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All you need to know about Labour Card in UAE 2022


If you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates, chances are that you already have a company labour card. Nevertheless, one of the most common questions online is “how can I get my labour card number” and here we will answer it. The process to check status and number is quite simple, so we will promise to help you do it as quickly as possible.

In this article, we will help you understand how to get labour card number in UAE. Therefore, we will walk you through this process and assist you to obtain your UAE labor card number. Knowing your labour card information is vital if you want to start an application process and more. Let us observe.

  1. How to check your labour card online?
  2. How is the process of checking the UAE labour card?
  3. Connect Legal, your best ally in any legal procedure

1. How to check your labour card online?


Firstly, let us define what is the labor card UAE. Commonly known as a work permit, the UAE labor card serves as a confirmation of identity for local workers. Employees must have their labour card UAE with them when moving around the country. It contains information such as the employee’s name and profession, the employer’s name, nationality, expiration date, work permit number, labor card number UAE, and personal number.

If you are typing on your search engine “how to get my labour card number?”, “how to get work permit number in UAE?”, or “what is person code in labour card?”, here you will find answers. If you want to see your company labour card Dubai code, all you have to do is go to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization app or website. In the following pointer, you can see the process to easily check your labour card number UAE.

2. What is the process of checking the UAE labour card?


Firstly, to start the process of checking your labor card status, you must download the MOHRE App. You can find easily find it in your phone’s app store, as it is available for Android and iOS.

labour card

Subsequently, to know your labor card number, you have to create an account. Open the app after downloading it, then click the Sign Up button to set up a free account on the UAE Ministry’s official website so you may use and manage the service.

labour card

Then, you will have three options after clicking the sign up button; you must select the first one to create your Employee Account. Please use this alternative only if you are employed by a private company in the UAE and want to see your electronic work permit; you cannot use this system if you work for a company owned by the UAE government or a free zone.

labour card


Now, let us start with the following steps to know your labour card number.

2.1 Step One

Enter your valid passport details in the box, choose your country from the drop-down menu, and enter your birthdate to start the employee registration process on the MOHRE UAE app.

how to find labour card number

2.2 Step Two

You must establish a password and username for the MOHRE UAE app by using your mail account and telephone number. Please remember that after completing the registration procedure, an activation link will be provided to your email address, and an activation code will be issued to your mobile device.

labour card category in uae

2.3 Step Three

Select your security questions, provide your answers, and then click the next button.

uae labour card

2.4 Step Four

Read the entire privacy statement and terms and conditions of using this app. Then, click I accept and then click on next. You are now one step closer to check your UAE work permit number.

how to get my labour card number

2.5 Step Five

To complete this step, enter your cellphone number and email for the purpose of verification and click transmit OTP (One Time Password).

labor card number

2.6 Step Six

Enter the access code in the step 6 window bar, open your mail and check your phone for the activation link, and click the MOHRE mail’s Click here button.

labor card status

We congratulate you as you have finished the activation process and now can enter the MOHRE app and conveniently access its services and see your labour card Dubai number.

2.7 Login to the app

Use your username and password to enter the MOHRE app. If you were questioning your search engine about “how to find labour card number?” Connect Legal is clearing doubts.

uae labor card

2.8 Answer your security question

Enter your response to the selected question and press the submit button. Soon you will be able to see your work permit number UAE.

how can i get my labour card number

2.9 Access your Employee Dashboard

After you have completed the security questions and logged in, you will see your personal photo as an employee that you uploaded with your immigration documents, as well as your full name and person code. Here is where you can see your labour card category in UAE.

what is labour card number in uae

2.10 How to find labour card number in UAE? Also, find out about labour card renewal

After completing the registration and sign-in processes, you can access the following items by selecting ‘My Dashboard’:

  1. Your Work Card.
  2. Your Labor Agreement.
  3. A copy of your passport.
  4. Information about your company.
  5. Labour Card issuance and expiration dates.
  6. Your information, such as your personal number, Visa profession, and many more.

check labour card status

Also, here is a sample of how your labour card looks after you download it.

how to get labour card number in uae

You should always be aware of your labour card renewal date; so checking your electronic card UAE is essential. In this way, you will not incur a labour card expiry fine 2020 or an establishment card renewal fine 2022.

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