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What kind of Failed Medical Test will bar you from work in UAE




When someone is ready to fly here down, you should know that there are medical tests for the UAE visa to be permitted. The Gulf cooperation council introduced expatriate medical screening in the year 1995 in order to track communicable diseases among the expatriates and just like that the medical tests for UAE visa were also introduced in the region. This medical screening is a part of the visa renewal procedure in the UAE.

  • The expatriate is required to give blood samples for HIV detection and go through a chest X-ray in order to detect any possible traces of TB (Tuberculosis), for more enquiries regarding the medical test screening procedures talk to the best Legal advisors in the town.
  • A certain category of workers in the UAE including workers in the nurseries, domestic workers, food handlers, salon workers and health club staff also need to test negative for syphilis and Hepatitis B. The female domestic workers need to test negative for pregnancy.
  • In order to proceed with the visa procedures, the medical screenings must be done government medical facilities and not in a private hospital.
    It is necessary for the ex-pats to know the rules and laws regarding the visa requirements before arriving in the country in order to avoid inconveniences.


As per the cabinet resolution 2016 for the medical tests for the UAE visa , all the expatriates’ residents need to undergo TB screening and those who fail the medical test for UAE visa due to the presence of TB and with active TB or are found with scars will be issued a conditional fitness certificate and residence visa valid for one year while they undergo treatment for the same in the UAE. You should also be aware in knowing your Grace period after Visa Cancellation just in case you run into such situations that your employers no longer wish you to have you in the organization. However It is most unlikely to happen in most of the cases. If your visa is canceled by your employer, you must make sure to leave the country and sort your issue out to come back later and avoid overstay fine. However you can always get in touch with the Employment Lawyers in the town is such scenarios and get some necessary advice.


If you have either tested positive for hepatitis B or in your X-Ray there are active scars of TB or active Tb, this means you have failed the medical test in the UAE; therefore, you will have to undergo treatment in the country. In the year 2014, as per the statistics 83,268 people were tested out of which there were 366 infected patients who therefore returned to their home countries.

  • It is also to be found that most of these patients are origins from countries that do not have pre-testing programs. In the case of a failed medical test in the UAE, the visa is denied, and the person gets deported to their country whereas, in the case of existing visa renewal, they must undergo treatment here in the UAE.
  • It is essential for the expatriates to know on what bases will you be deported from the UAE for failed medical tests in Dubai.
    There are also certain instances where the medical test fails due to past illnesses such past pneumonia scars, in such scenarios the person concerned should contact the home embassy and obtain reports that the medical test failed in UAE due to the scars from previous illnesses.
  • The medical reports should state that the illness has been cured and followed by getting it notarized and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the home country) and the UAE embassy of the concerned country and then get the document attested to file the papers with the ministry of health.


In case of a medical test in Dubai among the workers, the employer is usually the one to arrange for the return tickets to the home countries and is responsible to send the employee back to the home country and in the case of it being a contagious disease the government protocol requires the patient to quarantine and the employer’s Public relation officer gets the passport and passes on a letter stating that the employee is not fit to work along with a return ticket the expats home country. For the employers, to get Legal Advice on the laws, you can drop an enquiry with us as we can assist you with the process step by step.


Once a worker arrives in the UAE, the employer guides the worker with the procedures and there are certain new labor laws an expat needs to be briefed on before accepting the job offer. The ex-pat worker arrives in the UAE with a valid entry visa along with the employment offer letter or a contract. Then the worker proceeds with the medical tests; if the person passes the medical fitness test and the biometrics the visa gets approved. In the scenario of a failed medical test, the visa gets denied and the person will call in for a follow-up medical check-up with the medical team at the hospital.

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