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How to check UAE attestation original or fake certification stamp – Fake Certificate Attestation in India


Several legal procedures in any country depend on one simple factor: the authenticity of the documents. Thus, you must know how to check them to discover if they are original or fake. In the UAE, such knowledge is essential primarily for one part: a document’s attestation.

In this article, you will know what a fake certificate attestation in India is. Moreover, you will discover what an attestation is and how to check it using its UAE Embassy attestation stamp. Avoid any legal issues and ensure your document’s legality by reviewing the following points:

  1. What is a UAE attestation?
  2. How can you check if your UAE attestation is original or fake?
  3. Which problems can you face from faking the UAE stamp?
  4. What process must you follow to check if your certificate is authentic or false?
  5. How can you prevent faking your UAE attestation?
  6. Where can you find more information about checking your UAE attestation?

1. What is a UAE attestation?

fake certificate attestation in India

Imagine you want to start your process of getting your international driving license in Dubai as a tourist. The first part of this process involves delivering your legal documents to the authorities. This way, they will check their originality by reviewing their safety features.

But, what happens when a document requires additional proof of authenticity? It will need a UAE attestation. This is a certificate issued by a UAE authority that proves the validity of a document. The attestation also certifies what the document contains, like its signatures.

Every immigration lawyer will tell you that the UAE attestation is an unavoidable part when submitting an official document to the country. So, you can imagine the number of problems you could face if it is false. Ergo, you have to learn to recognize when it is authentic.

In addition, we should warn you that a fake certificate attestation in India is something more common than you think. Therefore, you may find it helpful to know how to check it and what to do when it is fake. The following points will show you everything about it.

2. How can you check if your UAE attestation is original or fake?

Most currencies worldwide have distinctive features you can check to discover fake bills. In this sense, the treasury authority and the financial law dictate how such safety mechanisms should be. But, it is a different case with a UAE attestation.

Above all, reviewing your UAE attestation to define its originality is a tremendously challenging process. Several swindlers are now specialists in printing seals and signatures that resemble the originals. It is a task that requires an expert eye to carry out an adequate examination.

Furthermore, checking a MOFA attestation in UAE is necessary before submitting it to an official authority. But, such a procedure can delay your legal activities significantly because of the several offices involved. Fortunately, you also can follow a less challenging path firsthand.

While working with labour lawyers, for example, check for the signature style of the top officials for UAE attestations. As a result, you will discover if the signature on your certificate is too good to be authentic. Do the same with the MOFA stamp if it applies to your case.

3. Which problems can you face from faking the UAE stamp?

Failing to comply with the grace period of your visa cancellation in the UAE may lead you to pay fines. Similarly, submitting a fake UAE attestation will also bring consequences. But, they will be far more severe than just paying a speeding ticket to a transportation authority.

First, you must remember that faking the certificate of a UAE attestation is a crime. Thus, it can lead to severe problems with the UAE authorities that can generate an immigration ban. It will not matter to them if you used an attestation agency for the process.

In a more extreme case where you submitted several fake UAE attestations, you can receive a heavy fine. It could lead you to imprisonment if the authorities think it is necessary. Even if you avoid jail time, the UAE authorities can ban you from applying for a job.

Therefore, take the time to assess the attestation services you want to use adequately. It involves making the correct background checks and evaluating how they work. In this matter, you will never be too much cautious.

4. What process must you follow to check if your certificate is authentic or false?

how to check uae attestation original or fake

Do you feel insecure about the authenticity of your UAE attestation? Do not panic, there is a process you can follow to check it before submitting it to the UAE authorities.

Imagine you want to check if you are the victim of fake certificate attestation in India. Assuredly, you do not want to feel like you committed a drug offense. You must follow an essential procedure to discover if this happened to you.

First, you can ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their assistance. Indeed, you can find out that there were cases where the MOFA stamp was counterfeit to carry out a lucrative illegal business. They will show you if you should contact the authorities back home.

On the other hand, you also can seek an attestation service in the UAE that comply with all the legal requirements. As a result, you will avoid problems with local authorities while performing your legal activities. By all odds, your corporate lawyers will thank you for it.

5. How can you prevent faking your UAE attestation?

Above all, preventing the faking of your UAE attestation implies looking for an excellent attestation service. However, such a task of looking for that service is not as simple as you may think. Like the UAE Labour Law, it is something that you must evaluate in detail.

