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Amnesty UAE 2021 latest news today & How to apply for amnesty 2022


The UAE is one of the top destinations in the Middle East due to its solid economy. For this reason, it attracts thousands of immigrants looking for better living conditions and work opportunities. In this regard, many are seeking to know the UAE amnesty 2021 latest news today to stay in the country.

In this article, you are going to gain more insight into amnesty in the Emirates. The UAE amnesty 2021 last date allowed non-nationals to regularize their status in the country. Each Emirate had its own rules regarding the process, like the Abu Dhabi amnesty 2021, for example. However, most of them were similar, and it was not a difficult process. Many illegal immigrants were relieved by the news since they were able to exit or stay legally without paying any fines.

  1. What is amnesty in the UAE?
  2. Learn how amnesty works
  3. How did the amnesty pardon given by the UAE government work in 2020?
  4. How did the amnesty pardon given by the UAE government work in 2021?
  5. Connect Legal can assist you if you are going through a similar situation

1. What is amnesty in the UAE?

amnesty UAE 2021 latest news today

Before knowing the amnesty UAE 2021 latest news today, it is important to understand this concept. As we mentioned before, the UAE is a promising location for ex-pats as it has a vibrant economy and a high quality of life. Therefore, many people from across the world are actively looking for a job in the UAE.

However, as you may know, to stay legally in the UAE you need to have a valid residence visa, which you can get by applying for a job and getting a sponsor. But, this is the part where more legal issues arise, since many ex-pats enter the country with their visas, but not all stay for the established period. Some of them may lose their jobs, and others may not get a job at all, among other similar situations.

This causes a problem, as there are many ex-pats living in the UAE illegally. This is both bad for the country and the involved individuals. For this reason, many immigrants are checking the visa amnesty UAE 2021 latest news today, looking to apply and leave the country without any further trouble and without paying a fine.

In the past few years, the government announced an amnesty period. But, not everyone was able to apply for UAE amnesty in 2021. Consequently, many are waiting for the new date in 2022. This is when an immigration lawyer becomes helpful, as they are always aware of the recent immigration news and know how to proceed.

In simple words, amnesty is an extended period for immigrants who want to leave the UAE or obtain another visa without facing further challenges.

2. Learn how amnesty works

Once you know what amnesty is, it is necessary to learn how it works. If an immigrant holds a visa and does not leave the country when it is established, they are incurring a legal issue called overstay.

In most cases, the person will be required to pay a fine, but in the worst-case scenario, he or she may receive a travel ban, which will impede them from entering the country for 2 years.

Many cannot afford to pay a high fine for leaving the country or being banned, for this reason, thousands of people are expecting the UAE amnesty 2021 update.

With the changes expected to UAE Overstay amnesty in 2022, any person who is currently incurring overstay in the country can do any of the following:

  • Leave the country: the person may leave the UAE without facing any legal repercussions or paying a fine.
  • Regularize their status: the person can apply for a six-month visa to stay legally in the country and continue looking for a new job and a new visa.

As you can see, amnesty is great news for illegal immigrants. If this is your case, you have to keep up-to-date with the amnesty UAE 2021 latest news today to properly apply and leave or stay in the country.

But, it is important to note that the amnesty program is not the same as the grace period. For this reason, it is advisable to look for a lawyer who can assist you with this matter.

2.1 What did the amnesty pardon given by the UAE government in 2018 consist of?

The first time the UAE government made significant changes for immigrants was in 2018 when it launched the amnesty program. It was a big change as it allowed illegal immigrants to leave or regularize their status easily. Those who wanted to leave received a 10-day exit permit and did not receive any fines.

On the other hand, those who wanted to stay in the UAE were eligible for a six-month visa. Therefore, they were allowed to stay in the country and continue looking for a job and a sponsor for a new visa. Moreover, if they already had landed a job, they were able to provide documentation and proof of a job and continue residing in the Emirates legally.

The implementation of this first program was from August to October 31, 2018. During that time, Abu Dhabi and Dubai were the locations that had Amnesty tents, and people could visit the immigration office to apply for the process.

However, not everyone could apply. Those who entered the country illegally were not eligible and received a two-year ban.

