Civil Procedures Law UAE

Civil Procedures Law UAE is a dispute resolution team can help you classify potential claims and advise you on how to prove those claims wrong. Usually, these offenses are non-criminal and can be resolved by a civil litigation lawyer. Therefore, civil lawsuits are settled with a monetary agreement. In most cases, litigators specialize in any field of law, such as:

Several laws in the UAE are related to all kinds of subjects. From commercial transactions to energy investments, the list of matters covered by the UAE laws is extremely long.
However, most of these laws deal with requirements and guidelines made by authorities for persons or companies. In other words, they say how you must perform your business operations according to the government.

But, what happens if the legal issue you are facing is not with authorities, but with another individual? If this is your case, you must review and follow the statutes of what is known as General Civil Procedures Law UAE.

In essence, every legal issue you have with another individual is a civil matter. It does not matter if your issue is related to a contract or a property. General Civil Procedure Law UAE will tell you how to assess it.
In the UAE, Civil Procedures Law UAE exists since its foundation in 1971. Now, General Civil Procedures Law UAE is a wide collection of legislation. Hence, to deal with legal disputes related to Civil Law, getting General Civil Lawyers’ services is the best option.

Here at Connect Legal, we are at your disposal with these services available and more.

1. The United Arab Emirates: A Civil Law country

Contrary to other laws in the country, Civil Law in the UAE is not entirely based on national principles. As a matter of fact, it is inspired mostly by Egyptian and French law.
Other sources of inspiration for Civil Procedures Law UAE were the Roman Legal System, as well as Sharia principles.
Based on the legal grounds and principles of these sources, the UAE Government issued the Civil Transactions Code in 1985. It governs the award of damages and general contractual liability in the UAE.

However, Civil Law is not only contemplated on a federal level. Every emirate has its own established form of Civil Law. For instance, the Emirate of Dubai has what is known as the Dubai Civil Code. It applies to civil and private transactions.

Above all, Civil Procedures Law UAE is for achieving smooth and systematic maintenance of your life and activities in the country. It applies to you regardless of your temporal or permanent stay in the UAE. Now, legal issues related to Civil Procedure Law UAE can heavily harm your business, or be an important inconvenience. Hence, get in touch with us to find out what our General Civil Lawyers have to offer.

2.Persons and Property

In the UAE, General Civil Law covers a variety of scenarios. However, all these scenarios have something in common: They are related to dispute resolutions regarding persons and properties. These concepts are one of the most important parts of the legislation. When it comes to persons, Civil Law states that a person can be natural or legal.

In essence, you are defined by the General Civil Law as a natural person. However, if you are representing a company in a contract, you are then a legal person. This concept of a legal person can also be applied to entities, such as companies and government agencies.

On the other hand, the General Civil Law also defines what is considered property. It can either be immovable (such as buildings and facilities) or movable (such as vehicles and equipment). According to General Civil Procedure Law UAE, a property can be the subject of a contract between persons. But, it is not the only one. A certain good or service can also be it.

Drawing these contracts under Civil procedure Law UAE can be complex. Hence, to do so in a proper manner, seek our General Civil Lawyers’ services as soon as you can.

3. Civil Liability

Besides the previously explained definitions, there is another important part of General Civil procedure Law UAE, which is related to what you can or cannot do on a legal basis: Civil Liability. In other words, General Civil procedures Law UAE defines which acts can cause you direct or consequential harm. Furthermore, it states the consequences of these acts, including compensations for damages. Most importantly, civil liability is directly bonded to what is established in every written contract. To make it in the clearest way possible, General Civil procedures Law UAE defines what you can declare as the elements of your company.

Other important definitions in the General Civil Procedures Law UAE regarding this matter are the effects on your company and the guidelines related to the termination of your enterprise. Moreover, it also defines your company as an entity in which you and one or more individuals are bounded by a contract to participate in financial property.

In conclusion, General Civil Law establishes the harmful actions that you cannot do, even unintentionally. Hence, to ensure you will not perform any of these acts, get in touch with us. See how our expert lawyers in General Civil Law can help you.

4. Personal Status Law in the UAE

Besides legal issues related to business, the General Civil procedures Law UAE also covers cases of a more personal matter. After all, family disputes are also legal issues between individuals, which are the target of this legislation. In the UAE, these disputes are covered by what is known as the Personal Status Law. It establishes the guidelines and the settlement procedures in cases of marriage, divorce, and custody.

Above all, it is important mentioning that, if you have a permanent residence, this Law applies to you. This is regardless you are Muslim or non-Muslim. Personal Status Law is a direct result of Sharia Law, which is a piece of legislation derived from the religious precepts of Islam.

However, in the specific case of non-Muslim families, Personal Status Law opens up the possibility of considering their nation’s regulations. Now, if you are getting married, congratulations, and if you are getting divorced, we are sorry it ends this way. But, for both cases, the services of good General Civil Lawyers are paramount and essential. To find the best General Civil Lawyers from the best Civil Law Firm, come to our offices, and let us give you the best legal advice related to General Civil Law.

5. Civil Cases in the UAE

As we previously stated, the General Civil procedures Law UAE is a wide piece of legislation. Therefore, it is important to talk about key points that you should consider while filing Civil Cases in the UAE. A civil case can be related to several types of claims. These can be commercial (usually in the form of the breach of a contract), family, and real estate matters.

