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If you wish to practice as a lawyer in another nation, the regulation will be determined by the country you wish to visit. There are diverse professional chances for Indian lawyers in Dubai, however, they are mostly through the affiliate offices of international law firms. These firms may install Indian lawyers in a foreign country to assist their attorneys in knowing Indian law.

In this article, we will be discussing the employment alternatives for Indian lawyers in Dubai. It is conceivable for an Indian-qualified legal services to work as a lawyer in a foreign country. The simplest way to accomplish this is to serve as a “consultant” who solely assists in Indian law. When it comes to these things, it is critical to find the ideal occasion at the perfect moment.

  1. What are the requirements for an Indian lawyers to work in the Middle East?
  2. The advantages of working in the UAE
  3. What strategy can a law student follow to work in the UAE?
  4. Which are the qualities firms are looking for in Indian lawyers in Dubai?
  5. Some interesting facts about Indian Lawyers in Dubai
  6. How can we help you get into the business?

1. What are the requirements for an Indian lawyers to work in the Middle East?

Other than being a legal professional who is registered in the system with the Bar Council, there are no statutory criteria. However, unless one’s business is limited to delivering consultation services, one cannot pursue careers in litigation in the UAE.

To start a legal firm providing Legal Services inside the Middle East, you will need a local partner as well as a license to practice. It should also be noted that the Middle Eastern nations are civil law jurisdictions, and hence their legal concepts differ from those of common law areas.

Although the essential international norms of corporate and commercial law are the same all over the world, it is necessary to comprehend and be familiar with the jurisdiction’s local laws and regulations.

We would not, however, encourage anybody to begin their profession in the Middle East immediately after law school or to establish a business in the UAE without first gaining sufficient understanding and expertise of the local regulations and market.

2. The advantages of working in the UAE

We would not claim that the UAE offers greater professional possibilities since that is highly subjective, and we believe India has a thriving economy, but the multinational, diverse, modern, and fast-paced environment certainly sets it apart from other areas. It also is a terrific location to network and collaborate with magic circle businesses and other foreign firms.

2.1 Culture

The UAE boasts the world’s largest proportion of immigrants. Over 90% of Dubai’s population is made up of immigrants. While working in the UAE, Indian lawyers in Dubai will have the opportunity to meet attorneys and business people from many nations.

You will get the opportunity to meet attorneys who have been educated and trained in both the common and civil law systems. This also aids you in acquiring a broader perspective on life and work. Indian lawyers in Abu Dhabi have a tremendous success.

2.2 Quality of life

When compared to India, the UAE has a higher standard of living. This includes public transportation, safety, and security, health insurance, food quality. Places to visit and activities to do on weekends, five days of work (compare this to the working requirements at top Indian legal firms providing Legal Services), integration of technology to make your life easier, and so on.

2.3 Higher salary

In general, the remuneration of a lawyer working in the Emirates is greater than that of a lawyer working in India. Particularly Indian lawyers in Dubai have greater compensation. The greater compensation may be significant, even two to five times what they were making in India.

A bigger pay also equals more savings, assuming you are smart with money. While for others, the increased salary may not be significant when other aspects are considered.

2.4 Tax-Free Income

In the UAE, there is no income tax. So, anything you make goes directly into your pocket, with no government cutbacks.

2.5 International working environment

You will have the chance to work on international issues, laws of other countries, arbitration proceedings, international corporate growth, and so on while working in the UAE. Many firms have their headquarters or base of operations in the UAE and operate as LLCs in other countries or vice versa.

2.6 Closeness to India

The travel from Dubai to Delhi takes around 4 hours, and there are multiple flights connecting these two cities every day. In an emergency, you may simply make a quick weekend vacation to India. Which is a great relief for Indian lawyers in Dubai.

3. What strategy can a law student follow to work in the UAE?

As previously indicated, we would not advise young Indian law graduates/newly certified Indian attorneys to enter the market right away. Unless they have a second foreign degree or have passed the QLTS and are certified.

Because of the differences in the legal systems of India and the UAE, internships in the UAE may be of interest. Freshmen Indian lawyers in Abu Dhabi tend to go for internships first to get familiar with all the regulations and work dynamics.

Indian lawyers in Dubai must be well-rounded specialists who enjoy developing long-term professional connections. Investing in company development by regularly attending worldwide conventions and networking opportunities is one approach to do this.

Conferences not only give wonderful chances for Indian lawyers in Dubai to meet with colleagues from the industry all around the world. They also provide amazing possibilities for lawyers to educate from the brightest brains and renowned personalities in the legal consultancy community.

