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Emergency Leave in UAE – According to UAE Labour Law


Anyone can have an emergency during business hours, such as the illness or death of a family member. In the event of this situation, the worker will surely have to leave the workplace without complying with the delivery of an application and the respective approval or rejection by the company. That is why it is important to know how to handle an emergency leave in the UAE.

In this article, you will learn about emergency leave in the UAE Labor Law. There is no regulation in the content of the UAE Labor Law on emergency leaves. In this sense, since there is no provision for emergency leave, it is the company’s decision to approve or reject the worker’s request.  Most companies usually approve this type of request.

1. How should a worker request an emergency leave in the UAE?

Emergency Leave

A worker at the time he has an emergency must carry out the following steps to complete the application for emergency leave:

  • The first thing the worker must do is inform the manager about the emergency.
  • Being an emergency, normally a worker will not have time to send an emergency leave email but in case of having the time, it is better to send the email.
  • Once the request is approved, it is advisable to keep the manager informed about the emergency in order to avoid confusion in the company and also to ensure that there is support for this situation.
  • Similarly, the worker must provide the manager with an approximate number of days it will take to resolve the emergency.
  • Upon returning to the workplace, the employee must fill out the annual leave request form.

2. Types of leaves in the UAE Labor Law

As we mentioned before, there are other types of work permits, which we will review below:

2.1 Annual leave

Companies must grant their workers annual leaves according to the UAE Labor Law. The annual leaves will vary depending on the time the worker has in the company:

  • In the event that the employee has been with the company for more than six months but less than one year, his leave will be two days for each month of the work year.
  • If the working time is greater than one year, the worker is entitled to 30 days of annual leave. Likewise, at the time of the termination of the employment relationship, the company must grant the worker leaves according to the days that correspond to them, dividing the work time.

2.2 Public holidays

The UAE Labor Law establishes what public holidays are. In this sense, these are the public holidays in the UAE:

  • Hijri New Year’s Day: 1 day off
  • Gregorian New Year’s Day: 1 day off
  • Eid al-Fitr/end of Ramadan: 2 days off
  • Eid al-Ada and Waqfa: 3 days off
  • Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday: 1 day off
  • Isra and Al Mi’raj: 1 day off
  • Martyr’s Day: 1 day off
  • National Day: 1 day off

For Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Ada, and the National Day, the days of rest may vary according to what the UAE government decides.

2.3 Sick leave

The employee must inform the company of any injury or illness that prevents them from working for a maximum of two days. Likewise, after more than three months have elapsed after the trial period, the employee is entitled to sick leave of a maximum of ninety continuous or intermittent days for each year of service, which must be calculated as follows:

  • The worker will receive full payment for the first fifteen days of leave.
  • The worker will receive half of the payment during the next thirty days.
  • There will be no payment for the following days of leave.

2.4 Maternity leave

Motherhood is a time-demanding situation. Working women have the right to enjoy certain days to dedicate themselves to this important duty.

In the UAE Labor Law, maternity leave in private companies is sixty days, including 15 days of half-pay.

2.5 Hajj or Umrah leave

There is no regulation regarding the payment of Hajj or Umrah licenses in the UAE Labor Law. However, the worker can use a one-time unpaid leave for a maximum period of 30 days to perform hajj.

3. How can we help your company fully comply with the UAE Labor Law?

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