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How does maternity Leave for government & Private sectors in UAE

A woman who is pregnant, as contemplated in the labor law, is entitled to maternity leave in UAE. It is important to note that these licenses are not fixed for the entire country, they vary depending on the emirate in which you are. Another factor that makes these benefits change is the sector where you work. That is why, if you are a future mother, you must be clear about everything that maternity leave in the UAE in 2022 implies.

In this article, you will see all the relevant information about the UAE labor law maternity leave. You should know that depending on whether it is a public or private sector, the benefits vary here you will see those variations. In addition, we will show you how the rights change depending on the sector in which you are. Finally, you will see some frequently asked questions on this topic with their answer. Specifically, we will discuss.

  1. What does maternity leave in the UAE in the public sector imply?
  2. What does maternity leave in the UAE for the private sector in 2022 imply?
  3. Some FAQs
  4. If you have questions about this license, contact Connect Legal for advice

1. What does maternity leave in the UAE in the public sector imply?

maternity leave in uae

It is important to mention that future mothers who work in the public sector have more benefits, compared to those who work in the private sector. Next, you will see what the UAE law for pregnant employees in the public sector says.

1.1 What does the federal government say regarding maternity leave in the UAE?

Article 53 of federal law No. 11 created in 2008 by the government of the UAE; is where you can find everything related to maternity leave. In this law, you can review the following benefits that are granted to permanent employees who are future mothers.

  • They are granted 2 months of maternity leave which their full salary corresponds.
  • For a period of 4 months, they are granted two hours of a nursing license daily. This is for when the employee returns to work. It is important to mention that these hours must be paid as normal.

Something important to mention is that this law also includes paternity leave. They are only granted three days’ leave after the birth of the child. However, not everyone can apply for this benefit, only men who meet the following conditions can obtain it:

-This permit must be requested in advance. The minimum time to do this is 1 month.

-The child is to be born within the territory of the United Arab Emirates.

1.2 Abu Dhabi maternity leave

If you live in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, you work in the public sector and you are an expectant mother, you are also entitled to benefits. Next, you will see the benefits that are granted in this emirate.

-3 months of maternity leave in the UAE and are given full salary during this time.

-Within one year of delivery, they are entitled to a nursing leave of two hours per day.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi also takes parents into account. They are entitled to three days of paternity leave after the birth of the child. It is important to note that these days are fully paid.

1.3 Dubai maternity leaves

The Dubai government created the Human Resources Management Act No. 27 in 2006. This contemplates matters related to maternity leaves in Dubai. Next, you will see the rights that are granted to future mothers in this emirate. It is important to mention that these benefits are very similar to those in Abu Dhabi.

-They are given their full salary for a period of 3 months for maternity leave.

-During the time of lactation, they are given 2 hours a day of the working day. This is for a duration of one year after delivery.

However, certain conditions apply to these maternity leave in the UAE benefits. Below, you will see in detail the conditions of these policies.

-Women do want to extend these 3 months of maternity leave by taking days of their annual vacation. In addition, days can be added to this leave on the condition that they are non-paid.

-If you wish to extend your maternity leave, you must bear in mind that it cannot be for a period of more than 120 days.

-The nursing hours that correspond to you can be at the beginning or the end of the work shift.

-Nursing hours decrease from two hours to one, during Ramadan.

When it comes to maternity leave, the times and conditions may vary depending on the conditions of the future mother or the child. For instance, miscarriages, children born with disabilities, or stillbirth. In each of these cases, the rights may vary.

1.4 Sharjah Government Maternity Leave Policies

Starting in 2016, the Sharjah government implemented policies regarding maternity leave. This is specifically for women who work in government institutions in this emirate. Below, you can see everything related to these policies.

-They are granted a total of 4 months of maternity leave. But, of these 4 months, three months are paid their full salary, and 1 month, no compensation corresponds to them.

-When the child is born, the mother is allowed to take two hours a day to breastfeed the baby. This is for a period of 6 months.

What differentiates Sharjah’s maternity leave in the UAE policies from the other emirates is that; the government allows these mothers-to-be to take days off their annual vacation. With this, they have access to a slightly longer rest.

