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Since all of us need to know where we come from. It is also very important to know the benefits that belonging to a select group of the population brings. In turn, our offspring could be profitable for legal purposes in the UAE. For this reason, it is essential to know about the family book UAE and Connect Legal offers ideal help to exploit these resources.

In this article, we will be talking about the family book UAE. We can describe the Family Book as a document that delivers free of charge to the Civil Registry when two people marry or when the first child is born to a de facto couple or single-parent family. Let us see

  1. What is the UAE family book?
  2. Emirate nationality by law
  3. Family book duplicate
  4. What is a digital family book?
  5. What is the family book number Dubai?
  6. When do you get your family book number in Dubai?
  7. What does the family book number in emirates id represent?
  8. Do you need help obtaining your family book?

1. What is the UAE family book?


family book UAE

The UAE Family Book is the official document that demonstrates the existence of family ties between the members that make up a family; with their dates and places of birth. Also, the book is written in Arabic with the transcription in Latin characters of the name, surname, place of birth, and name and surname of the parents.

On the occasion of the marriage, the spouses must request it to register the birth of their children. This book is issued by the Civil Registry officer to the husband registered at his place of birth. It issues exclusively to the husband.

The UAE Family Book must be submitted to the competent Civil Registry official to include any change; in the marital status or family situation of the holder or any member of his family.

If the person requesting the UAE Family Book was born abroad. And has permanently settled in the UAE, at the time of ordering said Family Book; the Civil Registry officer of the place of residence is also competent to issue it.

Children born to the same couple will be entered successively into the same Family Book UAE. As well as, the death of one of its owners or of the children and the economic regime of the marriage or divorce; if any, are also in the Family Book.

1.1 What signifies UAE Family book info?

This administration program applies to both citizens and residing ex-pats as the name signifies The Family book UAE contains all the appropriate information regarding financial matters and other applicable information of the citizens and residents of their families.

1.2 How to apply for the family book UAE?

The UAE Family Book is essential in these cases:

  • For the ones who need it at the Civil Registry office of their place of birth.
  • For the ones who need it at the Civil Registry office of their place of residence; if the applicant for the Family Book was born abroad and has permanently settled in the UAE.
  • Granting a legalized power of attorney to a person you trust; to submit the application and withdraw the UAE Family Book from the Civil Registry office of your place of birth. Whether in the UAE or abroad
  • If you do not have family ties in the UAE; you can send the file to the Civil Registry officer of your place of birth; through the UAE Consular Services on which the place of residence depends.

Considering that, each birth registration will include a Personal Citizenship Code; which you will use in all the procedures you have to carry out in the Civil Registry. The objective is to streamline bureaucratic procedures, eliminate unnecessary procedures, and set up a “modern, fast, accessible, and unique” electronic Civil Registry for all. In this way, physical books, as we know them, will change and now use electronic databases.

1.3 How to know if you are eligible?

Those eligible can apply for UAE nationality through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in each emirate. Also, a special case to acquire the nationality of the UAE is that the president of the country issues a decree that establishes the nationality by law or that grants it by naturalization to any person. You can grant this without taking into account the periods of residence and the conditions; that establish the Law and its Executive Regulations.

2. Emirate nationality by law

Actually, law grants nationality to all Arab persons who resided in one of the seven emirates in 1925 or before and who continued to reside there until the effective date of law no. 17 of 1972.

Next, being born to a parent who has UAE nationality also gives one the right to a nationality. Also, anyone born in the UAE or abroad to a mother who is a national by law or by an unknown or non-citizen father can make use of their nationality by law.

2.1 Emirate nationality by citizenship

A foreign woman who marries a UAE national can obtain nationality by citizenship. After seven years have elapsed from the date of applying; this is with the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority in case she has one or more children. Since this period will increase to 10 years if there are no children; provided that the marriage is truly continuous and follows the provisions of this Decree-Law.

2.2 The requirements to acquire the nationality that appears in uae government are

Nationality will grant to the applicant per the following conditions:

  • He/she will renounce his/her nationality of origin or any other nationality he/she possesses.
  • Will be fluent in Arabic.
  • He/she will have a legal source of income.
  • You will have an educational qualification.
  • He/she will be of good reputation and conduct.
  • He/she will not have immoral behavior or dishonesty unless rehabilitated.
  • You will get security clearance.
  • Will pledge allegiance to the United Arab Emirates.