4. Which are the qualities firms are looking for in Indian lawyers in Dubai?

It is tough for Indian lawyers in Dubai to obtain work in the Arab World. Particularly in a demanding jurisdiction like the UAE. Multinational firms primarily prefer common law/US certified lawyers. The industry is very competitive and tough to get into if you lack any foreign qualifications.

However, one’s experience is also properly considered, and if you are lucky, have great grades, and have job experience, you will be okay. When it comes to attracting new graduates, the UAE is a very mature market. Employers often favor individuals with prior experience, even if is just one year.

Instead of being constantly watched, they prefer individuals that have a basic grasp of functioning independently and are more reliable.

4.1 Experience

The majority of employees in the UAE transfer from one firm to another in quest of a higher income. As a result, several UAE businesses do not want to be in a scenario where they teach a new graduate only to discover that they will leave within six months of the internship.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of new grads from India entering this jurisdiction. There are opportunities available to Indian lawyers in Dubai. They must, however, begin at the bottom and work their way up.

Your expertise gained via internships in India and real-world post-graduation jobs would undoubtedly add value to your candidacy. Do not discount the value of job experience.

4.2 Advocate registration

In general, employers prefer a western lawyer or an Arab lawyer. However, if you are not enrolled as an advocate under the Indian Advocates Act of 1961, your prospects are lower.

Employers prefer that you be registered in your native jurisdiction since it provides you credibility and recognition. And in case you are dual-qualified or licensed in a western jurisdiction, you will undoubtedly have an advantage.

Indian lawyers in Ajman have a higher chance to get a job as a lawyer when they have a complementing career. This knowledge and experience will give any Indian lawyers a huge advantage over the ones who do not.

4.3 Local presence

It comes as no surprise that your actual presence in the UAE throughout the job search will undoubtedly provide you an opportunity over those who are based in India and therefore are looking for chances from there.

Some firms do not even bother to review applications from non-UAE residents. However, this does not rule out the possibility of entering the UAE from India.

Whether you are applying from the United Arab Emirates or another country, there is one thing you need to do. Indian lawyers in Dubai must know how practicing law in Dubai is.

4.4 Drafting and research skills

If you have done any basic study on the UAE’s legal system and representation duties before it, you will know how this goes. Even though you are a resident of the UAE, a law degree does not give you the power to represent a case before all UAE courts.

This makes it hard (if not unattainable) for recent Indian lawyers to consider a career practicing litigation in the UAE. In addition to these, every Indian lawyers must be familiar with the common practice areas in the UAE.

However, in this area, research and writing abilities are not to be overlooked. Working at a law firm or a corporation will undoubtedly need you to conduct extensive research and produce a range of contracts, legal arguments, and other documents.

4.5 Communication and negotiation skills

Managing the UAE legal system, local authorities’ needs, a range of cultures in and outside your business, and interacting with clients, vendors, and third parties of many countries in a single day may appear to be a daunting job.

As a result, you must improve your communication and bargaining abilities. This is not something that you can learn in a single day. They do not expect young graduates to be masters of these talents. However, these soft skills will undoubtedly benefit here in the future.

4.6 Academic qualifications

Having a master’s degree in law or a second degree (in Administration or economics) may help you locate more possibilities. I have come across several prospects where a postgraduate law degree is desirable.

5. Some interesting facts about Indian Lawyers in Dubai

Lawyers have to make sacrifices and study hard to graduate from law school. After graduation, individuals can pursue further education or practice law in any specific sector. However, other than practicing law, you have the option of pursuing a variety of vocations.

So, let us look at some important and fascinating facts about Indian lawyers in Dubai.

5.1 They are engaged in one of the oldest professions

There have always been laws or regulations that people have to follow from the beginning of time. As time passes, society needs more rigorous law and order, as well as law enforcement institutions.

It also requires individuals to assist others in need of justice. Therefore, as the world evolved so did the law and the professionals nowadays who are necessary to pursue justice for the vulnerable.

5.2 Possibility of earning a high salary

It does not come overnight, or as the saying goes, “Rome was not created in a day.” Indian lawyers in Dubai need experience after college, and with skill and expertise, they usually earn a high salary. However, being a specialist in your chosen subject takes many years. Furthermore, you have a proclivity to continue learning since learning never stops.

5.3 They must refresh their knowledge

No Indian lawyers in Dubai can remain inactive and unaware of what is happening in the world today. A lawyer must be up to date on everything that is going on around him.

This is beneficial to them in their tasks or in anything they are working on. Even if they are forced to deliver a speech or do public speaking, this update enables them to include relevant material in their presentation or any article they produce.

6. How can we help you get into the business?

Now you know there are different options for Indian lawyers in Dubai. Make sure you read the UAE labor law. This will not only help you obtain the job. It will also help you know your rights from the start meaning that you can negotiate employment offers and understand your legal rights.

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