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Labour Lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

A market as diverse, multicultural, and dynamic as the United Arab Emirates has a comprehensive set of ethics, norms, and expectations when it comes to labor and employment. We are committed to providing outstanding legal consultancy for both employers and companies around the country. We provide you with labour case lawyers in Dubai that offer the best legal advice UAE and more.


In addition, we create equitable terms of employment compatible with all the UAE employment and labor law’s relevant regulations. Our team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the area works to support our clients in both the private and public sectors. In other words, we provide a wide range of solutions for entities in the UAE mainland or any free zones.


One of our main roles as outstanding labour case lawyers in Dubai for employees is to bring the involved parties to a similar point of reference. Further, while working on labor procedures and policies, to vetting and drafting labor contracts and agreements.


Our help tends to start at the beginning of the recruitment process; our local advocates and legal consultancy team assist you to ensure the onboarding and hiring process is in line with local regulations. Likewise, we also provide full compliance to all subsequent relevant documents and labor contracts generated.


In Connect Legal we guide our clients to navigate through the fast-changing and complex employment environment in the UAE; advising the on all areas of the worker-employer relationship. In the same vein, we also include HR policies, employee handbooks, disciplinary concerns, and dismissal procedures with the assistance of the best labour lawyers in Dubai for employees.


We also provide you with bilingual support and representation of our partners in all post-termination disputes and litigation procedures. As well as legal advice UAE with labor committees.


What are legal services?


Our employment team also assists our clients with their HR departments with redundancy agreements. In addition, we also take care of changing conditions and terms of employment transfers that may result from acquisitions, confidentiality, employment policies, non-solicitation and non-competition, intellectual property protection, and managers/directors’ liabilities and duties.


If you would like to start working with the best legal team across the UAE. Our best labour lawyers in Dubai for Labour Law will take care of all necessary legal obligations, easily. Therefore, if you are looking for company registration solutions, company formation packages, or company formation with a physical presence in the UAE; we are here to assist you.


In addition, we are a first-class law firm in Dubai. We provide support for you with all legal services including litigation management and disputes such as:

  • We can assist you with corporate restructuring, contracts and agreements drafting, licensing, franchising, business setup, and other types of legal solutions. Most importantly, our best labour lawyers in Dubai provide you with the necessary expertise, capabilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and human resources to ensure you obtain the highest quality services.

Our competitive prices and quality solutions will assist you from the start to the end. In other words, we will become your partner and we will be available for you with ongoing support. Likewise, we also provide you with legal assistance to register your business in the UAE get it running as soon as possible.


We embrace the entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit and go beyond to help our clients turn their business ideas into establishments. In the same vein, our vast range of solutions includes business setup, audit, consulting, taxation, legal services, and banking solutions. Therefore, if you are starting up or expanding in the country; our labour lawyers in Dubai for Labour Law are here to assist you.


What are the benefits of obtaining our solutions?


Our labour lawyers in Dubai can provide you with everything you need to start your business in Dubai and across the UAE. As a single partner for company and business setup and growth in the UAE; we grant you with resources, capital, legal support to grow and thrive your company in the country.


On the other hand, unresolved or poorly resolve legal problems have a degrading effect in various areas of a person’s life. For instance, it may impact their right to earn a livelihood, live in dignity, their health, or form part of their community. In Connect Legal we provide you with unparalleled labour lawyers in Dubai so you can resolve and prevent problems from impacting your life.


Helping a vulnerable individual to resolve a tenancy dispute may prevent subsequent homelessness, disruption of their children’s education, and disruption of their employment. In addition, it reduces the prevalence of family and health problems such as breakdowns in family relationships; they are associated with exposure to anxiety and stress.


The consequences of a person experiencing health issues, unemployment, homelessness, and lack of education as a result of legal disputes bring a subsequent burden to the state as increased use of the health system. In addition, beyond our legal advice UAE to individuals, legal aid to the vulnerable also reduces the economic impact to the state caused by poorly resolved legal issues.


In other words, legal benefits are called by different names such as legal assistance, legal benefits, legal insurance, and others. Further, additional components of legal benefits can be included in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Likewise, EAPs provide workers with support, resources, and complimentary advice for various matters including legal help.


What type of audit and consulting solutions do we provide you?


Our labour lawyers in Dubai offer you a comprehensive range of solutions including auditing, VAT-related solutions, accounting, and various services to assist you to comply with the tax and accounting regulations. That is to say, one of our main objectives is to provide companies with transparency and ease in the UAE. 


Internal audit


Our team of labour lawyers in Dubai can provide organizations with the right tools to monitor their risk and governance management processes while identifying opportunities for improvement. That is to say, by merging the experience and knowledge of our team with your company; we will create a top-quality internal audit function that provides a competitive edge, reduces risks, and improves business performance.

We will analyze, identify, and assess vulnerabilities and risks in various areas of your business and recommend risk responses.


External Audit


Our external audits solutions will help your business prepare for a new venture, ensuring all the legal and financial aspects are in order. In addition, our outstanding team of labour lawyers in Dubai will ensure that your company stays compliant with management accounting standards. Further, it minimizes the risk of fraud and ensures the financial statements of your business are accurate.


In other words, our credentials and external audit processes will protect your company, you, and your customers from fraud.


