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There is no doubt that in a highly multicultural region like the United Arab Emirates you would notice that there are more foreign residents than national citizens. Nevertheless, remaining a lawful resident of the UAE requires strict adherence to certain rules. In this way, you can avoid certain inconveniences such as the cancelled visa overstay fine.

In this article, we will talk about what the cancelled visa overstay fine is about in the UAE. Also, we will let you know how to change your visa status easily. In addition, you will learn everything you should know about tourist and residency visas. Let us observe:

1. What are the types of cancelled visa overstay penalties?

2. How to check the cancelled visa overstay fine in Dubai?

3. Who needs to pay a cancelled visa overstay fine in the UAE?

4. Overstay issues and the COVID-19 pandemic

5. What are the most recent UAE residency and tourist visa regulations?

6. How can Connect Legal help you with these processes?

1. What are the types of cancelled visa overstay penalties?

cancelled visa overstay fine

Overstay penalties can happen to two types of people in the United Arab Emirates, visitors and residents. It is important to remember that all visas have a certain validity period. Therefore, not leaving the region before the visa expires will make you incur a fine. In summary, most individuals obtain a cancelled overstay fine when they stay more than the grace period states.

1.1 Fines for residents overstaying their visas

Foreigners residing in the UAE have a certain time to leave the region. Usually, this period is of two to three years. Once this time passes, the resident visa expires. Therefore, if the individual is deciding to change workplaces or leave the region, they must cancel their visa. In this way, they will not get a called visa overstay fine.

After that, the residents will have 30 days to leave the region. On the other hand, if they decide to stay, they can use the 30-day grace period to renew the visa. Or, if they have a new job offer, they must obtain a permit with the new organization’s name on it. As a result, avoiding any overstay fine for a cancelled visa. To know how much time you have left in the region after your visa expires can be an overwhelming process, however, with the right legal advice it can be less stressful.

During the grace period, overstay charges do not exist. However, once the 30 days are over, individuals will be facing overstay charges or a cancelled visa overstay fine. The first day of overstay has a cost of AED 125, and subsequently AED 25 for every following day. It is important to know that after six months of overstay, the penalty will increase to AED 50 each day. If you overstay your visa for more than a year, the penalty will upsurge to AED 100 per day.

1.2 Fines for tourists overstaying their visas

The overstay fine for visitors that stay in the United Arab Emirates after the expiration date of their visa is different from the overstaying residents. The fines imposed on overstaying tourists are bigger than the ones imposed on the residents.

The grace period of the tourist visa only lasts ten days. Therefore, after it expires and the ten days are over, individuals will have a daily fine to pay. However, they have the opportunity to decide if they want to renew their tourist visas or convert them into resident visas.

Previously, visa tourist visa holders had to leave the UAE to convert their visa status. Now, all visa holders can change their status while staying in the region due to the Emirati Ministerial Resolution N° 377 of 2014. Therefore, to avoid a cancelled visa overstay fine, and late fees of visa overstay fines, you should do it before the visa’s expiration date. If you have any difficulties with your visa or want to know more about the issue you can consult with one of our immigration lawyers in the UAE.

Lastly, if a tourist stays more than they should have, they will face the following penalties: the first day of overstay is AED 200, subsequently, for every following day they will have to pay AED 100. Plus, AED 100 will be charged as service costs.

2. How to check the cancelled visa overstay fine in Dubai?

People usually wonder how to check the cancelled visa overstay fine. Tourists and residents with their respective visas can check their status and penalties online. In this way, they can calculate how much their cancelled visa overstay fine will cost them. Whenever they have problems checking their status, they usually resort to legal advisors for support.

Before verifying how to check the cancelled visa overstay fine, remember that there was a change in the latest declaration of visa validity in December 2021. Subsequently, people having UAE resident or entrance permits with an older date than March 1st, 2021, is now rescinded. Thus, it will be only if they are free from fines and penalties.

After the 30-day grace period, every resident visa holder with an expired resident visa will be considered overstayed. As a result, individuals must verify the overstay penalty in the United Arab Emirates for each type of visa.

Thanks to our knowledge in the area we have can give you the legal advice you need to help you with the verification process. Also, we will ensure that you have the requirements to pay your cancelled visa overstay fine. The requirements to check your visa status in the UAE are a copy of the residency or tourist visa and your visa file number.

Do not forget that the validity time and the grace period of the resident and tourist visas are very different from each other. Ultimately, visitor visa holders only have a ten-day grace period in the UAE. On the other hand, individuals with a resident visa have a 30-day grace period. Hence, the overstay fine for a cancelled visa varies from one to another.

