the UAE. Anything from divorce law, to business and employment issues, or even defamation and deportation from the Emirates. You will find your answer with us.

Contact Connect Legal now to learn more about second marriage law in UAE and how a family and marriage lawyer in the UAE can help you. Feel free to call our official number +971 43 316 688 if you have any questions. You may also drop us a mail at to go through your questions.

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