1.5 Ras Al Khaimah maternity leaves policies

Finally, you will see the benefits that are given by the government of Ras Al Khaimah. They are very similar to those granted in the other emirates, to check it you will see them in detail below.

-The maternity leave granted in Ras Al Khaimah lasts for 90 days. These 3 months are fully paid.

-The lactation period is also taken into account. After the birth of the child, she has one year to be able to take two hours out of her workday and breastfeed the baby.

2. What does maternity leave in the UAE for the private sector in 2022 imply?

maternity leave in uae

If you refer to women who work in the private sector, they also have the right to maternity leave. However, it should be noted that the maternity leave granted in the Private sector UAE differs from the government sector. A clear example is a duration that these permits have in the private sector, which is less than that of the government sector.

According to what is established in the new labor law of the UAE, in the private sector women can have the following licenses:

-A 60-day maternity leave, which is distributed as follows:

-Maternity leaves for a total of 45 days that will be fully paid.

-An extension of 15 days of leave that will be half paid

-Additional leave of 45 days where the allowable salary will not be enjoyed in case of illness on the part of the child and/or mother. This will be valid as long as supporting documents are submitted as proof of this.

-An additional 30 days’ leave with full pay for mothers with babies born with a disability. In addition, it can be extended for another 30 days but without pay.

2.1 Additional information

Maternity leave in the UAE includes time off before and after the mother gives birth. In addition to all the basic maternity leaves, women in the private sector have other benefits. One of these is that you are allowed two breaks so that you can breastfeed your baby every day. This lasts for 18 months from delivery and you should know that:

-This break to breastfeed the baby cannot exceed 30 minutes at a time.

-The woman will have every right to receive 100% of her salary during the entire duration of this benefit.

You found that UAE labor law also allows for 5 working days of paternity leave for men in the private sector. This paternity leave in the UAE can be taken at any time. This can be taken up to 6 months after the birth of the child. The father of the child must request this paternity leave within the stipulated period or he will not be able to enjoy it.

3. Some FAQs

Generally, women ask many questions regarding their rights and the benefits that correspond to them. For instance, the number of working hours for pregnant in UAE. Thinking about that, below you will see a group of questions regarding maternity leave in this country.

3.1 Who are the people who are eligible for this license?

All employed women who are at least 6 months pregnant and can give birth at any time; qualify for maternity leave.

3.2 From when does this permit become effective?

If you are already 6 months pregnant, just the day after the doctor lets you know, you can start the days off. It has a limit and it is when the baby is born, and then the term of the license expires. However, this can be increased considering the conditions seen above.

3.3 Are weekends taken into account for maternity leave days off?

Maternity leave does not specify that they are working days. Therefore, weekends are included within the 45 and 90 days within the permitted time. If, on the contrary, it says that they are working days, the weekends are not taken into account.

3.4 Does full salary refer to gross salary?

Effectively. When you are granted maternity leave, the payment that corresponds to you is the gross salary. That is, you are paid your basic salary plus all the additional benefits or bonuses that correspond to you as if you were working. On the other hand, when mention is made of half pay, you will get half of your salary and half of the bonuses that are assigned to you.

3.5 When can you apply for maternity leave in the UAE?

Maternity leave is valid both before and after giving birth. But, the days can be moved to before or after delivery. If you decide to use the days before delivery, maybe when the child is born; do not get as much opportunity to spend time with him because it is time for him to get back to work.

3.6 Can an employer fire a woman for being pregnant?

It is completely punishable if an employer fires a woman for being pregnant. This is because pregnancy is not a valid cause for dismissal. It is important to mention that the current amendments that have been made to the labor law in the UAE; emphatically prohibit any business owner from firing a woman or giving advance notice of termination to an employee, based on her pregnancy. Nor is it valid for them to use maternity leave as a reason for dismissal.

4. If you have questions about this license, contact Connect Legal for advice

How could you read, maternity leaves have differences depending on which sector of the UAE you belong to. It is important to keep in mind that if you still have doubts regarding this topic, look for more information. In this case, contact Connect Legal so that you can get all the help you need on this topic and many others.

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