3. Who needs to pay a cancelled visa overstay fine in the UAE?

The individual with the responsibility of paying the cancelled visa overstay fine or any other penalty is the person holding the visa. Employees usually wonder if their employer can cancel their visas without letting them know; however, visa cancellation is a very particular process.

If you want to avoid a cancelled visa overstay fine, people with cancelled permits must change the status themselves. Also, they can acquire a tourist visa or leave the region before it expires. Do not forget to know the deportation regulations, so your case will be strong and you do not miss the chance of staying in the United Arab Emirates.

You can make payments to erase your cancelled visa overstay fine at any UAE entry point. These include the local airports, seaports, and land borders. In addition, you can pay for the cancelled visa with our professional support. You can easily register to obtain our high-quality legal services in the UAE.

4. Overstay issues and the COVID-19 pandemic

cancelled visa overstay fine

The cancelled visa overstay fine is a topic that needs careful handling. In the first place, overstaying in the region should not be something that can happen on purpose. However, in the last years, there have been drastic law changes to reflect the status we are at now with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government of the United Arab Emirates is extending the visa validity period and waivers of overstaying charges for a limited time. Therefore, there will be no charges on cancelled visa overstays due to COVID-19. However, these solutions are only temporary and individuals must not interpret them as permanent.

The region’s authorities are doing their best to manage this crisis in the best way possible and travel regulations are slowly going back to normal. Subsequently, if you want to know more about your cancelled visa overstay fine due to COVID-19, you must get in touch with one of our legal advisors to guide you.

On Connect Legal you can easily find the utmost legal services to solve your cancelled visa overstay fine. Our dedicated lawyers will look into the details of your case and find the best solution for your cancelled visa overstay fine problem.

5. What are the most recent UAE residency and tourist visa regulations?

On April 18th, 2022 the UAE government instated a new Emirates Entry and Residence Scheme. After the change in local visa laws and regulations, comes a swing of new choices for UAE tourist and residency visas. Including, the cancelled visa overstay fine and penalties.

A new 5-year residence visa is available now for individuals that want to reside in the United Arab Emirates. In the same way, the 10-year golden visa qualifications for those aspiring for this desired visa have been extended.

5.1 Categories of entrance visas

The most recent visa-on-entry options are in place to encourage individuals to travel to the UAE. Especially, if they are traveling to do their job hunt, do job interviews, and search for business prospects. These new efforts are part of the region’s objective of increasing the number of visitors to the UAE. And also, the number of foreigners living and working in the area.

Nevertheless, individuals must not take lightly this encouragement, as there are still rules and guidelines to follow. That is to say, a cancelled visa overstay fine is still a possibility. While everyone is waiting for more information regarding passport-based admissions and exemptions, Connect Legal will keep you updated. Therefore, make sure to contact us if you have any queries about these new regulations. Additionally, we will be updating you on any cancelled visa overstay fines we can find.

One of the most recent announcements is that entry visas are now valid for two months. The first type is for travelers that need a basic entrance visa; the second one is for anyone wanting to explore the job market; lastly, the third one is to investigate business processes. Each type of entry visa is valid for only 60 days.

5.2 What are the consequences of the UAE visa changes for tourists?

Newcomers to the UAE can obtain a 60-day visitor visa; therefore, they can stay in the region for that time without incurring any cancelled visa overstay fine or penalty. Also, they can have the option to renew it for 60 more days if necessary.

On the other hand, tourists that visit the UAE regularly now qualify for a 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa. As a result, with this visa, they can stay in the United Arab Emirates for 90 days without a sponsorship. In summary, these individuals can stay in this wonderful region for up to 175 days every year.

Of course, there are some strict requirements for those that want to apply for this type of visa. Consequently, you must have the most qualified immigration lawyers by your side to know all about these requirements and benefits. If you do not have enough information about staying in the UAE, you can experience mistakes that can lead to having a cancelled visa overstay fine.

6. How can Connect Legal help you with these processes?

Now, you can say that you have all the information that you need about the overstay fines, residency, and tourist visas in the UAE. Subsequently, you are more than ready to visit the United Arab Emirates, apply for a job, and even make a living in the United Arab Emirates. Ultimately, our company can help you go through all of these processes and much more.

On Connect Legal, we can give you the assistance you need with any legal matter. In addition, we have the following attorneys to help you with any issue:

Our company can give you expert knowledge on different topics such as UAE Labour Law, Energy Law, General Civic Law, and more. You will just need to register on our website and enjoy all of the services we have in place for you.

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