So, the improvement of the rights of the children of Emirati mothers born to foreign fathers; grants them the same benefits as other citizens in terms of medical care and education.

Nowadays, it is a welcome decision, reviving the affected families’ hope that they will grant full citizenship; a right that many would argue is a natural demand.

In the Emirates, the child of an Emirati woman born to a non-Emirati man does not automatically qualify for citizenship and, therefore, cannot benefit from all the rights of an Emirati citizen. Even when applying under current rules, you cannot guarantee citizenship, and can take years to obtain.

However, in the Emirates, the children of Emirati mothers, for the most part, are able to enjoy access to free health care, subject to annual application and approval based on eligibility after the age of 18, and public education. Thus, as of now, it is unclear how different things will be under the new resolution, but more clarification expects to emerge soon.

3. Family Book Duplicate

It is possible to issue a duplicate of the UAE Family Book in the following cases:

  • Serious deterioration
  • Theft or loss
  • Separation or divorce (in this case, one of the members of the couple will keep the original Book and a duplicate may issue to the other. Both books will have full force.

The duplicate requests in the same Civil Registry that issued the original Book. Only the holders of the Book have the right to obtain the duplicate. If both decease, a duplicate will not issue. The request can submit in person, or through an authorized representative.

To do so, you will need a signed application stating the reason why the duplicate requests. Also, a copy of the applicant’s ID or passport.

Besides, if it suffers deterioration, the damaged book will suffer cancellation. By the way, in the event of loss or theft, a copy of the report must provide to the local police, and the names and surnames, date and place of birth of the owners and, if applicable, of the children, and the place and date of celebration of the marriage.

Also, in case of duplication due to separation or divorce, the original book and a copy of the court order or notarial deed will suffice. If applicable, a copy of the marriage certificate issued by this Consulate General. If you have one, a copy of the birth certificate of your children that you wish to include in the UAE Family Book.

Finally, in the case of the inclusion of children in the UAE Family Book, it can formulate personally at the Consulate General or the corresponding Honorary Consular Office; only presenting the Book and the letter of each child to be included. This Consular Office will only write down the facts that are recorded in the consular civil registry.

4. What is the digital family book?

The digital record that replaces the UAE family book will be a document that will contain the personal data of the individual’s life. “In the said registry, all the facts and acts that have access to the Civil Registry will be registered or recorded, continuously, successively, and chronologically,” the law details. These facts are not limited to birth or marriage: the individual registry will record the acquisition of Spanish nationality, emancipation, and the benefit of old age (means for minors, from the age of 16, to stop being subject to parental authority or guardianship, respectively, after requesting it from the judge), judicial modifications of capacity or the registration of acts related to the assets of people with disabilities. Death closes the individual record.

This record is associated with a personal code that relates the document to the DNI. However, the rule contemplates that these data can be accessed online utilizing an electronic signature or through the physical offices of the Civil Registry. Unlike the UAE family book, this individual document incorporates the new information automatically. To have the family book UAE updated, as it is a physical format, it was necessary to go to the Civil Registry with each change.

In turn, this process facilitates access to information and many procedures, as it does not depend on the physical possession of the family book UAE”. However, he criticizes that the change in the norm does not entail material and human resources that facilitate the transition period.

5. What is the family book number in UAE?


family book UAE

We can say that the family book number UAE, is the unique registration number that each citizen has. Through your family book number Dubai, it will be easier to trace your descendants or the family group to which you belong to facilitate any legal process.

6. When do you get your family book number in Dubai?

Your family book number Dubai is assigned to you at birth if you are a resident of Dubai or if one of your parents was born in Dubai regardless of whether you are a foreigner.

7. What does the family book city number in the emirates id represent in UAE?

For its part, the family book number in emirates ID is essential. Since it is the first step to get the Emirates ID; it contains 15 non-repeating digits and its status can be verified online. Also, it is used as an authentication process and digital signature of an individual. And, of course, can be used in various electronic channels and electronic services. On the other hand, you will determine your family book city number by the city you come from or that of your parents, and this will depend on the number of inhabitants in that city ​​and the age at which you began your process to obtain your family book city number. For this reason, we can find people with a family book city number similar to that of newborns but being of legal age.

8. Do you need help obtaining your family book?

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