Forensic Audit


This is the process of examining your business’ accounts to uncover and take care of any irregularities. In the same vein, our forensic audit is performed by our experts in law and accounting. Therefore, it allows you to measure the performance of your company. It also provides an evaluation of your business’s net worth, liabilities, and assets.


Labour lawyers in Dubai will ensure your business stays compliant with all audit and regulatory requirements.


Fraud Investigation


With our fraud investigation solutions, you have the opportunity to reduce the number of daily frauds committed. In addition, we have the right skills and knowledge to investigate and restore the integrity of your financial records, identify fraud, and provide evidence for accountability.


In other words, Labour lawyers in Dubai grant you the best solutions, skills, and expertise that you need to combat fraud. 


How can our legal services take your business to the next level?


In Connect Legal we take care of all your business legal needs so you can focus on your company. That is to say, we are committed to providing you with outstanding legal challenges related to business management and company setup in the UAE.


Legal Advisory Services


We provide legal counseling for businesses across the United Arab Emirates including the mainland area, Free Zone, and offshore companies. Further, we believe that a collaborative approach is the best problem-solving method to solving your problems with our full range of legal solutions.


On the other hand, it does not matter if you are starting up, planning to sell, or buy a business in the country, or looking for advice on a dispute; our outstanding team of labour lawyers in Dubai and the UAE will assist you with everything you need.


Legal Compliance


We will ensure your business stays compliant at all times with the labor and employment laws of the UAE. In addition, we will become your partner and ensure your business does not miss any deadlines. That is to say, you can rest assured your business is fully compliant with all legal requirements.


We will assist you to stay compliant at all times and have everything in order.


Case Management


In Connect Legal we have outstanding case management and dispute resolution team that offers a wide range of commercial and legal resolutions to our clients. Moreover, we follow a comprehensive approach to case management providing you with strategic and legal advice UAE, the right connections, and legal consultancy.


With this approach, we will reduce costs and legal risks while maintaining a strong defense of your business interests. In addition, with our bilingual advocates, we will support corporate clients in all disputes and litigation procedures and assist them with mediation.


Dispute Resolution and litigation


Eliminate the risk of litigation by having an experienced team dedicated to the activity. That is to say, our team of experts will assist you with your dispute resolution requirements; helping you to reduce the risk of longer-term implications. In addition, we provide a comprehensive solution where we take care of all litigation aspects on your behalf; saving you money, hassle, and time.


On the other hand, our dedicated team of lawyers will work side-by-side with you to resolve any disputes you may have cost-effectively, fast, and amicably.


We will provide you with the best business setup solutions


With us, you can legally set up your company across Dubai and the UAE. Likewise, setting up your business has never been an easier task. And as your legal partner, we will take care of all tedious processes involved.


Company Formation in UAE Mainland


The UAE is one of the most pro-enterprise companies across the country. But like any other country, it has norms for setting up new ventures. Such as: registration, applying for trade licenses, and others. Similarly, if you are looking forward to setting up your business in any jurisdiction in the UAE; our team of labour lawyers in Dubai will help you.


Similarly, we offer you a comprehensive range of different solutions starting from business registration to identifying suitable premises and the rest of the procedures.


Company Formation in UAE Free zones


The free zones of the country have the highest levels of business and corporate security of any other country in the Middle East. Further, it does not matter if you want to set up a new business or establish a free zone subsidiary; we will work hard so you can set up easily. With us, you can take advantage of the UAE’s fiscal and economic incentives.


On the other hand, a good advantage is that it offers a perfect solution for investors and entrepreneurs looking to start working; 100% foreign ownership without needing a local partner.


Offshore Company Formation in UAE


When you set up an offshore entity in the UAE; you will obtain massive exclusive benefits for your business. In addition, you will have the chance to enjoy 100% ownership without any possible restrictions. Moreover, when you set up an offshore company, you obtain additional features such as no tax on profits, no withholding tax on royalty payments, and no withholding tax on dividend payments.  


Advice On Entity Structures


The United Arab Emirates is a great location to set up your business. In addition, it is located in a well-positioned and strategic location for companies to take advantage of the opportunities in the Gulf region. Therefore, with our advice, you can set up your company in this beautiful country perfectly tailored to your needs.


How can our banking solutions assist your company in Dubai?


With more than 20 years of helping companies and businesses open their personal and corporate bank accounts in Dubai; we will provide you with the best solutions. In Connect Legal we will guide you through the entire process and help you prepare all required documentation to ease up the account application.


Bank Account Opening


Your business will require a bank account in the incorporation process as well to conduct business in the country. On the other hand, the banking system of the UAE is highly advanced and customer friendly. Further, banks are ready to provide investment based on your business requirements. Similarly, we take care of the process on your behalf.


Firstly, the process involves applying for a bank account. After that, we complete the requirements of corporate documents and provide you with access to the bank account.


Trade Finance


We offer our partners a massive range of trade finance solutions allowing them to minimize potential risks, uncertainty, and potential risks involved in non-payment or time delays by buyers or suppliers. As a result, our labour lawyers in Dubai will provide legal consultancy and practical advice to companies looking to enter new markets.


Likewise, with our services of Labour Law attorneys, you will also access a comprehensive range of finance tools tailored to fit the unique requirements of your business.

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