2.2 What were the requirements for amnesty in the UAE in 2018?

Applicants had to submit certain documentation to apply for amnesty. It is important to learn which documents were requested since the authorities may also ask for them in the next amnesty:

  • 3 passport size photos
  • Original passport

Also, eligible candidates were:

  • Individuals who stayed illegally in the country but got a new job and a new sponsor
  • Immigrants who wanted to leave the country without paying any fines
  • Absconders who wanted an exit permit and get rid of the travel ban

3. How did the amnesty pardon given by the UAE government work in 2020?

In 2020, the UAE government also launched the amnesty program. However, the date was different since it had a deadline of August, but it was extended later to December. In this case, immigrants received a waiver of all fees that were related to non-compliance.

Those who had visas that expired before March 1, 2021, were requested to apply. If the amnesty period was over, the person had to pay AED 315 per week and they had to pay a fine of AED 250 when they left the country.

3.1 What were the guidelines for UAE amnesty in 2020?

The person interested in applying for amnesty 2020 in the UAE had to do the following:

  • Purchase a plane ticket before the deadline
  • Bring the ticket and their passport to the airport

Those who had expired visit visas and were traveling from Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Ras Al Khaimah, had to be at the airport six hours before the departure. However, those who were leaving from Dubai had to be 48 priors at the airport. In the case of residence visas, people had to be four hours prior to the airport.

Once they were there, they did not have to pay any fines and got their restrictions canceled. But, they also faced the cancellation of their visas. However, it was not easier for visa violators under the investor and business partners’ categories. This is because they had to liquidate their corporations. And, those that were sponsoring dependents also had to leave the country together.

Since the program was also implemented in 2020, it is normal for people to expect the amnesty UAE 2021 latest news today. This will be a great opportunity for all those who could not take advantage of previous periods to regularize their status.

4. How did the amnesty pardon given by the UAE government work in 2021?

visa amnesty UAE 2021 latest news today

Since 2018 and 2020 were two successful years for the amnesty, many are wondering: when is the next amnesty in the UAE?

Thousands of people are expecting the amnesty UAE 2021 latest news today so they can start residing legally in the country without facing any legal issues.

4.1 How to apply for amnesty in the UAE in 2022?

Since the visa amnesty in the UAE 2021 and Dubai amnesty 2021 were not implemented, it is important to be aware of any news to be prepared with all the documentation to apply quickly and easily.

In the case the government announces the amnesty period, eligible immigrants would be:

  • Illegal residents
  • Job seekers who decided to overstay
  • Immigrants fleeing from disasters and wars in their home countries

However, it is important to note that amnesty would be open in the UAE for any immigrant willing to admit their mistake. In case the person has overstayed, they must admit it to apply for amnesty.

Moreover, if you want to apply, you most likely will have to travel from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, or Sharjah.

4.2 Can an immigrant overstay in the UAE?

Since amnesty is highly expected for immigrants, many may incur an overstay. This means that the person stays in the country longer than permitted by the residence visa. Although somebody may do this because they are expecting amnesty or because they do not want to leave the country, it is not advisable.

If you decide to overstay, you will have to have a very strong case for convincing the authorities to let you stay. In this regard, it is best to have a team of lawyers specializing in UAE Labour Law and immigration matters to advise you.

It is always best to not risk your status by incurring something illegal. You can apply for amnesty once when announced. However, having experts backing your legal decisions is the best for avoiding any repercussions.

5. How can Connect Legal assist you if you are going through this situation?

When it comes to the amnesty UAE 2021 latest news, it is important to always stay up-to-date. The United Arab Emirates has always tremendously benefitted from ex-pats. This is why it is not strange to expect new policies to help people regularize their status.

Even if you have the chance to apply for amnesty, it is helpful to count on experts that can support you. On Connect Legal, our team of legal specialists is familiar with all the amnesty UAE 2021 latest news. For this and other reasons, we can provide with you comprehensive support in case you want to start this process. Moreover, we invite you to learn more about us and discover by yourself why we are a top legal firm in the UAE.

We offer you a variety of highly experienced lawyers specializing in different practice areas. In this way, you will find an expert to assist you with any legal concerns you may be having. More specifically, we can assist you with the following matters:

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