These key points that you should consider when our General Civil Lawyers from the civil Law firm are filing a Civil Case for you are the following:
• Always attach a copy of the contract related to the dispute if it is related to a contractual dispute.
• Translate the document that you are going to submit to the Court into Arabic. In the UAE, you can go to authorized translation centers for it.
• Some claims are subject to both civil and criminal charges. If it is your case, your Civil Lawyers can file both cases simultaneously, and they will proceed parallelly from a civil company uae law.
Now, these are only some key points. Undoubtedly, there are more of them. Luckily for you, our team of General Civil Lawyers manages all of them. Get in touch with us to use them in your favor.

6. Civil Law for non-Muslim family matters in Abu Dhabi

The Personal Status Law is the federal legislation for family matters in the UAE. However, every emirate has its own laws in this matter. One example of this is the recent Civil case Law in UAE for non-Muslim family matters in Abu Dhabi. This new law has the objective of being a modern judicial framework to resolve family disputes for foreign residents of Abu Dhabi.
Most importantly, it allows for resolving these disputes in a flexible matter, working in line with the best international practices. The new Civil case law in UAE for non-Muslim family matters in Abu Dhabi consists of the next five chapters:
• The first chapter regulates the marriage procedures in foreign couples and introduces the definition of civil marriage.
•The second chapter is about divorce procedures for non-Muslims, including the right of the spouses after the divorce and the financial rights of the wife.
•The third chapter is related to post-divorce child custody, and introduces the concept of shared custody.
•The fourth chapter is for inheritance issues.
•The fifth chapter regulates for non-Muslim foreigners the proof of paternity.
If you are a foreign citizen of Abu Dhabi, get in contact with our General Civil Lawyers for more information about it from civil company uae law

7.Common inquiries about General Civil Law in the UAE

If you arrived here, you now know a great deal of information related to General Civil procedure Law UAE. In essence, you are now more aware of important aspects such as the contract’s statutes and what civil liability is. You even now know what laws involve procedures such as marriage and divorce in the UAE.

However, the more information you can get about this topic, the better it will be for your or your company. To help you in this matter, we prepared some answers to common inquiries our clients have regarding General Civil procedures Law UAE. Let us now show you the answers to these common inquiries:

7.1. How can I identify if one of my legal problems is related to General Civil procedures Law UAE?

Your legal problem falls into the General Civil Law category if it is between two or more private parties. If it is between you and government authorities, it lies in other pieces of legislation.

Examples of this type of legal problem are real estate disputes, breach of contracts, divorces, or disputes regarding life planning, such as inheritance issues. Do you still not know if your legal problem falls into this category? Reach out to us, and our General Civil Lawyers will give you the answer you are looking for.

7.2. What should I do if my problem is related to General Civil Procedures Law UAE?

A legal problem related to General Civil Law Firm threatens your everyday life and your business too. If you are facing one or more of these problems, you most probably will need to file a Civil Case in court. However, filling a Civil Case can be difficult. In this matter, you will need the best legal advice you can get to resolve your legal problem in the best way for your interest. Luckily, the best legal advice you can get is what our expert team of General Civil Lawyers will give you. Get in touch with us to find out why it is the best.

7.3. Why do I require the services of General Civil Lawyers?

Legal issues related to General Civil Law firm usually do not involve criminal charges. But, they often end up in financial settlements. Some of them involve very large amounts of money. With the services of our General Civil Lawyers, you can get these settlements to work in your favor. They will ensure that your rights are recognized and that harmful acts made to you will not go unnoticed. Therefore, go to your computer or take your phone, and call us or write us an email. One of our representatives will tell you about the advantages of our General Civil Lawyers’ services.

7.4. Why should I pick Connect Legal to get legal advice in General Civil Law?
A legal problem that is a General Civil Law matter can put at risk your assets or your businesses. Therefore, it is not an issue that you want to deal with inexperienced attorneys. We at Connect Legal can offer you top-of-the-line legal advice, so you do not have to worry about any legal issues. Our team of General Civil Lawyers from the civil Law Firm is the group of skilled and experienced professionals you certainly need.

Contact us, to find out that a Civil Case does not mean the end of your business or a big problem in your personal life. We will help you all the way.

  • Business and finance law.
  • Real estate, landlord, and tenant law.
  • Family, immigration, or personal injury law.

General Civil Law

General Civil Law In some cases, civil disputes may threaten to wreck your business activities and put your private assets at risk. And allowing that reality to happen can be the cause of future hard times for your business or company. Therefore, you need to count on a capable, experienced, and professional team to handle disputes related to:

  • Criminal law.
  • Civil law.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having any of these issues that may put at risk your assets, make sure to get professional legal aid. By getting help from an efficient team like Connect Legal, you can be sure that all your problems will be solved quickly. Now, let’s see some of the most frequently asked questions about general civil law.

  • What kind of disputes fall within the general civil law category?

    All affairs that implicate disputes between two or more private parties, including negligence, nuisance, defamation, real property titles, and more. They may also include breach of contract and similar elements. Also, disputes that involve life planning (like preparing the disposition of property upon death) fall within this category.

  • What services can I obtain by hiring General Civil Law services?

    You can obtain many services from our specialists, including pre-litigation and litigation representation for the enforcement of civil law claims. Besides, we also enforce contractual and non-contractual claims in-court and out-of-court significantly. And also, we will provide you with a variety of solutions and legal advice related to this area.

  • How can I identify a General Civil Law problem?

    The main thing you should know about these kinds of problems is that they threaten your everyday life and/or business. For example, disputes, unpaid fines, discrimination, and many other similar issues can count as general civil law problems.

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