Fortunately, we prepared some information about which activities you can do to choose the best service. They are the results of diverse research on what makes an attestation service successful. Namely, they will make your evaluation process tremendously easier and faster.

Nevertheless, you are free to make every additional assessment you consider necessary. There could be specific requirements for your UAE attestation that certifies your knowledge of construction. Remember, you must do all this to avoid performing a criminal activity.

Most importantly, your goal here is to ensure the genuineness of your UAE embassy attestation stamp. So, avoid taking any chances and follow the next steps without hesitation:

5.1 A genuine service

You can find as many attestation services as divorce lawyers in a neighborhood where bad marriages live. However, confirming that every one of them is genuine is a different story. Look for clear signs that the service you want is operating legally.

One excellent way to achieve this is by assessing their relationship with the UAE authorities. Services working with a false MOFA stamp most probably raised alarms in the past. Is this relationship good? They will not generate any legal issues for you.

On the contrary, you must expose any non-genuine attestation services you find. This way, the UAE authorities will close their illegal business to stop their criminal activities. In a way, you would help the criminal lawyers working in these cases.

5.2 Background check

Before giving them the task of issuing your UAE attestation, you will need to perform a background check. It involves assessing their trajectory in the business and how they managed to reach their position in the market. Consequently, you will have a clearer picture of how they work.

Furthermore, you also can take a closer look at how they operate in the country. It can be an efficient method to discover if it is like the criminals that made a fake certificate attestation in India. Assuredly, such criminals are the ones you shall avoid at all costs.

Finally, you could also evaluate the legal status of the commercial property where they are. After all, a legally rented office or building with local ownership are places that are less likely to relate to illegal activities. In other words, location does not only matter for your new house.

5.3 Client testimonials

Every local restaurant in Dubai depends substantially on its clients’ reviews to attract more customers. You will not visit a place with several bad reviews about food quality and service.

In the same way, you should review the client testimonials of the attestation service you want to hire. It is a simple process that you can do from home if you can find such testimonials online. They will show you what to expect from the service and where it needs to improve quickly.

These client testimonials also can show you if the service is performing an illegal MOFA attestation in UAE. Indeed, you would need to thank the customer who revealed this for saving you from possible imprisonment. By all odds, you do not want your family to see you behind bars for a preventable mistake.

5.4 Checking the courier partner

Most of the available UAE attestation services have a courier partner for the logistical activities of the process. Such a courier partner would avoid working in criminal activities if its shipped UAE attestations are false. You can check them to discover more about the service.

Essentially, you need to find out if the courier partner is also trustworthy or not. You can even encounter cases where the UAE attestation service is excellent, but the courier partner is inadequate. You could end with an original certificate that got lost on its way to your hands.

In short, a faulty courier partner is like a bounced cheque: You do not want it for yourself. Therefore, make sure to perform all the required assessments on them. Consequently, you will protect the integrity and the transportation of the document.

5.5 Charges for attestation

You probably heard at some point a famous quote in corporate commercial business: cheap things are expensive in the end. Indeed, it also applies to the UAE attestation services. Are their charges ways lower than its competitors? It could be a sign of fraudulent operations.

In other words, do not trust a UAE attestation service that is too cheap to believe. It was a method widely used by criminals that made a fake certificate of attestation in India. So, stop thinking only about your finances and assess the service’s integrity.

Finally, ask your colleagues how much they paid to issue their UAE attestation certificate. Such prices will show you in which range the service you are evaluating should charge you. Do not forget that a legal process with heavy fines is significantly more expensive.

6. Where can you find more information about checking your UAE attestation?

We do not doubt your integrity and good intentions of living and working in the Middle East. Nevertheless, you could find people in your path with illegal businesses of UAE attestations. For this reason, our firm recommends you to learn to recognize a fake certification attestation in India and elsewhere to avoid legal problems.

Above all, you cannot define if your UAE attestation certificate is original or fake on your own. It takes the expert eye of our professionals at Connect Legal to detect the features that make it authentic. We will help you in performing your legal procedures and more.

Avoid heavy fines and protect your UAE attestation certificates by working with us. Feel free to contact us and let our team show you how our legal services will assist you. Give us a call at +971 43 316 688 or submit us an email at

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